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WebPOS for Magento 1 (demo/demo123)

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Web-based POS extension for Magento retailers

Powerful to work. Easy to use. Open to customize.

Exactly what you need to create orders and make sales 10 times faster

Let's take a virtual tour with this Magento POS extension

Revolutionize your Magento Web POS with big upgrades

Design for ease & convenience

Web POS 3.0.0 comes up with the red hot interface which is widely favored in Magento 2 POS extension for its neat & user-friendly design. We have received many requests of this layout for Magento 1 version and here it goes!

Greater storage, higher processing speed

The version 3.0.0 saves local data in IndexedDB browser, which not only help maintain the working flow when the Internet suddenly drops out but also enhances the processing speed.

A set of hardware integration

The new released supports Customer Pole Display, which increases the total number or POS's peripheral devices to 5. The full set of compatible hardware will be completed with more integrations in the coming time.

Explore how Web POS helps you increase checkout speeds 10x faster

pos responsive interface
Search products quickly with pos
apply discount on pos
applicable payments using POS
create Shipment with POS
Using POS when offline
POS tills & cash drawers
set staff permission
X report, Z report, sales Report
POS integrate with Inventory

magento web pos extension update Hot Release: Web POS extension for Magento 2

It's Built With The Features Sales Staff/ Cashiers Need Most

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | How it works

Experience the smooth UI/UX checkout just like a native POS app

Being designed with customers in mind, Magento Web POS helps visualize checkout procedures with product thumbnail images and a front-end look-alike screens. With a responsive design, it also fits on any tablets, which help you easily create orders on the go. The user-friendly interface allows your sale staffs to get used to Web POS quickly, without much training required.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | user-friendly interface

Impress customers with lightning-fast transactions

+ Add Products To Cart In A Blink

Scan barcode to quickly & accurately add products to cart. Indeed you can filter products in seconds just by entering any attributes, from common ones like name, skus to advanced ones like manufacturers, price, color, etc,.. Even with a new arrival item that has not existed in the system, Magento Web POS lets you checkout that custom sale item in 1 click.

Magento POS extension - Add custom sales items

+ Manage customer information

Magento Web POS allows to checkout as guest or registered customer. You can search for any customer information (name, email, contact,...) to quickly create orders.

Magento POS - magento point of sale - Checkout as guest or registered customer

+ Put Orders On Hold For Later Purchasing

If your customers cannot make up their minds yet, then Web POS can put the orders on hold - in no time limit - until they are ready to continue processing. Don't let these potential customers leave your store without any engagement.

Magento point of sale extension - Hold orders

Apply Flexible & Private Discounts Right On POS Screen

+ Apply coupon & custom discounts

You can converts more sales with flexible discount offers. Magento POS alllows your staffs to apply discount by percentage, on a fixed amount or with a custom price. If you are looking for a seamless online-offline experience for customers, Web POS is your right choice, for online coupon code can be used to checkout offline in a blink. Make discounts for a specific product or for the whole cart and close more sales from price-sensitive customers!

Magento POS - Point of sale magento extension | apply item discount
Magento POS - Point of sale magento extension | apply cart discount or coupon

+ Support other discount methods

To help your staff close more sales & retain more customers, Web POS equips you with the ability to seamlessly integrate with other discount method extensions. Using Reward Points or Store Credit program and selling Gift Card at POS checkout are the best tactics to keep customers coming back & buying more. If your site has been installed these extensions, then they will be completely compatible and integrated with Web POS extension.

Quickly process payment with online & offline payment gateways

Your customers can choose to pay with one or many online & offline payment methods which are completely integrated with Web POS: COD, Cash in & Credit Card ( and Stripe) and 2 options for offline payments which you can custom the name as you want.
Besides, Web POS also supports making partial payment. It allows your customers to pay for part of their order first then come back and pay the rest amount later.

Quick Tip: Wanna use other payments? Simply contact us to integrate!

Hot: Magento 2 Web POS extension allows making partial payment with multiple payment methods. Card swiper is supported.

Magento point of sale extension - multiple-payments

Handle Shipments & Deliveries With Ease

If your customer wants his multiple-item order to be delivered in two or more consigments, you can fulfill his request with Web POS partial shipment.

Magento point of sale extension - POS partial shipment

Never miss a sale with offline mode

The Internet goes down?! It's not the end of the world anymore! You can continue selling and complete order submission in a blink of an eye. Magento POS extension automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. When you're back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system.

Magento point of sale extension - POS offline mode

Empower your POS system with any peripheral devices

Magento point of sale extension - Cash Drawer

Barcode readers, Card swiper, Receipt printer & Customer pole display are all compatible with Magento Web POS and can be well integrated easily.
Cash drawer management helps you get the full control of the in-and-out cash flow. Each sales staff's adjustment along with the transactions in cash is completely recorded then compared to the actual cash amount in cash drawer. No more leaking money with this function!

Smart but yet Simple Management Features For Multi-store Retailers

Assign right permissions to the right person

Achieve a secure system and a better multi-store management with Magento Web POS, for you can assign different access levels to different staff accounts and manage them easily in Magento backend. You can even set the highest discount percentage that your staff can offer customers.

  • Create/ view/ manage orders of the current user or others
  • Apply coupon codes/ custom discounts per cart & item
  • Apply custom price
  • Issue refund by cash or store credit
Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | staff management
Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento | reports

Game-changing Reports & Analysis

+ Overview sales report on Magento back-end

Easily assess your business performance with 10 types of reports provided. Wanna know which location has the highest in-store sales? Or who is the star employee of the month? It's totally possible with Web POS sales reports! You can easily track performance of each staff, location or total sales of each payment methods on daily, weekly, monthly or a custom period.

Magento 2 Web POS extension: Control your business performance of each staff, location or total sales of each payment methods with 10 types of report.

+ Z-reports on POS screen

When your sale staff closes store daily or after his working shift, there will be a Z-report generated to help keep track of the cash flow. The report not only records transactions in cash and your staff's adjustment but also provides you with sales in each payment method.

Magento POS extension - Point of sale magento |Z-reports

POS & Inventory - The Perfect Line-Up For Multi-Store Retailers

Line up Sales with Inventory

Web POS is fully compatible with Magestore Inventory Management. With 2 extensions integrated, your staffs will always know the exact product availability. Unavailable or out-of-stock products will not be shown to avoid mistakenly ordering. The system also instantly notify your sales staff if the number of items added to cart is higher than the available quantity in the selected warehouse.

Be In Control Of Your Inventory Across All Sales Locations

Web POS's sales location can be completely merged with Inventory's warehouses, which helps maintain the seamless synchronization between your storage & sales locations. Besides, you can assign each POS user to specific warehouses so they can create shipments from these storage locations. Warehouse 1 runs out of stock? Your sales staff can quickly switch to Warehouse 2 where items are still available and complete the orders for customers.

Notice: Web POS - Inventory Management Compatibility

Magestore also offers 10% OFF for the combo Magento Web POS - Inventory Management. Do you want to get the missing piece for your perfect retail Inventory - POS system? Chat with us now

Other Retailers like you have been spreading their words

De Bono Interview about Web POS experience

The fastest POS solution
"We then explored other options available in different POS solutions in the market, but none of them were so well thought of and so fast as Magestore Web POS. We ended up buying the extension and are glad we did. Currently we are using it in our retail outlets to process orders faster than 50%."

De Bono - Interview on Magestore

Web POS review on magento connect

Wonderful Extension, Extensively well Thought
"Any developer/ company can make a basic POS extension, but I was amazed from the moment I tried the extension on the demo store, the features and the attention to detail given by the development team to this app is excellent, everything was extensively thought of."

Divyanshu Agnihotri - Review on Magento Connect

Web POS review on magento connect

Very Useful Extension
"I have purchased many extensions from Magestore, this extension being one of many. I have never had a bad extension from Magestore. Their attention to detail and features makes all of their extensions easy to use for both you the admin in the back end and your customer on the front end."

Tyson - Review on Magento Connect

Web POS review on magento connect

Using this in Australia
"I looked into P.O.S. systems such as Vend etc. None provided the flexibility or features that are needed to run a modern retail/ecommerce store. Pays for itself within the first few months"

Jones - Review on Magento Connect

Web POS review on magetore

A recommended extension
"I tried the demo and it exactly worked as description, so I decided to buy it after that. I like it 'cause I don't have to spend much time creating orders and searching for products. I think this extension is so interesting that store owners should install in their stores. I recommend it."

Andre - Review on Magestore

De Bono Interview about Web POS experience

The fastest POS solution
"We then explored other options available in different POS solutions in the market, but none of them were so well thought of and so fast as Magestore Web POS. We ended up buying the extension and are glad we did. Currently we are using it in our retail outlets to process orders faster than 50%."

De Bono - Interview on Magestore

Web POS review on magento connect

Using this in Australia
"I looked into P.O.S. systems such as Vend etc. None provided the flexibility or features that are needed to run a modern retail/ecommerce store. Pays for itself within the first few months"

Jones - Review on Magento Connect

Save Monthly Expense with One-time Payment POS

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30-day money-back


Empower your Retail System

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Line up sale with inventory system and manage inventory accross all sales locations

Reward Points

Reward customers in store & on website and increase customer loyalty to your business

Store Credit

Recharge credit balance, handle refund with credit and allow customers to share credit to their friends

Gift Card

Sell gift cards that customers love to use online and offline

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many websites/ stores can I use with 1 license of Web POS?

    After purchase, you will obtain a License Certificate which includes a license serial. It is valid for:

    +) One live Magento installation only (even if you have multiple sites & stores in the same Magento back-end, 1 Web POS license is enough).

    +) Unlimited number of test Magento installations.

    View our full License Agreement here.

  • Can I have a trial version for Web POS?

    Our Web POS extension is not provided with a trial version. However, we offer 30-day–money-back-guarantee to ensure customers’ right and benefit. You can consider the commercial version as a 30-day trial not only without encryption but also even more stabilization. Besides, you could test all functions thoroughly on our demo site; we are willing to clarify any concerns. In addition, not like the trial, the paid version is 100% open source and you freely customize it as your desire. We also offer free lifetime support and updates thus if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at to receive the proper response.

Installation & Update

  • How can I install your Web POS extension?

    You can install it like installing any extensions to Magento Backend, just follow our Installation Guide here. Or if you cannot do it yourself, please purchase our installation service.

  • How can I know if Web POS updates to download the new package?

    There are several ways that you can learn about our product updates:

    +) subscribe to receive our monthly & weekly newsletters

    +) get alerted via feeds notifications

    +) manually check your current Web POS version in Settings and compare it with the latest version on our website.

    To download the latest version, please visit, log in to My Account -> My Downloadable Products & select the version you want to use.

  • How can I update my POS from previous version to the new version of 3.0.0?

    If you are currently using Web POS previous version (version 2.3.2 and older ones) and want to update to the latest version of 3.0.0, please contact our support team at to receive the best assistance.


  • Is your Web POS extension one-time purchase or monthly fee?

    You only need to purchase the license one time and then freely use Web POS forever, no monthly fee or additional cost. This price has already included Free Support for One year & Free Update for Lifetime.

  • What benefits can I get if I use your installation service?

    With our installation service, our developers will help you install Web POS & makes it work properly on your site. Any unexpected problems & conflicts may arise during the process will be eliminated.

    You can choose the Installation option when purchasing Web POS or get the service package separately here.

  • Can I request refund for the installation service?

    We always assure that when you purchase our installation service, we will cover all steps of setting up a product and eliminate all problems that may occur in the process of installation. As the fee is paid for the amount of time that we spend on serving you, it cannot be refunded. In the event that you would be dissatisfied with our service, please contact our Sales Manager at We will remind our staff so as to serve you better next time.

  • Does it cost me any extra fee to request your support & update?

    No, Web POS comes with Free Support for One year& Update for Lifetime as stated our Terms and Conditions.

  • Do you have any special offer for purchasing multiple licenses?

    You can instantly get 5% off any orders of 2 or more Web POS licenses. For each license purchased separately, you will earn 30 points, which equal to $30 off in the next orders.

    For bulk purchase, you should consider our partner program here for resellers & development companies. If you have any other suggestion, please contact our account manager at to get proper responses.

Product Compatibility

  • What Magento editions is Web POS compatible with?

    Web POS is compatible with Community Edition 1.9.x and Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10.x - 1.11.x - 1.12.x - 1.13.x - 1.14.x. It also work well with the latest security patch SUPEE-9652. Web POS for Magento 2 is available here

  • Does Web POS sync with orders placed through our website?

    Yes, both orders placed through Web POS & your website are stored in Sales-> Orders. All ordered items are subtracted from Catalog Inventory. When you make orders offline, data is saved in IndexedDB browser and it will be synced to the system when you are online.
    However, you can check sales made through POS separately by view them in POS Reports section.

  • What kind of inventory system can work with Web POS?

    Web POS can work with default inventory in your Catalog (auto-filter out-of-stock products). It is also compatible with our Inventory Management extension for better stock control among multiple sales & storage locations.

  • Can I customize the layout of Web POS receipt?

    Yes, it's possible to modify the layout as you want. For further instructions, please contact our developers at

    You also can use PDF Invoice extension to customize the receipt template easily.

  • Can I apply coupon, reward points or other types of store credit to orders placed through Web POS?

    Yes, Web POS can work well with coupons created by Magento Shopping Cart Price Rules. Besides, it's also compatible with the following extensions: Store Credit, Reward Points, Coupons of Affiliate Plus.

  • Can I customize Web POS with my logo & theme?

    Absolutely yes, you can change logo & color them of Web POS easily in Settings. Also, the extension is 100% open source thus you can freely customize other features as you want.

  • What Peripheral Devices can Web POS work with?

    It can connect with the following devices:

    +) Barcode Readers: any devices that connect with tablet/laptop/pc (no matter through usb port, wifi or bluetooth) - as long as the scanner can read barcodes & fill encoded information into Web POS search box

    +) Card Readers: only devices connected through USB port

    +) Cash Drawers & Receipt Printers: any devices that connect with tablet/laptop/PC (no matter through usb port, wifi or bluetooth)

    +) Customer Pole Display: We provide a Pole Display Integration file that helps connect Web POS with pole display device

Release Notes

Version 3.0.3 (updated on Apr 28th, 2017)

  • Hide Reward point, gift card discount field when checkout without using point or gift card
  • Always show view product information icon in tablet
  • Reload order list & order detail after finished an action (cancel, ship, refund, invoice & take payment)
  • Integration with module Aitoc_Aitoptionstemplate
  • Display order creation date by timezone of current Store view
  • Fix bug not update qty of item in checkout when scan barcode more times
  • Fix bug when checkout using with 100% discounted
  • Fix wrong data of sales-by-payment-method in Z-report & Sales report
  • Fix wrong qty input of bundle options when config "User Defined Qty" as "NO"
  • Fix bug not show store credit form after updated balance
  • Fix bug to show root category of selected Store in Webpos
  • Fix bug: guest data is not applied to checkout when open WebPOS
  • Fix bug wrong required options of bundle product
  • Fix bug search customer in offline data when enable online mode
  • Fix bug not shown region in address preview
  • Fix bug search configurable product by its child
  • Fix bug do not record transaction into Cash drawer after refunded by cash
  • Fix css style issue in iPad
  • Fix wrong data format in Safari

Version 3.0.2 (updated on Apr 13th, 2017)

  • Add missing translation labels in .html file
  • Fix wrong grand total value in some cases
  • Fix error can not place order from Web Pos (do not save shipping method)
  • Fix error can not save default shipping method when place order from Web Pos
  • Fix error wrong tax value of multiple qty item
  • Fix search issue when using special characters
  • Fix error auto focus on search input in Web Pos
  • Fix error can not checkout product if it is out-of-stock and do not manage stock
  • Fix conflict with Magestore Reward Points extension

Version 3.0.1 (updated on Mar 20th, 2017)

  • Fix bug do not select default customer group automatically when place order.
  • Fix bug wrong permission checking in Webpos
  • Fix bug onhold order doesn't save customer information
  • Fix bug can not place order from Webpos when using Magento 1.7
  • Fix bug require to select customer when place order
  • Fix wrong created time of Orders from Webpos
  • Do not show disabled categories in Webpos
  • Optimize product image size in Webpos

Version 3.0.0 (updated on January 23, 2017)

  • Save & store data in IndexedDB browser
  • Being updated with new design & interface
  • Quick view product description
  • Support partial payment - pay part of the order value & pay the due amount later
  • Enable partial shipment - ship in 1, 2 or more consignments
  • Being compatible with customer pole display (Hot)
  • Show sales reports by staff, sales location or by payment method

Version 2.3.2 (updated on April 22, 2016)

  • New API key to connect with Retailer POS app for iOS
  • View customers’ order history
  • Enable reload orders: add to cart items from an old order
  • View sales report from Web POS screen


Great Easy Extension

I looked into a lot of different POS systems before purchasing the webPOS extension for magento. I chose webPOS because for the price it was the best system by far. I even believe it is better than some more expensive systems. We had a lot of stability issues getting the system up and running - 6 months of to and fro with the developers to get it working but now I believe we have a stable working system that functions very well for our business. The developers were very helpful throughout the process and I would work with them again in the future. Tip - If you have a physical store and you have different inventories to your online store (our physical store has 2x the stock of our online store) you can easily set up a multi store system in magento LIVE and OFFLINE and use the OFFLINE store with webPOS. Suggestion for developers - For store credit extension integration there should be the functionality of adding a user to an existing order. We have many store sales that go through the POS but when they return something we cannot easily assign store credit.

Beautiful and efficient Works!

Simon Kronmose - Livistrik

It works like a charm although our server was a bit to slow and we use a lot of custom plugins wich is not supported in our case we use Dependent Custom Options (configurable) although admin panel supports this it does not work in webpos, However, if you use simple items this webpos is superb to handle this and will help managing inventory and so on! It’s very focused on UX and design and is very efficient the offline feature works quite well. i will recommend this system but only if the products is quite simple.



As far as developer is concerned,I must say awesome,very polite,efficient,understands the need and the important thing always treats the Customer well. That is the quality of a good person. Lots of Thanks to him TOO Best of luck for His Endeavors. Its really Awesome to work with these outstanding and reliable team of developers and Support staff.I highly Advise everyone to Go for this Amazing extension.At last Thanks a lot For this Amazing Extension. AMAZING EXTENSION FOR ALL. SOLVED ALL MY PROBLEMS. EASY FAST AND RELIABLE.

Great option for fast checkout

Thank you MageStore support my ordering system and for giving user friendly interface !!! Works Great !!!

Excellent Support & Worth Every Penny


Thank you MageStore for this excellent extension. Works well!

Great Team Support !!!


The team support always help us to customize, fix the bug and we received a fast reply to our needs. They have done it really well and on time. Really amazing team support.

Best POS Solution with awesome support team

Magento Web POS extension is the best extension I have encountered so far. It is really easy to use and operate, and it works like a charm. We attend expo shows regularly, and we use this extension to record the sales. The best part is, once the browser is open, you do not require an internet connection afterward, which is great since it is difficult and expensive to get the internet at expo shows. Overall, the extension has a very sleek look and feel to it, and it is very easy and fast to check out customers. It works perfectly with my barcode scanner, and with my receipt printer. There were a couple of issues after the installation and setup at first, but the support team took care of it right away. They always replied very quickly, and I was always very satisfied with the support quality. The price is very fair for what the extension offers. I have found other extension with fewer features that were triple the price tag of this one. This is a great extension, and I highly recommend it.

Very Useful Plugin


We use Webpos 2.0 to manage all the online and in-shop sales. It is a pretty convenient plugin. Also, they give us excellent technical support and help us customize a lot of functions. Thanks a lot.

Awesome tech support and product update


It's been 2 years since I bought this extension for an online book store but had to wait for the store to be ready to use it. When we were ready, while I integrate the extension to the store, I met couple of problems but the tech support helped me immediately so I could set it up successfully. Once I found that the cart discount does not work some reason, I asked for the tech support and I got the answer that the other reward points extension is conflicting with the discount feature. So I asked to the Magestore and their tech support team worked for it immediately and fixed the problem. Someone may think the initial price a little bit higher but their lifetime upgrade and tech support is awesome and more than worth to pay for it. It saved me a lot of time, which is also money.

Great Customer Support!


I'm extremely satisfied with the support team! Very Responsive! The product is great and works very well. I have requested some customization and they have done it really well and in time. Great customer support. Thanks again for the help!!!!!!! :)

Not only great features, also an excellent Support!


We have been using this extension for a while and have been an excellent tool! The developer support is amazing! We received a fast reply to our needs and they help us at the installation and updates. Totally Recommended!

Excellent developer support


Developer provides excellent customization support on our website. So our physical stores can use the this extension with it inventory extension to have all the synchronized functions, so that, it created many opportunities as synchronized accounting system with magneto with a very low cost.

The great POS

Magento best POS, with all the functionality I desire and more

Awesome Extension

its a awesome extension simple and easy to use just need to be simplified in installation as well.

Excellent Point Of Sale system if used with Inventory Management


I'm very satisfied as all my issues have been or are being taken care on priority basis. This system has excellent functionality and their support team go a step ahead to customize the features as required by the clients. I guess the support guys and the developer team have gone through customer reviews and must be in a process of rolling out an upgrade which will have the remaining missing necessary features of a Point of sale system. I'm one of their happy clients from Thailand who is using their extensions to manage my 3 physical stores and a webstore.

Works! And they have good support.


After buying many extensions for my Magento store, I have to say they are hit or miss and almost always require system tweaks to get to work. Web POS worked right away and when I had some feature questions, support answered quickly. I LOVE that they provide free updates going forward (unlike most extension vendors.) Highly recommended!

Mage Store the best apps


Mage Store really puts a lot of time an thought into what they build and they work great.

I think it is best solution for our business


I just bought your webpos extension. I think it is best solution for our business. We are now having same sales software in every shop. We also take your stock managing extension wich is helping us a lot to keep our stock levels in controll. Thanks.

Support is fantastic


After working with many Magento extension suppliers, I just want to point out that Magestore support is the best so far! Extension installations don't always go smoothly, but you can count on these guys when something needs attention.

Great Extension


I'm running an online store for more than 5 years, came across many POS solutions but never seen such clean and super easy-to-use extension like this one. With a few clicks, a new order is created! (mostly within 2 minute). This actually save lots of my time to serve a customer. The best thing is, it works great on my tablet so I can sit & enjoy a cup of coffee anywhere while taking orders from customers!

Very Progressive - 2 Thumbs Up!


I have been searching for an inexpensive sync between my point of sale to Magento for years. When I saw that Magestore got rid of the need for a third party sync AND POS provider altogether, I was very eager to try especially for a low one time cost. I have to say the interface is simple and functionality is flexible with regular new releases, features and great support. Kudos to Magestore for creating a truly innovative and forward thinking extension. It is exciting to see real strides being made to provide retailers an opportunity to spend their budgets on marketing, instead of more integrations!



This extension is great for anyone with a retail store

Using this in Australia.


I looked into P.O.S. systems such as Vend etc. None provided the flexibility or features that are needed to run a modern retail/ecommerce store. Pays for itself within the first few months! Had a few customisation requests and the developers were able to quickly help and make the changes necessary. I'm using it on Magento

Good Extension and Great Support


Very good extension, useful and working fast as described. Great support, I had problem on installation, developer help me fix it fast.



Excellent extension, excellent support. This is a great extension already, however, I need quite a number of function changes, e.g. add addition EFPTOS payment method, show order comments on receipt, print delivery address on receipt, and a lot more, Magestore helped me updated all these functions nice and fast. Highly recommend Magestore.

Wonderful Extension, Extensively well Thought and Best support

Divyanshu Agnihotri

Any developer/ company can make a basic P O S extension, but i was amazed from the moment i tried the extension on the demo store, the features and the attention to detail given by the development team to this app is excellent, everything was extensively thought of Just updated to version 2.0, as this was new version & a few bugs here and there were affecting the P O S, i raised a ticket and i got a reply from the team shortly after that, the Developer who replied to me was Adam, and shortly after he was on skype with me understanding all the issues i was facing and bam, one by one he solved them all, he even went ahead and tested everything for me the way i was going to test the extension. Not only the product they made were good, the support provided was more than enough to bring a big smile to my face. By far the best support i have received, you got a customer and referral for life, keep up the good work

Reply to Josetxo


Hi Josetxo, Thanks a lot for using our extension. We got your question. However, currently this feature has not been provided by default with this module. Could you please send an email to: Our developer will take it into consideration and decide whether or not they can customize it for you. Best regards, Magestore

Strongly recommend!


This Magento POS extension does exactly what I want to do with my site. Cheers!

Product manager


Hi, We are using Web Pos in a physical store and we need to use a bar code scan. Do your product provide a solution to this? Thank you and best regards, Josetxo

Reply to Dominic Plattrs


Hello Dominic. Thank you so much for your deep concern to our product :) I got your issue. Can you please submit a ticket with FTP/Admin at: and our support will surely help you to solve it promptly within 24h or sooner. Wish you a wonderful day.

TAX Calculation

Dominic Plattrs

This app is fantastic however when applying a discount it does not recalculate the tax for me, leaving me with an incorrect figure for the customer. This is causing me to then create another invoive for the customer displaying the correct tax amount. How can this be solved. Just so you know the front end of the website calculates tax correctly when used with a discount code.

Reply to nad


Hello nad, Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment the extension hasn't supported this feature however we will surely update in the future. You can keep updated with our lastest news of the product by subcribing to our newsletter: Best regards, Magestore

Does it support multi warehouse


does this extension integrated with inventory management extension and provide multi-warehouse capability?

Reply to Rodiney


Hello Rodiney, Thank you for your interest in our product. Our webPOS extensino can be used only. However could you tell me what you meant by main database? Our webPOS records the sales order just like the default Magento system. Please feel free to contact us via livechat support on Magestore or via, we are willing to answer your question. Best regards, Magestore



Upon checkout, when the POS is online, the purchase will be inserted into the main database?

Reply to Vicki


Hello Vicki, Our extension supports configurable product thus it allows to select size and color. If you got troube using that feature, please contact our support via, we will help to fix the issue for you. Best regards, Magestore

Doesn't work for configureable items


I am able to see the configureable parent items but cannot select size or color (simple child item).

Reply to Huy


Hi Huy, In order list section at the bottom of the page, after you search for order you can see print button. Please check this to see more clearly Best regards, Magestore

Question on WebPOS


How can I print order for customer?

Reply to faith


Hi Faith, Our extension supports any cc swiper which connects to PC via usb gateway. With webPOS, the barcode scanner can read the product SKU from barcode, then use it to search for product. If you have any further concern please feel free to contact our livechat support from 7:30 am - 4:30pm (GMT+7). We are glad to help you. Best regards, Magestore.



how does it connect to cc swiper? also, does this have barcode option? If I buy the invoice pdf with barcode, can i find the order via pos? thanks

Reply to Richard


Yes, our extension supports Guest checkout. You can check Livedemo on our website Best regards, Magestore.

Guest Checkout


Does this extension support guest checkout so that our customers don't have to give their information when they don't want.

A recommended extension


I tried the demo and it exactly worked as description, so I decided to buy it after that. I like it 'cause I don't have to spend much time creating orders and searching for products. I think this extension is so interesting that store owners should install in their stores. I recommend it.

Highly recommended!


The extension not only save me a large amount of time but it also support instant search by Name/ Product SKU. I like this convenience. Highly recommended!

Good extension

Joe Dunford

I really love your Web POS and SimiPOS. Looking forward to a version that can work offline.

Good extension

Joe Dunford

I really love your Web POS and SimiPOS. Looking forward to a version that can work offline.

Very useful features


I choose Magestore for this extension 'cause of its very useful features. It not only is fast to configure in backend but also supports so many payment methods that sweep way our customers' worries in payment process. Thank you.

The extension fulfill my desire


The extension fulfill my desire as it is completely compatible with my site. Especially, it's so fast when all steps are in 1 page. I like it!

Can I run this extension offline?


I found it interesting. Can I run this extension offline?

Reply to Nick


Hi Nick, Thank you for your interest in our product. Regarding your question, I'm afraid that the Web POS can't run offline because its Magento default doesn't allow. However I think you can refer to Simi POS : This one can do that function and besides, it's responsive. Best regards, Magestore.



Our in-store checkout never be easier since all steps appear in 1 page and sections are updated automatically whenever having any changes. Thank you!

Most of the payment methods are accepted


Most of the payment methods are accepted in this extension, which make it much easier in paying for products. That's why I voted for it.

Dedicated support


While testing on the live demo of this extension, I got dedicated support from their team whenever I had any questions. I decided to buy because it is an effective product with integration of barcode reader and Reward Point. I'm really happy to use it. Thank you so much.

Highly Recommended!


If you want a POS solution without the residual monthly cost of other solutions this extension is for you! It is superior to more expensive alternatives and a match for another which is several times the price. We bought this along with Magestores One Page Checkout (also highly recommended) and got a good discount by buying both together :-) It has all the configuration options we needed, being able to choose which payment options were available, show / hide newsletter subscription etc. You can set whether the item is shipped (so can use for phone and in store customers) and the amount you enter as being paid determines whether the order is marked as paid in the backend. The provision of different color schemes meant all we had to do was replace the logo and make one or two very minor changes to the style so it better fitted our site. A limitation of Magento is the absense of a barcode field so to use Barcodes you have to incorporate them into the SKU. We did this by appending the barcode to the SKU like: readableSKU-12345678 That allows us to use barcode anywhere in Magento and keep the readable SKU, the only problem with that is Web POS will only automatically add scanned items where the SKU exactly matches, otherwise you have to scan then click the item to add to cart. This is the right way to handle it as it reduces errors from typo's, but was not ideal in our case. As it turned out that was not a problem... because the code is open we found that with a tiny modification to line 279 of IndexController.php (remember to re-apply if you upgrade) you can easily customise the behavior of this to fit your own SKU naming convention. The result for us is the ability to use barcodes anywhere in Magento whilst keeping the human readable element and have Web POS automatically add scanned items to the order. Perfect! The only feature we would like to see added is the ability to "reorder" a feature of standard magento that would help with repeat telephone orders, but this is quite minor. In summary this is an affordable high quality POS solution that will soon pay for itself in terms of time saved and customer satisfaction (faster phone / in store service). Thanks :-)

Excellent POS (point of sales) system


Recently i just opened a boutique at home, and looking for a POS (point of sales) system, and i found alot but all of them is standalone version.. I am building a new site using magento, so i need a POS system to integrate it into my site.. I came across magestore and found a POS system which can integrate into magento, so i bought it.. Need to try it once i settle the development of my site



Having an online store as well as a physical shop, I purchased and have been using Webpos for a few months to manage sales made in my shop. The interface is simple and I can manage my sales very quickly when I have clients infront of me. Apart from some problems with the VAT calculation which took a while to resolve, the solution is great and I really recommend it. The support is also very efficient

Excellent extension


Purchased this extension along with One step checkout (also by Magestore) and very happy with both of them. WebPOS is great for taking offline (phone) orders. We had a small tweak we needed and the support staff were very helpful. Highly recommended.

Exactly what I am looking for


It’s exactly the extension that I looked for. All steps to create order in backend are processed in one page. Support searching products by names/ SKUs, barcodes; place an order as guests or as existing customers… The trial version of Web POS was running well on my site and I was obliged to buy it.

Another Magestore’s perfect extension

Pradeep Kumar

This function is great. I am using One Step checkout with Web-POS feature integrated. Wonderfully now Web POS for Admin can run as a separate module. Highly recommend! :)

Support is really great and quick


I just use the trial version and the support is really great and quick. The module helps create orders in admin panel conveniently and I saved a lot of time. Many thanks to Magestore - Peter

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