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Super Campaign Promote your campaign better with Magento popup and banner slider (1.0.5)

Super Campaign
  • Super Campaign (1.0.5)

An online store owner with creative mind and eager to run new promotion campaigns on site with amazing popups and banners should never miss this extension - Magento ® Super Campaign (aka Magento Popup Manager & Banner Slider). You'll be able to:

  • Create and manage multiple campaigns at ease
  • Design stunning popups and banners for the highest conversion
  • Set flexible display rules and visitor segmentation

Community Edition 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9

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Magestore no longer provides this extension. Get a similar product from our trusted partner. Buy at Partner Website

Deliver the right offer at the right time

Sale season is coming to town. You are so confident this time as you already had a brilliant promotional idea - a goosebumps one - and the only thing that concerns you right now is just "How to promote it on my site for the best outcome ever?". Then you've landed in the right place! This Magento Popup extension is built to help you nail every sale season with effective campaign management.

Magento Popup extension - Benefits

Promoting your campaign now is easy as 1-2-3 with popup and banner

Magento Popup extension - How it works


Highlight Features

Setting up stunning popup in minutes

Impressive and high-converting popup templates

Designing beautiful and high-converting popups without professional skills? You can do that as easy as pie with predefined popup templates (which are always updated) for multi-purpose and fully customizable styles and effects with this Magento Popup. From Popup Corners, Border and Color Style to Popup Appear Effect, your popup will be truly eye-catching and attractive. So, who does not love these cool popups?

Magento Popup extension - Stunning popup templates

Magento Popup Manager | popup placement

Flexible popup placement

Commonplace things make you feel bored to death? Position your popup anywhere on page: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, center or customize with proper alignment and margin. You can even be able to set the distance of popup from margin. Everything is fully under your control, right?

Leverage detailed display rules

Magento Popup extension makes it easy to manage popup display rules (show on specific pages, when triggered) and show frequency of popups (every time, once or until user closes it)

Magento popup extension | popup trigger


Nail your campaign with banner slider

Create another "Aha" moment for your visitors with right people - right place - right plan Banners:

Magento Banner slider Extension | banner slider

Flexible styling

Style your own Magento banner slider with custom sizes, various slider styles, animation effect and speed.

Banner Position

Limitation on banner position is nothing now even if you have unusual page layout. This extension offers 25+ preset positions and HTML code to freely showcase your amazing banners.

Magento Banner Slider Extension | banner position
Magento Banner Slider | multiple campaign

Create and manage campaigns at ease!

Advanced: Run multiple campaigns smoothly

This is an advanced feature for campaign masters: running 2 or 3 or even more campaigns on site at once will never be a nightmare anymore. All are well-organized and run smoothly in priority orders.

Powerful yet flexible rules setting

Magento Popup and Banner Slider extension makes it easy to set necessary rules for each campaign, including date and time, coupon code used and detailed visitor segmentation.

Magento Campaign Management | visitor segment



All features that will make you fall in love with Magento Popup extension

Unlimited pop ups management

  • Design popup from predefined templates or create new
  • Multi-purpose popups: list building, call-to-action, social follow, video play
  • Fully customizable popup styles and effects
  • Set flexible popup display rules based on visitor behavior, time, trigger, store view...
  • Freely set popup position appeared on page

Powerful banner slider

  • Create unlimited sliders with one or multiple banners
  • Select slider style from predefined ones
  • Animation effect: slider or fade
  • Display time of each banner
  • Flexible banner placement on page
  • Generate banner slider HTML code

Effective campaign management

  • Run multiple campaigns with different priorities
  • Start/end time
  • Coupon codes: promotion or static coupon
  • Display multiple popups in one campaign
  • Display multiple banner sliders in one campaign
  • Segment visitors to display campaign


  • The Connector extension is 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate is valid for 1 live shopping app installation (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure

Release Notes

Version 1.0 (released on Feb 22nd 2016)

  • Release extension.
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  • Good choice for Multiple Campaigns Management with several Popups


    Long time ago, my system only could manage 1 campaign in 1 time. When my business develops, I have optimized my products and websites also. I need an extensions helping me to manage all of campaigns. And Magento Super Campaign has treated me so well. Now, I have a system to manage and track all of my campaigns, and especially change and optimize several popups, more economical than buying another magento popup. Thanks Magestore for it!

  • Cool name for a real Magento popup, banner slider and campaign management


    Really easy to use, advanced control and lots of options to experience

  • Remarkable functions for a Magento Popup extension


    this is the best choice among my considerations for a popup extensions. Not only popups, but the banner sliders are really essential for my campaign promotions. Besides, great support team has helped me a lot, thank you

  • Number One Magento extension in Campaign management


    This extension is awesome. The Magento popup manager as well as banner slider will be the must have for any Magento stores who want to promote the campaign fully and effectively. And the support of Magestore is also valuable, as they solved all of the problem we encountered. Overall is excellent.

  • Campaign promotions are now all under control


    The promotions of any campaigns were just torturing for me in the past. But now the pain no longer linger, as I am using Magento Super Campaign - but I prefer to call it Magento popup manager and banner slider extension, for the trademark features of this product are all about creating and managing pop up and banner slider. Good to see the features of well-known free Magento Banner slider in this new product.