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Report Success

Magestore's insightful inventory reports to keep track of stock and make the right business decision.
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Understand Your Inventory with Good Data and Real-time Updates

Magestore's latest addition to our Omnichannel Solution: A powerful reporting tool to help you track stock performance and make informed business choices.

Five Essential Reports

Stock Value, Stock Details, Stock by Warehouse, Incoming Stock, and Historical Stock.

Check Values and Costs

Check the status of your products in different warehouses, from different suppliers. See how much they cost and what their values are.

Custom Each Report for Your Business

Add filters, dimension, & metrics to create the reports you need

and even more...

Use Data to Improve Inventory Analysis and Planning

View Current Stock Value

  • - Check current stock level, average cost and total stock value;
  • - Include tax, discount, and shipping in inventory costing method;
  • - Calculate stock value using Moving Average Cost (MAC).

Manage Incoming Stock

  • - Not sure how much stock is being delivered? You can check the total quantity and cost of incoming stock;
  • - See how much stock is overdue for each product;
  • - When expected delivery date on purchase order has passed, incoming stock is automatically counted as overdue.

Compare Stock by Warehouse

  • - Check inventory quantity throughout your facilities;
  • - See stock value of each location. You can also choose all locations to keep track of non-warehouse products;
  • - Filter by SKU, EAN code, or Name.

Keep Track of Stock Details

  • - Want an overview of your inventory? This report presents all stock details in one page;
  • - Check the total quantity of each product in your systems from all locations and suppliers;
  • - See how much stock is being delivered to your customers and how much is being restocked.

Monitor Historical Stock

  • - Set a time and a historical stock report is automatically created every day;
  • - Filter to check the stock status of a product or location during a period;
  • - Want to keep only some of the reports? You can set duration to keep and delete historical stock reports.

Export Reports with Custom Metrics

  • - Export five default reports;
  • - Looking for ways to create different reports specific to your needs? Choose custom metrics to create your own report;
  • - Export these reports into CSV to share with other stakeholders.

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