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[Discontinued] Shop by Brand Showing instead of searching gets more clicks & sales! (4.2)

[Discontinued] Shop by Brand
  • [Discontinued] Shop by Brand (4.2)

This extension has been discontinued.

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Community Edition 1.7 -1.8 -1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652

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Magestore no longer provides this extension. Get a similar product from our trusted partner. Buy at Partner Website


What do shoppers usually consider about a product? In many cases, the answer is its brand. In regard of this behavior, we designed Magento Shop by Brand extension which allows you to create and show Customers a page listing all the brands alphabetically and by category. These arrangements help Customers quickly find out products of a speical manufacturer, thus saving much more time. Moreover, sales statistics and sales charts by brand are available to help you point out the best selling brands to improve your business. It is worth considering, isn’t it?
Magento Shop by Brand extension - Benefits

How it works

Magento Shop By Brand - How it works

Detailed Features

+ Enhanced brand listing display and search

The module creates a single page listing all brands available in your store in alphabetical order. You can choose to arrange your brands in a continuous list or group them by first character. After clicking the logo or name, you will get redirected to the brand page where shows all the products of the manufacturer. 

Magento Shop By Brand - Brand Listing Page

With the instant search feature, Customers can simply type the brand name into the search box and the module will suggest the most relevant results via a dropdown list.

Magento Shop By Brand - Instant Search

The Brand by Category filter helps Customers find out brands having products or categories they want.

+ Flexible options to display featured brands

Want to spotlight featured brands and grasp customers' attention? On the brand listing page, there is a dedicated Featured Brands block for that purpose. You can flexibly manage brands’ sort order and push your strategic brands first to support your specific business goals. Moreover, you can configure the block as a sliding or static list.

Magento Shop By Brand - Featured Brands

The best part is that the Featured Brands block can be placed anywhere on your website using a simple embedded code.

+ Friendly look and feel for a specific brand

Shop by Brand extension allows you to create a new brand and connect products to them. Each brand detailed page will show Customers all necessary brand information such as brand name, logo, banner, description and product list.Magento Shop By Brand - Brand Detailed Page

Customers can see all products and featured products of that brand in recommended order. They can also filter the product list by other product attribute values like price, color, etc. from the page sidebar.

Besides, this extension allows your customers to filter products by brands in the layered navigation. Based on business aim and customer behavior, you can put the sidebar to the right or the left, and arrange the sidebar blocks in your preferred order.

Magento Shop By Brand - Brand Detailed Page Layout

+ Instant updates on brands’ business performance

Besides, the module provides you with reports, statistics and charts to follow sales of each brand, helping you point out the best selling brands or inefficient ones to improve your business. Magento Shop by Brand extension - report by brand



Features Full List


For Customers
  • View all brands of all products listed in alphabetical order
  • View brands by category
  • View featured brand list
  • Instantly search for brands
  • Access brand list from top link or main menu
  • View such details of a brand as name, logo, banner, description, featured products, or bestseller products
  • Filter products by shopping options like color, price, etc within a brand detailed page
For Admin
  • Import many brands at the same time by csv file
  • Add and manage brand information: name, logo, banner, URL key, short description and detailed description
  • Use WYSIWYG for brand short and detailed description on brand edit page
  • Choose the color for Box Titles, Brand Groups, Brand Filters, Brand by Category in Style Configuration (New)
  • Set featured brands and brand sort order
  • Set featured products and product sort order for brands
  • Opt to group brands by name or display in a continuous list
  • Display and set block sort order on sidebar
  • Insert featured brand block to any page and position with embedded code (Hot)
  • Support multi-store for "featured brand" feature
  • View report and statistics of brand performance
  • Responsive Magento Shop by Brand extension (Hot)
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Customization - Have it on your own way

Being opensource with well-written customization guide, you can easily modify extension. If you want to be faster & better, Magestore can give you a hand. We provide Customization Services for Shop by Brand Extension at reasonable fee.

Wonder frequent customize request for Shop by Brand?

  • Put multi-brands to one product and vice versa
  • Improving the interface of Shop By Brand extension

Read here for full request

Be unique & better than your rival >> Submit Your request here

Release Notes

Version 4.2 (updated on 11th Feb 2015)

  • Optimize responsive design
  • Choose the color for Box Titles, Brand Groups, Brand Filters, Brand by Category in Style Configuration

Version 4.1 (updated on 24th Nov 2014)

  • Allow importing many brands from csv file
  • Able to add short description for each brand
  • Allow using WYSIWYG for brand short description and description on brand edit page
  • Fix bugs in the previous version

Version 4.0 (updated on 21st May 2014)

  • Provide Responsive brand listing page and brand detailed pages
  • Add brand listing to main menu
  • Provide two different display styles for websites with few or many brands
  • Allow inserting featured brands to other pages and positions
  • Add brand instant search function
  • Add banner, featured products to brand detailed pages
  • Allow displaying bestseller products on brand detailed pages
  • Allow choosing layout of brand detailed pages and sort order for sidebar blocks
  • Create separate Shop by option (to avoid conflicts with other extension navigation)
  • Remove brand subscription feature
  • Remove brand template options
  • Fix bugs in previous versions

Version 3.0.2 for Magento Enterprise (updated on 21st Aug 2013)

  • Support for Magento Enterprise version 1.13

Version 3.0.2 (updated on 18th June 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when opening an empty page

Version 3.0.1 (updated on 06th June 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when using flat table for products
  • Fix error occurring when brand attribute used is not equal to "manufacturer"
  • Fix error occurring when creating products without brand name
  • Support multi-store for "featured brand" feature

Version 3.0.0 (updated on 19 Mar 2013)

  • Filter brands by best sellers, most update, most products, most subscribers
  • Allow customers to view brand categories, product reviews
  • Allow customers to sign up for brand’s updates
  • Able to change front-end router in administration
  • Able to configure “Display - yes/no” for Search box, Featured brands, Shop by options, Brand by categories and Brand signup in front-end
  • Able to choose templates for Brand Listed Page and Brand Detailed Page
  • Able to view sales charts and sales statistics by brands
  • Able to view and manage brands’ subscriber lists

Version 2.5.1 (updated on 17 Sep 2012)

  • Fix error of duplicating rows when saving brands.
  • Fix error of upper-case/ lower-case in admin controller.

Version 2.5.0 (updated on 28 May 2012)

  • Allow administrator change url of brand. For example: change to
  • Fix error in showing page title of Brand.
  • Filter brands by in-stock products.

Version 2.4.1 (updated on 01 Jun 2011)

  • Change the layout of brand view page into 2columns-left.
  • Add product catalog sidebar "SHOP BY" to the left in brand view page.

Version 2.4.0 (updated on 04 Apr 2011)

  • Fix error in pager on brand detail page.
  • Fix error in using SSL.
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  1. It did not take me much time to realize that Magestore's Shop by Brand received good reviews for its useful features and reasonable price compared to others.
    Steve CEO
  2. Great Extension with fast track support team. Highly recommended!
    Ashwini Raj Dinker WEB DEVELOPER Markup Cloud Ltd
  3. You guys developed a very great Magento extension!
    Tora Toraman CEO


Making better use of Magento Shop by Brand

"Honestly, I usually do some researches on the Internet before making any decision. It did not take me much time to realize that Magestore extension received good reviews for its useful features and reasonable price compared to some others," said Steve - the owner of

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  • MageStore - Shop By Brand - Must have Extension!

    Retail Music Store

    If you're serious about Google SEO on your Magento store, then Magestore's Shop By Brand is a must have extension. It's so important to have landing pages for your product brand pages, it's so obvious it should be a default Magento feature. Lucky Magestore have us covered. I've been running the extension now for over a year and the support I have received has been timely and professional. Due to my custom theme and 3rd party extensions, I needed some customisation to work out some formatting and conflict issue. Magestore accommodated me with every request. In my mind, this is the most important aspect of software sales, the aftermarket support. Thank you Magestore for your assistance. Highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to increase their online SEO presence.

  • Only to recommend


    The Shop by Brand extension has been an awesome tool for us to display products according to the various brand names in our website. This is a key factor in our business, and thanks to the team for their wonderful and timely support! I would recommend this extension for those who sell products of various different brands.

  • Excellent Functionality for Online Store

    Chinna Subbaraju

    We loved the feature set provided by this module. Appreciate quick reponse from the team once all details are provided

  • Easy Brand Shop


    Magestore Brand Shop 4.2 for Magento have easy custom interface, featured brands, brand slider and URL address. Brand Shop is SEO optimized have a meta tags. Demo is good (backend, and frontend works perfect).

  • Great Extension

    Brett Nelson

    Support has been awesome and this is the most robust brand extension available. Bravo guys.

  • very good extention


    I used this shop by brand extension and we are very happy with this extension.

  • Choose these guys, best customer support around!


    Choose these guys. When I first purchased this extension over a year ago the brand extension didn't fit with my stores custom theme and layout. Right away Magestore fixed the layout issues and had it running perfectly. Fast forward to now... having upgraded the Magento version to the newest version I had to download the new version of the extension to work around the 6788 patch. Not only did I get the newest extension version for free to download, then the Magestore team fixed all my formatting issues for the second time within 24 hours. I've used a lot of Magento extension developers over the last two years and Magestore have impressed me! Five Stars. Thank You!

  • Great way to keep brands visible to the consumer


    This extension has provided us with an easy way to make sure our customers can shop by brand in multiple ways, providing quick links from product pages, landing pages and category navigation.

  • Excellent support !!


    Installed this module in magento 1.7 got some issues in brand listing page. Mr.Jack from the team helped me a lot. Due to the excellant support from Mr.jack i am giving 5 star rating Thanks Team, For a wonderful extenson

  • The best service ever!

    simon fuff

    Not only is the extension excellent and does exactly what it says, the support from the developers is second to none. They go out of their way to help with any problems and in our case helped with an integration problem that was way beyond the call of duty. I wish all Magento extensions were Magestore extensions.

  • Great extension !


    I was looking for extension that I can search by brand. This extension allow to view all brands listed in alphabetical order, category. Great job !

  • Supporto Eccellente


    Supporto Eccellente, assistenza rapida ed estensione molto utile. Consigliato!

  • Supporto Eccellente


    Supporto Eccellente, assistenza rapida ed estensione molto utile.

  • Great


    This extend works grats, as usual i request for Mr Light from Magestore team. He ensure everything is done and works. I very glad i purchase from Magestore Thank You! Works GREAT

  • Excelent Brand Shop Extension


    this extension allow to view all brands listed in alphabetical order, category, featured brand list. Have a link in header, url and details of a brand as name, logo, banner, description Have a nice guide and demo, 10x

  • Works GREAT!

    Btray77's Shop by Brand extension is Amazing. I had some issues with it after I upgraded from Magento 1.8 to 1.9 and Louis at took care of my issue. I have to say that MageStore has earned my business for years to come. I couldn't ask for better customer support.

  • A great website feature


    For a long time I considered trying to do something myself to have my customers able to browse according to brand. The amount of work involved for me to work it all out would have been huge. The install was easy and I had a few teething problems (due to me not really knowing what I was doing with linking up the brand names) but that was quickly sorted out with help from Magestore. Friendly service and it's great to have someone to contact to get that little bit of help to get things working.

  • Patience will pay off - very complete off the shelf product


    I have quite a complex site with high levels of customisation affecting layered navigation, category page, product page, etc... I purchased the extension as well as the installation services. I still tried to make the install on my local server but faced conflicts I was not able to resolve. It took the guys at Magestore a few weeks to get everything resolved but they did it and the extension is running smoothly adding great value to my site. We had communication throughout the process and the guys were really pro. In conclusion, you can expect to experience some issues and experience if you are not an advanced developer but buying the extra install pack will be your saviour. I do recommend this extension if you want to have a shop by brand page.

  • Excellent shop by brand extension


    If you need to organize your brands, that's the one you're looking for. We've had a lot of problems because of THEME that we are using but their support team fixed all of our problems.

  • Excellent


    An extension usable and functional, just as described. Very good and fast support.

  • Great Extension!


    Installed this, and found a bug. Magestore fixed overnight, now up and running perfectly! Very easy to set-up, add brands, and edit to match my store. Gives our site a much needed feature that a lot of other sites don't have. Thanks!

  • Good Extension


    Very good for B2B portals. Extension have simple interface, featured brands and url address Brand Page is required for B2B customers. new version is improved and support is good . I will recommend extension

  • Good Support


    This extension comes with good support. Ask for Leo who has done a good job at doing customization on our website.

  • Great product

    Thomas Jackson

    This is exactly what I need. Now I am able to arrange my products based on producer and manufacturer professionally. Customers can look for the products they want to buy much more easily.

  • Best Magento shop by manufacturer


    The first time I install Magento, i don't know how to group my product into producers, manufacturers. The time come, i want to divide into many groups, or exactly i want a layered navigation. Then I find this extension, magento shop by brand extension. I consider for such a long time, reading another's review, compare between many similar extensions and I make my decision, to buy this product. And it doesn't let me down. It makes me very satisfied. And the Magestore's supporters help me from a-z in setting up my store. Thank you so much.

  • Magento shop by brand extension


    This one is what i need. Magento shop by brand bring me the whole new style of menu navigation. I increased my conversion rate over 12% since installed this extension. Shop by manufacturer is the function i love the most

  • Very Good


    I want to find some extension that help me in layered navigation, and I find Magento Shop By Brand Extension. It helps me to divide my products into producer and manufacturer. Very good functions, work very well, easy customization. Magento Shop By Brand extension of Magestore is the best extension I've ever used. I think anyone want to separate their products into manufacturer or layered navigation will satisfy with Magento Shop By Brand Extension. Thank you Magestore so much!

  • Great support!


    Installation went very well and the extension was working great! I got one little issue and I got an excellent support from them! Thanks!

  • Great Extension with amazing support


    I have purchased this extension about a month ago. So far, I have several issues for integrating it in my store, not from the extension, but caused from third party custom themes. I have contacted their support team and everytime I got the best support. They even went beyond my request. It was awesome that they respond with straight solutions within 24 hours. I definitely recommend this extension.

  • Excellent Customer support


    We had an issue with our "Shop by Brand" extension and the support group tried everything to solve it and they did. Very happy with the care!

  • Awesome extension!


    This module works great and installs easily. Looks a lot better to display brands with their company image than just a menu text list like most other websites do. Very good value, plan on buying many more modules from this company.

  • Customer Support is Wonderful


    We purchased this extension some time ago and just realized that the extension was missing any pagination abilities. We couldn't view the products beyond the first page having no ability to move to page 2 or beyond. We sent in a support ticket and Magestore said there was a bug in our product and within a week they had fixed it completely. They also made the pagination features match our current approach on our site. We couldn't be more pleased! Great company. Great Product!

  • Good Support


    Well done. They responded our ticket within 24 hours.

  • Best Customer Support Ever


    These guys are the best. Very reliable with any technical issues. Thank you again!!!

  • Excellent support


    Great module after installing we got a little bug on the brand page. The problem was fixed very fast and the module works very good now! This module is recommended for everyone who wants a brand page.

  • Fantastic Support


    After installing, we had some issues with the integration with our template (which was of our own doing). Magestore support selflessly went above and beyond to get it working, as well as make some adjustments to suit. Highly recommended product and the support is top notch.

  • Excellent Extension


    Extension is excellent works seamlessly. Support is great and instant. highly recommended.

  • Great value, great service, great product


    I am so pleased with this extension - it was one that actually worked as described. The customer service was excellent. They went above and beyond helping with a couple minor issue to get resolved with our site. I found a couple minor bugs they resolved almost the same day. I provided some enhancement suggestions they implemented to increase the functionality and value of the extension. Louis was so responsive. If they have any other extensions that we could utilize I will go back to them, even if the price as higher that others.

  • Good Brand Shop


    I test new version and my opinion is that extension have flexible good interface. Guide is perfect and easy to use. Brand shop extend magento shop..

  • Most Beautiful module


    You guys developed a great Magento Extensions. Support is very good. Thank you Louis

  • Fantastic support for a great extension


    Was looking through for brand listing extensions and between a few choices - selected this developer due to functions that was what i needed, along with the apparent support and guarantees that was offered. After we installed it to our custom theme, it seemed like we had some compatability issues. Put in a question tag, and got a reply pretty fast. Went back and forth on a few things and throughout the whole processes, they were very helpful and patient. Awesome support - thanks Louis for the great work. Still playing around with extension functionality but definitively seems to be as described. Good extensions mean nothing if the support's not there in case of issues - Thumbs up.

  • Great Support


    Had a few issues after installing, the support was very responsive and helped fix all issues.

  • Ideal solution for brand concious people


    Its always been a craze for branded stuff and it become more important when the stores are offering to many brands. This extension gives an easy navigation solution to your customer in order to check the required brands.

  • Fast track support team!


    Great Extension with Fast track support team, highly recommended. Go purchase this, their support will never let you go down.



    Absolutely AWESOME COMPANY!!!!!! will definitely buy again and will be one of my first choices to get extensions. The quality of the extension and the support is definitely worth the money!!!

  • Awesome module, awesome support


    Awesome module, awesome support... what more can you ask for? Just buy this, you'll be happy.

  • Fantastic support


    Fantastic support from the guys at MageStore - the bug that we found was fixed the same day, awesome!

  • Essential


    Shop by Brand is essential, and can't believe even at Magento 1.7 this feature is not core. Thanks to Magestore for filling the void.

  • Great extension and support


    A great extension. Some small problem when installing, my own fault. After contacting the support team of Magestore, these problems have been resolved. Great Support !

  • Really great extension


    A great extension that allows customers to select products by brand. Some small problem when installing on 2 websites (magento After contacting the support team of excellent Magestore company, these problems have been resolved. I highly recommend the Magestore's products and "Shop by Manufacturer" extension which is really great. Thank you again to team Magestore.

  • Reply to Auth


    Hi Auth, Could you please go to our Support system to create a ticket ( with more details of the issue? We will check and help you fix it. Best regards, Magestore

  • OBzFMNfdusIaN


    Hello i get error Undefined class constant XML_PATH_SENDING_SET_RETURN_PATH'at $setReturnPath = Mage::getStoreConfig(self::XML_PATH_SENDING_SET_RETURN_PATH);here shloud be$setReturnPath = Mage::getStoreConfigFlag(Mage_Newsletter_Model_Subscriber::XML_PATH_SENDING_SET_RETURN_PATH);But these settings are in fact belong to the newsletter? -? ?????????

  • Reply to Nikolay


    Hi Nikolay, Thanks much for your interest in our product. This extension does not support the trial to test so you could try it through the demo: Front-end: Back-end: Best regards, Magestore

  • 15 days free trial


    On magento-connect it is written that this extension has 15 days free trial. Is it so? If yes, how can I try this product for 15 days?

  • Fantastic support


    Initially I had troubles installing this module but the support team was fantastic and solved the issue so quick.

  • Nice extension


    It is a very nice extension, because let at your customers a easy way to find their favourite brands.

  • growing profit


    Our customers satisfy the way of allowing them navigate so easily as now. Easy installation, useful and enthusiastic support improve my business significantly. Thank Magestore for this great extension. Keep up the good work!

  • Super


    I have bought this module and wanted some changes. The support i got from the technical staff was unreal. Nothing is to much to ask and i got the module that i wanted for my shop. Keep up the good work and thanks for all the help.

  • Great product and support


    This product is great. Another good thing is the support. I've installed it over a year ago, just now I ran into problems and they supported me very well. Thanks guys. Danny

  • Professional for all!


    I have bought it for 5 months and it works well. first, i had trouble with configuring steps, i did not how to do and Magestore professional team gave me effecient support. Purchase due to brands also makes my customers convenient and they have a lot of good comment of my store. Thanks so much!

  • Well done


    No doubt this is one of your featured products! Almost e-commerce stores are in need of this extension. The function is well done, nothing more to comment. However, could you make the layout more eye-catching? This looks a bit simple...

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