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Quickbooks Integration Keep your Magento 1 & QuickBooks Online in sync automatically! (beta)

Quickbooks Integration
  • Quickbooks Integration (beta)

This is the BETA VERSION of Magento Quickbooks Online Integration. The extension will soon be released on Magestore after we receive all the feedback from our beta testers and complete our product assessment.

Stop being busy - start being productive by synchronizing automatically all the accounting information from your Magento site to Quickbooks Online with the help of Quickbooks Integration Extension. No more manual works, you will win the retail game!

  • Integrate with Default Magento 1 and Quickbooks Online
  • Save time & money by automatically/manually synchronizing all data in Magento direct to Quickbooks Online
  • Easy to connect to Quickbooks Online using OAUTH keys
  • Future Update: Integrate with Magestore's Inventory Management System (Release soon)

Compatible: Community Edition 1.9.x

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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Using online accounting software Quickbooks for managing your business financial flow but tired of wasting so much time and efforts for entering all the order information from store by hand? Relieve your stress because Quickbooks Integration Magento 1 is here going to make your website and Quickbooks Online communicate really smooth with each other! Sync all the relevant orders, products info and customer data out of Magento site directly to Quickbooks and keep your inventory 100% accurate. That is what this brilliant idea will amazingly work for your eCommerce store.


Magento Quickbooks Integration Extension


Quickbooks Integration Extension

You are managing Magento store and Quickbooks Online in isolation!

Let Quickbooks Integration do all the labour works for you by creating a seamless flow of data from Magento to Quickbooks. You will have more time to think about other important business decisions and never be afraid of ruining your business by manually entering wrong data all over again to Quickbooks Online.

Quickbooks Integration Extension

You don’t want to waste precious time to touch the code

No need to be a developer or accounting specialist to get started with your Magento to Quickbooks integration. Quickbooks Integration extension can make your website and Quickbooks Online work in harmony without writing a single line of code!

Quickbooks Integration Extension

You want to control your money flow precisely and boost sales

Once all the data is precisely updated through Quickbooks Magento plugin, the system will immediately analyze your sales status and you can make right decision with exact transferred accounting information.

Quickbooks Integration Extension

You want to cut the cost of labor/ operations

Automating tasks is necessary because it’s going to free up your time and save your money. Some of your tasks should be delegated by human meanwhile others will eventually need to be automated or refined by tools to save the cost of labor works.

And finally, You want to work smarter, not harder!


Quickbooks Magento Plugin CAPACITIES

Our Magento eCommerce Quickbooks integration between a robust eCommerce platform Magento and powerful accounting system Quickbooks Online allows you to create efficiencies and streamlined processes that improve every aspect of your business at a rapid pace without labour works.

Magento Quickbooks Integration Extension

By connecting your Magento webstore to Quickbooks with our extension, you wield the power to always have your accounting up-to-date and maintain full grasp of your business financials and inventory.


Easy to Connect

When you create QuickBooks app, you will be provided with the app key. If you haven’t known how to get it, please see this link. Then you need to come back to QuickBooks Integration -> Settings to edit. All you need to do is to copy and paste the key into the required field in Magento backend (OAUTH Consumer Key & OAUTH Consumer Secret). Then, click on Connect to QuickBooks button.

Magento Quickbooks Integration Extension

Explore How Quickbooks Magento Connector Streamlines Your Business System

Quickbooks Integration Extension

Orders Management, completely automated

When a customer places an order on your Magento website, the invoice (completed with taxes, payment method and any discounts available) is automatically synced and updated in QuickBooks Online.

Quickbooks Integration Extension

Automatically keep your products up-to-date

Magento 1 Quickbooks Online Integration extension allows auto-synchronizing and updating Products including categories, essential info into Quickbooks Online at a rapid pace without any barrier.

Quickbooks Integration Extension


Accurate Customer info thanks to Automated Process

Customer data will be automatically created in QuickBooks Online when an order which goes along with customer info is placed in Magento store. If the details have changed, they’re all updated without manual labor.


Quickbooks Integration Extension


Tax and Payment Method will be synced too

Quickbook Integration also supports updating taxes and payment method of each order from Magento store to Quickbooks Online.


Easy to Manage Your Sync Process

Go to QuickBooks Integration > Sync Entities Management. Here, you can see all data which can be synchronized from your Magento web store to your QuickBooks Online. You also can choose entities options that you want to synchronize and select the way to synchronize data either Update on Save or Manual Update.

- All the entities are in Update on save mode except the Product Quantity.

- Product Quantity uses Manual update mode, which helps store owners keep selling online even when the product is out of stock. You can change the sync mode or re-sync data in mass.

- Re-sync data: All data will be synced again.

Magento Quickbooks Integration Extension

In addition, with these data synchronized, there will be error notifications which happen during the data synchronizing process. You can view error details by clicking the notification.



Magento Quickbooks Integration Extension



Full Features List


Integration with Quickbooks Management
      • Allow synchronizing all the data from Magento 1 store to Quickbook, including:

- Customers Data

- Products and All categories

- Sales information including Orders, Invoices, Credit Memo, Tax and Payment Method

      • Allow synchronizing and updating the quantity of products from Magento 1 to Quickbook and from Quickbook to Magento 1
      • Be able to change synchronization mode: On-save update or Manual update
      • Show number of errors for each information from Apilog


Integration with Quickbooks Apilog
    • Allow checking all the errors when synchronizing:

- Customers from Magento 1 store to QB

- Products and Categories from Magento 1 store to QB

- Orders (including Invoice, Credit Memo, Tax, Payment Method) from Magento 1 store to QB


  • Allow checking all the errors when sync product quantity from Magento 1 store to QB.


General Settings
  • Connect with Quickbooks' OAUTH Consumer Key
  • Connect with Quickbooks' OAUTH Consumer Secret
  • Allow to select tax agency
  • Support multi-currencies
  • Responsive to other Magestore extensions
  • 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to install and configure

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