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Salesforce Integration Automate API Connection with Ease

Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Integration

Your customer data is stored in SalesforceYour sales data is located in Magento®?

Long gone the days that you manually transfer data between 2 systems! Using one simple logic: If this - Then that, this magento salesforce integration module bridges the gap & automate literally everything!

Now you can easily create powerful connections between Magento & Salesforce via APIs. All tedious tasks now are done by automation workflows.

  • 3-step auto-workflows
  • Event-based triggers
  • Follow-up actions
  • Mapping data connections
  • Conditional filters
  • History logs

Community Edition 1.4.x - 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.14.x
Support any Salesforce versions that have API enabled

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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Introduce You Our Powerful CRM Integration: SalesForce & Magento®

We get it, you already have a set of tools & data in place. But obviously your customer data is stored in Salesforce whereas your sales data is located in Magento. That’s why repetitive tasks encounter every day in your work, such as finding customer details, collecting orders, copying data from one app and pasting into another to view them in a slightly different form… And you just want to automate them all so badly!
Long gone the days that you manually transfer data between 2 systems! The connection of this Magento Salesforce Integration will bridge the gap & automate literally everything!

magento salesforce integration model

How non-technical Magento users easily create Salesforce connections

magento salesforce integration - how it works - step 1

1. Install

Install the purchased extension package in Magento

magento salesforce integration - how it works - step 2

2. Connect Apps

Sign in & verify your account in other systems

magento salesforce integration - how it works - step 3

3. Mix Recipes

Create integration workflows with triggers & actions

magento salesforce integration - how it works - step 4

4. Automate

Run recipes & witness the magic of automation happens


What is the science behind this incredible Integration tool?

Just the simple automation workflows powered by the If – Then logic that you can modify with ease

The system gets APIs to do the heavy lifting for you & makes your work-life much easier in 4 simple steps.

  • Create Trigger – an event happening in Magento or Salesforce
  • Add Filter – Combine logical conditions & custom field mapping to define which cases run the actions
  • Set Actions – a chain of follow-up tasks processed after the initial event
  • Run Recipe – No more tedious copy & paste! Now APIs automate the heavy & repetitive works for you



And There Are Plenty More Features to Explore…

Event-based Triggers

Using one simple logic: If {this} - Then {that}, the API connections automate repetitive work through triggers and tasks. Any changes in 1 system will be synced to others without manually input.

Magento salesforce integration | trigger-event


Magento salesforce integration | filter-condition

Conditional Filters

Filters are conditions of a trigger. They allow you to decide whether an event is qualified enough to run follow-up tasks & avoid duplicate data in other systems.


Multiple Action Outputs

One small change in 1 system can cost you hours to update, such as finding customer detail, copying data from one app and pasting into another to view them in a slightly different form. What's a waste of time! With this integration, repetitive tasks are ready to set on Auto mode as 1 trigger can start many follow-up tasks.

Magento salesforce integration | action-series


Magento salesforce integration | mapping-data

Mapping Data

The extension dynamically pulls in custom fields from Salesforce & Magento, allowing you to match corresponding fields & attributes, such as Order Status in Magento will be linked to Opportunity Stages in Salesforce.


Endless Customization

Instead of fixed connections, you can create your own workflows. How cool is that? Over 20+ event-based triggers & actions let you build any type of custom logic for your automation with ease.

Magento salesforce integration | customize-flow


Magento salesforce integration | schedule-action

Automation Scheduling

You can start/ pause or stop workflows at any preferred time. It’s also recommended to schedule the update frequency of each workflow recipe to optimize data transferred between systems.


History Logs

You can easily keep track of how your data connect, such as how many tasks completed, how many ones failed. The system automatically records all transactions so you can check back later.

Magento salesforce integration | log-data


Magento salesforce integration | copy-recipe

Dozens of pre-built “Recipes”

To help you save time & get started quickly, we’ve created 10+ commonly-used connection workflows. Simply copy them, edit fields mapping and you’re all set!

See our sample recipes & imagine how it would change the way you work

If a new Lead is added in salesforce Salesforce, then Create a new magento Magento subscriber

If a new Account is added in salesforce Salesforce, then update info or create a new magento Magento Customer

If an order is completed in magento Magento, then Find & Update an salesforce Salesforce opportunity

If an order is pending in magento Magento, then Create a salesforce Salesforce case



Just Enjoy The Hottest Integration Events Available

& See How Far We Can Continue Going From There…

    Magento Triggers

  • Create/Update Customer
  • Create/Update Subscriber
  • Create/Update Order
  • Create Shipment
  • Create Invoice
  • Create Credit Memo
  • Create/Update Product

    Magento Actions

  • Create/Update Customer
  • Create/Update Subscriber
  • Update Order
  • Update Product

    Salesforce Triggers

  • Create/Update Account
  • Create/Update Contact
  • Create/Update Lead
  • Create/Update Opportunity
  • Create/Update/Close Case
  • Create/Update Object

    Salesforce Actions

  • Create/Update Account
  • Create/Update Contact
  • Create/Update Lead
  • Create/Update Opportunity
  • Create/Update Object
  • Create Case
  • Create Note


  • License Certificate for Magento Salesforce Integration is valid for 1 live shopping app installation (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure



Why this solution is the perfect fit to run your business with Magento

Comparing with other individual API connectors & integration systems

magento experts

Specialized for Magento

Honestly, Magento is not a playground for beginners. That’s why you’d need true experts to handle its APIs & external connections. With 5-year experience, we deeply understand how things work here & are confident to delivery just what you need.

flexible workflow

Flexible Workflow Designer

No predefined connectors - You can create any bridges between data as preferred. Long gone the days of single point-to-point integrations that create unnecessary complexity! Efficiency is about integrating One & connecting Many. That’s the power of flexible & custom workflows!

no coding

No Coding Required

There’s no code involved and you don’t need any technical skills to use Integration Hub. Just imagine the way you want your apps to work together along with Magento, click through 3 steps and you’re there!



We know you’d have some concerns. So here’s the FAQs

  • What kind of software is this?

    “Integration Hub” is a suite of Magento extensions that provides API connections between this e-commerce platform & other endpoint system. If you know IFTTT, imagine this one as his open source brother for Magento ;)
  • What is Recipe, Trigger & Action?

    – Recipes are connections between your Magento site & other apps or channels
    – Trigger is an event When something happens in one of your apps.
    – Action is a chain of tasks happen following the initial event
  • How many triggers and/or actions can an automation have?

    Each workflow recipe only has One trigger with filter conditions but it doesn’t limit the number of follow-up actions.

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Release Notes

    Version 1.0 (Apr 2016)

  • Release the stable version of Magento Salesforce Integration
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  • Very customizable automations

    David McMurray

    The extension was tricky to use at first. After few hours "messing" all the options, I realized it was very customizable thanks to the "recipe". The support has given me all the answers I need so I gave it a go. Now I'm eager to utlize more way to create new automations from this magento salesforce integration module.

  • Well done again Magestore

    Hendrik Gerd Krämer

    We sell furniture in a Magento EE site. It took us hours every week to export account info from order in Magento to Salesforce as we manage & follow up with customers in Salesforce. Then Magestore dropped me an email last week about this extension (I was Magestore's customer before) so I instantly tried it out and felt in love with it. Magento Salesforce Integration definitely makes my life so much easier.

  • Put the trust in right place

    Bernardino Valerio Viteri

    Works wonderfully. I installed magento salesforce integration extension to my site last friday and encountered 2 bugs. My backend is customized so I asked Magestore team for help. And bum...they were solved perfectlly in 1.5 hours not days like other providers I used to work with. 5 stars for the support!

  • Heck of a job there


    Heck of a job there, it absolutely helps me out.