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Magento Inventory Report Produce Informed Inventory & Sales Reports that help keep track your profits (1.0.0)

Magento Inventory Report
  • Magento Inventory Report (1.0.0)

No more guessing & making up wrong business decisions! Find yourself a powerful tool equipped with a list of extensive inventory reports & a summary of key sales metrics which can provide a clear picture of your business performance & answer specific business questions.
Let’s Magestore Inventory Report extension do the job for you!

  • Improve inventory management by accessing inventory reports for accurate real time insights into stock movement.
  • Start tracking your cost of goods sold, avoid overselling and underselling
  • Match reports to specific needs (Custom reports with metrics & dimensions)
  • Keep data of stock levels and moving average cost for each variant safe at any time within up to 90 days with History Report.
  • Easy report data export.
  • Integrate with Magestore Inventory Management REBUILT version.

Community Edition: 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition: 1.9.x - 1.14.x

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The extension is no longer sold in this way. We've evolved to provide the whole Omnichannel Solution.
Explore here!

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Inaccurate reporting (or lack of reporting altogether) is a huge challenge for many online retailers, especially when having a quite complicated inventory management system.

General reporting systems for business can be a little less extensive as it doesn’t provide crucial inventory insights or key sale metrics that are required to move your eCommerce business forward. With the retailer industry continually evolving and competitors getting fiercer, your inventory and sales analytics are no longer nice-to-know data.

That’s why you need a specialized inventory and sales report with extensive reporting functionality in order to produce accurate eCommerce reports. By using the system that collates all of your inventory and order information, you will be able to obtain a more reliable comparison of your data, keep tracking of your inventory performance and profits, and then can make the right business decisions later.


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We’ve walked in your shoes.

By developing inventory and purchase management system and working with +70.000 merchants around the world, we know what you need, we know what data/metrics is worth monitoring. Based on what we experience, we want to create a powerful panel to help you better understand your opportunities and limitations.

That’s why Inventory Report extension for Magento is now released to help you expand the default reports functionality of Magento. You’ll be able to use a great variety of inventory reports and also sales report to get priceless statistic data in real time. No more wasting time for manual spreadsheets and afraid of guessing and making up wrong business decisions.


Let’s discover to know what Inventory Report can offer!


The extension is provided with 2 reports which are for inventory and sales. Here are some of the key features that we would like to mention before getting into details:

1. Access to data in real time

By 100% integrating with Magento, all the data such as Products, Orders, Inventory, from your websites will be synced and updated in real time with Inventory Report.

2. Start tracking your cost of goods sold (COGS)

Our Inventory Management report uses Cost of Goods Sold KPI to measure the actual profit margin on your products by analyzing all the costs involved in selling a product at different time or other costs such as labour or shipping affect your profit margin. The method calculates an item’s average unit cost by adding the cost of the newly-acquired units to the cost of the units already in the inventory. This is then divided by the new total number of items. This method simplifies the calculation of average cost when the goods are in bulk (such as liquids and cables); hence, gives a more correct financial position.

Magento Inventory Report Extension

3. Create custom reports with dimensions and metrics

With this advanced reporting feature, you can match reports to specific needs and custom reports based on the default reports you see in our Inventory Report system by adding filters, dimensions, and metrics.

Magento Inventory Report Extension

4. History Save option

Why this feature can be extremely helpful? For example, in case your website have to deal with unexpected issues (such as data lost, wrong data between Inventory Management system with Magento default etc) then you can rely on this saved file in History Save to compare and adjust the situation. The data will show in Inventory Report - History Save including SKU, warehouse, phys.Qty, avail.Qty and MAC. Currently, our Inventory Report system supports saving data in 3 options of 7/30/90 days.

Now let’s dig out into the detailed capabilities of Inventory Report extension.


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Access and generate accurate sales and inventory reports that offer insights for better business decisions, all in real time. Our inventory management software allows you to generate sales history and orders reports by customers, product, warehouse (location), payment, order status and more.

Using this sales report will help you answer your specific business questions:

Quickbooks Integration Extension

Product Report

Having an idea of metrics for product demand which helps you to identify your most profitable product lines and vice versa.

  • Which product is the best-seller today/ yesterday/ last week/ last month?
  • Which products is generating the largest benefit?
  • What is your most popular product?
  • Should I keep this item in my store?
  • Does this item need help selling?
Quickbooks Integration Extension

Warehouse Report

Check which warehouse or stock location is generating revenues or profits.

  • Which warehouse generates more benefit?
  • Which warehouse creates more sales?
  • What is your top warehouse/ sales location
Quickbooks Integration Extension

Shipping Method Report

Check which shipping method is being used popularly.

  • Which is the main shipping methods?
  • What is not the popular one?
Quickbooks Integration Extension

Payment Method Report

Check which payment method is being used popularly.

  • Which is the most used payment methods?
Quickbooks Integration Extension

Order Status Report

Tracking the detailed information of order statuses, see what order status is generating sales and what status needs to be improved.

  • Why are there so many pending/cancelled orders?
  • Why pending status is dominating over completed order status?
Inventory Report Extension

Customer Report

See who your top customers are by generated revenue or profit. For each customer, it displays the Actual Sold Quantity, Potential Sold Quantity, COGS, Average Profit and Tax and Total Sales.

  • Who is your loyal customer?
  • Who is my primary buyer?
  • Should I address a specific target group?


Stock management is never an easy work. As the business grows, the amount of products also extends. You may wish for an assistant in updating stock status, in time to plan for the next selling strategy. Inventory Report extension for Magento 1 lets you know the latest stats of stock in different dimensions. Therefore, you can have a deep understanding of your current products.

While Inventory Management is designed for store owners to input and update inventory status most efficiently, Inventory Report groups relevant inventory stats to give meaningful stock insights in 5 ways:

Inventory Report Extension

Value of Stock on Hand Report

Get a detailed overview of your inventory with a list of all the products and variants that you have in stock, as well as a list of items that are out of stock.

How it helps: Predict the potential sales values of unsold products.

Inventory Report - Stock Quantity

Shows different types of stock quantity: unsold in warehouse(s), ordered by customers, available stock to sell and incoming on purchase orders (Note: purchase order related statistics are only available when Purchase Management is installed).

How it helps: Control how many items of each product available for sale.

Inventory Report Extension
Inventory Report Extension

Inventory Report - Compare by Warehouse

Option to compare your stock on different warehouses or locations

How it helps: Balance the product quantity in each warehouse; able to transfer products to the most convenient location for sales in time.

Inventory Incoming Stock Report

Shows quantity and values of stock that are on Purchase Order and not yet transferred to any warehouse. (Note: purchase order related statistics are only available when Purchase Management is installed).

How it helps: Know the quantity and costs of the products you are about to receive; gets informed about overdue purchased products to remind supplier(s).

Inventory Report Extension


Inventory Report Extension

Inventory Report - History

Records inventory changes of each warehouse within a preset duration.

How it helps:Catch up with the inventory changes despite any interruption.




With all the detailed sales and inventory reports, don’t you think Magestore’s Inventory Report is a perfect sidekick to your Inventory Management? With this extension, not only stock control becomes easier, but business decisions will also be more accurate, exactly when you require. Worth your consideration? Totally yes.

And don’t forget the most powerful combo: (Magento 1 Inventory Management REBUILT version + Inventory Report + Purchase Management Magento 1) for the highest benefits. This pack will activate the full features for Inventory Report to serve you the best. This is not to mention 15%+ discount when purchasing at least 2 of these extensions together (under our Retailer Kit – Omnichannel Solution favorable offer).



Sales Report


    • Able to access other info dimensions from each report by select colums
    • Display total sales statistics (Total Actual Sold Qty, Total Potential Sold Qty, Total Actual Profit, Total Potential Profit, Total Sales)
    • Option to filter data for different dates and days such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, This month, Last month or even Custom your date range
    • Export reports to .CSV format
    • Allow to Hide/Show columns
Product Report
    • Keep track of order's information such as ID, status, RSQ, PSQ, discount, tax, profit, COGS, total sales
    • Option to view detailed of order's information
Warehouse Report
  • View data of each warehouse (order ID, status, RSQ, PSQ, discount, taxt, profit, COGS, sales)
  • Use second dimensions to get more insformation
Shipping Method Report
  • View details of each shipping methods
Payment Method Report
  • View details of each payment methods (order ID, order status, ...)
Order Status Report
  • View the structure of orders by status
  • View details of each status (Order ID, sold Qty, ...)
Customer Report
  • View details of each customers (Customer Email, customer group, orders' ID, status,).
Inventory Report


    • Export reports to .CSV format
Inventory Stock-on-hand
      • Get an overview of your inventory (Manage the total qty, the inventory value, retail value, & profit value of a/ all warehouses.)

- Details for each product

- Total for the whole warehouse

- Compare the stock you have in different storage locations.

Inventory Detail Report
    • Get details of each product SKU (quantity in warehouse, quantity to ship, quantity on purchase order, etc.)
Inventory Report by warehouses
  • Compare stock metrics in multiple locations by each product SKU
Incoming Stock Report
  • Get details of incoming stock of each product SKU
Inventory History Report
  • View inventory metrics of each warehouse by day in a specific period of time (last 7 days, last 30 days or last 3 months as you set up in Settings.
  • Real time update: Use Cronjob to sync the data
  • Responsive to other Magestore extensions
  • 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to install and configure

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