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SEO Extension Checklist The easiest way to Plus SEO ranking at minimum cost

SEO Extension Checklist
  • SEO Extension Checklist


Default Magento is not really optimized for SEO. If you don't have enough technical skills, installing SEO extensions seems to be the fastest and easiest way to make necessary changes. Even the simplest SEO module can help you:

  • Generate URL, title, keywords, description for tag's product list, search result and filter pages
  • Allow using URL Rewrite and Cache Rewrite
  • Use canonical link to link filter page to main page

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Why you need to implement Magento SEO extensions

SEO is an important part in almost all companies' strategies. It does not only mean increasing your website's ranking in top search engines but also improving customers' search experience on your website. Unfortunately, default Magento provides you with very limited features to do so.
With SEO extensions specialized for Magento platform, you'll have more options to optimize your site, such as attract more traffic from search engine with long-tail product-related queries. Besides, Magento SEO extensions can cut down search time on site and lead customers to the end of the checkout process faster.

magento seo extension | benefits

HOW a SEO extension works on Magento site

magento seo extension | how it works

What are the most basic features of SEO extension

Improved instant search and navigation on site

Customers can conveniently search for products via search box, tag list and filter. When they type a query into the search box, a dropdown will appear to suggest most related terms.

magento seo extension | Instant suggestions

When accessing a category, Customers can navigate quickly to the products they want by clicking on specific product attributes such as price, color and size.

magento seo extension | product attributes

Rewritten search result pages, listing pages based on tags and filter pages

A Magento SEO extension can generate relevant SEO-friendly URLs, Title, Description and Keywords for search results, listing pages based on product tag, filter page corresponding to admin configured templates in backend.

magento seo extension | rewrite URL, Title, Description and Keywords meta tags

URL rewrite and Cache rewrite

URL rewrite makes it friendlier for crawlers and users, especially for long-tail keywords. Whereas, Cache Rewrite for product navigation and instant search helps your website load faster and save system memory.

For example, if you enable using cache rewrite, when lists of "Popular Tags" or "All Tags" are loaded, the terms’ links on these pages will not be changed instantly when you change the configuration.

magento seo extension | rewrite friendly url

Canonical link for filter page

Another must-have feature of SEO extensions is to allow admin to add canonical links to link the filter page to the main page. This will help avoid duplicate contents on your websites.

magento seo extension | Canonical link

FEATURES FULL ChecklIST to find a good SEO extension for Magento


For Customers
  • Search for product with convenience with the search box
  • Access lists of most popular search terms and tags
  • View other items related to products on the product listing page
  • Search for products according to attributes via layered navigation
  • Open source 100%
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
For Admin
  • Use URL rewrite when searching on the site
  • Use URL rewrite for pages listing products assigned to tags
  • Use URL rewrite and Cache Rewrite for Product Navigation
  • Use cache rewrite when loading Popular Search Terms page, lists of Popular Tags block and All Tags page
  • Set the prefix and suffix of the rewritten URL for search result pages and tag’s product list page
  • Customize the patterns to operate filters by attributes on the rewritten URL.
  • Set canonical links to link the filter pages to the main pages.
  • Customize templates to generate the title, meta keywords, meta description for the search result page, the tag’s product list page and the navigation filter page.

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  • Good extension


    Among other extensions, I chose Magestore SEO Plus because of its affordable price with features I need and proper services.

  • the easiest extension to install


    This is the easiest extension to install I can find. I also really admire your support team. There were some problems with my website during installation, I sent you my questions and received your answers right after that. I'll absolutely recommend for others.

  • a really cool extension


    It is much easier for our customer to search for products they care with this extension. So they can save shopping time in our store. Besides convenience for customers, we also find it quite easy to install. I think it's a really cool extension.

  • Dedicated support


    The extension is really helpful and your dedicated support makes it become better. I'm impressed by your customer care services. I have a lot of questions but they are always answered quickly. Your supporters are very nice to me.

  • Great support


    I've problems in choosing extensions to improve my store business. But finally, I decided to buy Magestore's SEO Plus as I don't have to pay so much for it and its features satisfy me. Especially, while installing this extension, I got some technical errors. I contacted with your support and they were very nice to me and helped me within 24h. Thank you!

  • Reasonable price


    This extension is really easy to configure. It's time-saving also. I consider much among other SEO extensions of other companies and I decided to choose Magestore because of its reasonable price.

  • The most satisfactory extension


    Exactly the most satisfactory extension I have found. Highly recommend!

  • Perfect Magento SEO


    Of course, this Magento SEO Extension is the best among plenty of other extensions for Magento. I use this Magento SEO and very happy with this. Love your Magento SEO! Btw, love Magestore supporters to. They are very good guys help me set up my store and answer all my questions about magento seo, magento seo extension, how to seo and optimize my store.

  • Great SEO Extension


    It's the one that satisfy me the most. Easy to use, friendly interface, best functions. I recommend this SEO extension for my friend's shop, Babyloneo and she like it too. You guys should promote it more, to viral to another shop owners. Magento SEO extension extremely make me happy.

  • The Best SEO Extension Ever!

    Brian Harley

    We installed the latest version of your Magento SEO extension and it works in detail and category pages very well. It is easy to install and no problem at all. This SEO extension is great if it applied to CMS pages, too. I have a contribution that although there are many SEO tutorial docs on the web, a document for Magento SEO Plus would be very helpful. May you write a full details tutorial for this beautiful SEO extension? We are a company of 500.000 over products and spread 12 different country webstores. As you can see, it will get really heavy and messy in generating SEO Sitemaps. Google is tough in their requirements and we had to break down our sitemap into multiple files to meet the 10mb requirement. The native google sitemap generator in Magento Enterprise was not able to do that. I was really glad to have Magento SEO Plus, but faced issues in generating the sitemap into multiple files. The supporters at Magestore were very helpful and assisted us, to even reviewing our current configuration and advising us to do a full re-indexing to remove the old records. So thanks guys for your help. We are still resolving our related issues and Magento SEO Extension will be our powerful tool. In the meantime, we are really enjoying our Follow-up Email and Helpdesk Ultimate products which have increased conversion rates and simplify our customer service interaction.

  • Great for onpage optimization


    I will certainly buy this extension as this will greatly help for my onpage optimization.

  • Perfect SEO extension


    This extension covers almost all major issues which every Magento store owner faces such as duplicate meta contents, cache rewrite and more importantly the URL rewrite to make it more user friendly for crawler.

  • Perfect solution for URL Rewrite


    I was wandering around to find some good solution for URL rewrite as it is one of the major issue for stores like mine where you have products in thousands and this seems to be a solution for my store. Well done Magestore Team.

  • Incredible extension for SEO


    SEO plus extension must be the best answer that I have sought for a long time. Awesome module!

  • SEO Plus Extension


    Hi Manu, Thank you for your suggestion. Now, the Seo Plus extension is working well on our sandbox site. You can request the trial our Seo Plus extension and learn more how this module works. Best Regards, Magestore

  • SEO Plus Extension


    Extension:Magento SEO Plus Extension Why there is no filtering option in Sandbox Front-end demo.... I need to buy this module.... please reply soon....

  • Great support


    Your support team is so Pro! I have received their prompt and exact responses when meeting any troubles or having requirements. Keep your job.

  • Good extension


    I installed this extension for my store and it works very well. Everything runs as I wished. Thanks a lot!

  • Review of SEO plus extension


    I prefer this SEO tools. Have all SEO tags

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