Inventory Management Magento 1 - New Rebuilt - New Innovation for Stock Control - (1.1.0)

Inventory Management Magento 1
  • Inventory Management Magento 1 (1.1.0)

The urge for improving lead us to the decision: to rebuild newly Inventory Management Magento 1. Quite similar to what are presented in Magento 2 Inventory Management, reconstructed IM for Magento 1 allows you to manage multi-warehouses, adjust stock, forecast supply needs & get notifications when in low-stock status...

One pricing plan to pay for & you will have your stock in order:

  • Optimize interface based on the UI/UX design from Magento 2 Inventory Management
  • Includes 02 Professional Features: Multiple Warehouses Management & Supply Needs Prediction
  • Allow to manage, transfer composite products in warehouses (New)
  • Manage Stock Movement by products' SKU (New)
  • Allow to link Magento store view to a warehouse (CRITICAL!)

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Community Edition: 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition: 1.9.x - 1.14.x

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As a typical retailer, you are dealing with quantity variation of each item you sold every minute, from day to day. It might be easier if you only have a dozen of things to look after. However, we all know that is not a common thing happening to retail business.

Rebuilt Inventory Management for Magento 1 | Magento 1 Inventory Overview

Even you have hundred or thousands of products to manage, it all has the same question of how to manage your stock in order and most efficiently. With rebuilt version of Magento 1 Inventory Management, you can enjoy more features for controlling stocks with only one fix price & discover the new look completely changed compared to the old Inventory Management for Magento 1.

Highlighted Features

1. Completely new look to start with

Optimized the how-it-looks part, new Magento 1 Inventory Management is divided into 6 sections same as Magento 2 version including Stock Listing, Stock Control, Prediction, Transfer Stock, Stock Transfer History & Settings. All functions are now listed in the drop-down menu in the top navigation bar which helps the admin search for features within few seconds.

Rebuilt Inventory Management for Magento 1 | Optimixe UI/UX

2. Stock Listing - A simple how to check stock quantity & availability in each warehouse

Stocks in warehouse

Not showing everything on the stock listing page, the rebuilt Inventory Management is simplified to present clearer & more focused information. If you want to go into detail of Shelf Location or Stock Movement, click to View more. The pop-up will appear provides you detail for the specified product.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Stocks in warehouse

In Shelf Location field, it provides exactly where to find the product in the physical stock. Note the location here to support your staff in order-fulfilling quickly.

There are 03 types of quantity shown in Stocks in Warehouse section that you should differentiate:

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Quantity Types

Quantity in Warehouse(s) = Quantity to ship + Available Quantity

  • - Quantity in Warehouse(s): total amount of products in all warehouses
  • - Quantity to ship: the number of products which is ready to be shipped
  • - Available Quantity: the amount of products left in the virtual catalog which is available to sell

To edit Quantity in Warehouse, Shelf Location of an item, select the specific warehouse & the item. Remember to click on Update Stock after editing.

Non-warehouse products

If you save a product without assigning the warehouse, the product will be recorded in Non-warehouse products section but the Primary Warehouse. You can choose to add warehouse information directly on the listing page of Non-warehouse products as shown below.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Add product to warehouse

Manage Warehouse

List all warehouses, allow to add/edit/delete warehouse are several popular features that you may familiar with. When accessing a warehouse, you will see 5 information tabs:

- General Information: some basic status of the warehouse such as Name, Code, Contact Email, Address

- Stock on hand: record all products existing on the warehouse

- Stock Movement: stock sending/receiving are listed here

- Warehouse Permission: to guarantee the security for warehouse as well as allocate staffs for exact warehouse, you can assign the account who can view and edit the warehouse as needed

- Dashboard: show summarized status of the warehouse during 30 latest days

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Manage Warehouse

In the rebuilt version, Inventory Management has updated with overview dashboard for each warehouse. You can check the sales reports, best-seller products or manage stock on hand briefly.

3. Stock Control - Keep track of data matching

Stock Adjustment

There is always a chance that you record your stock incorrectly. In that case, having a tool which supports you to adjust the stock promptly is exactly what you need. Select the item, type the adjusted quantity & save. Or you can import all adjustment for products by uploading CSV file. All change will be done within seconds!

Rebuilt_Inventory Management_M1_-_Stock_Adjustment


Periodically, you will have to check your physical warehouses to ensure that data recorded in system matches with the real quantity in stock. This indispensable operation has known as the stock-taking process that is also included in rebuilt Inventory Management. After counting products, the list consisting of updated quantity will be shown up. All changes are applied after you confirm Complete Stock-taking.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Stock taking

You can import a list of products for stock-taking or export list of counted products after finishing the process.

4. Prediction - Get prepare for the next demand

Supply Needs Prediction

Do I have to restock an item in the next purchase order? No need an assistant just to do one single task like that. With Supply Needs prediction, it helps you estimate the number of products for re-ordering regarding given timestamp in the future. The quantity estimation is calculated based on sales record during a chosen time range (you can set sales period manually)

Rebuilt_Inventory Management_M1_-_Supply_Needs

Low Stock Alert

This feature has already been available on the old M1 Inventory Management. However, in this rebuilt version, you can set up more than one Low-stock Notification Rule. A notification will be sent to you via email when a specific item reaches its threshold. All low stock notification are recorded & kept track in Low Stock Notifications section.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Low Stock Notification

By setting up the low-stock threshold type (by quantity or by days), Inventory Management will automatically inform you when a product is running out of stock. You can also limit the low stock notification rule for certain products.

5. Stock Transfering - Create, record & handle all transactions among warehouses

After creating Send Stock or Request Stock from Warehouse A to Warehouse B, the admin can process checking whether the items were delivered/ received by Warehouse B or not. Remember to save the quantity delivered/ received accordingly. You are able to update quantity delivered/ received as long as the transaction is under processing status and you did not click on "Mark as Completed". To find all transactions, access the Stock Transfer History.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Stock Transfer

Transfer Stock allows you to transfer between a warehouse to an external location or vice versa (NEW). In the rebuilt Inventory Management, the external location is required to be filled in before you can adjust product quantity to be sent. In fact, the transferring between warehouses and transactions from/ to an external location are separated into 4 different history records so that the admin can track easily.

Rebuilt Inventory Management M1 - Stock Transfer History


- The rebuilt Inventory Management for Magento 1 works independently with the old Inventory Management for Magento 1. To have clearer perspective about the new rebuilt extension, please refer to Feature Comparision Note

- To migrate data from old Inventory Management system to the rebuilt Inventory system, keep the old edition while install the rebuilt version. The migration will automatically be processed. After the migration completes, you can remove the old Inventory Management. The migration includes warehouse data & stocks in warehouse in detail.

- The rebuilt Inventory Management v1.x is compatible with Web POS v3.x for Magento 1. Please consider carefully if you want to upgrade from the old module to the new one

- There will be other elements (Upcoming Extensions) to support ERP activities following the concept of Magento 2 Order Success combo such as Barcode Management, Purchase Management, Order Fulfillment, Dropship & Quickbook Integration.

- Integration with Magmi, M2E Pro & other solutions will be updated in the next version

Features Full List

Newly Improved Interface
  • Optimize UI/UX design
  • Automatically run data convert from Magento to IM for the first time installing
Transfer Stock Management
  • Able to send stock from a warehouse and automatically subtract its Qty. (Pro Feature)
  • Able to receive stock for a warehouse and automatically increase its Qty. (Pro Feature)
  • Conveniently import a list of products & Qty. by CSV files when sending/requesting stock (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to transfer composite products (configurable, bundle & grouped) to other warehouses (New)
  • Require reason(s) to send & request stock (Pro Feature)
  • Separate the delivery stock and receiving stock activities (New)
  • Allow to direct transfer stocks (New)
  • Validate admin permission when creating stock receipt & stock sending (Pro Feature)
  • Automatically send notification email to admin users after stock receipt/sending is created (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to transfer stock from/to external location (New)
  • Providing stock sending history, stock request history,.. (Pro Feature)
Stock Taking With Ease
  • Can view & filter stocktaking history on 1 single grid with created date, warehouse, status
  • Separate the stock taking activity into 5 clear steps: general information, prepare products, stock counting, complete data entry & complete stock taking (New)
  • Record & submit counted physical Qty. in warehouses for manager's approval
  • Check admin permission to create/edit stocktakes
  • Require reason(s) for stocktaking
  • Allow to import counted Qty. by using CSV file
  • Able to re-entry data after completed data entry (New)
  • Able to download the difference list after completed stock-taking (New)
  • Can create a new stock adjustment to correct qty in warehouse of products
Stock Prediction & Low Stock Notificatiom (Featured)
  • Allow to create unlimited rules to generate the low stock notifications (New)
  • Show low stock notifications for warehouses or/and the whole system on the Inventory Management panel
  • Automatically send emails to notify warehouse managers about low stock products
  • Filter all products in low stock level when clicking on the notifications
  • Allow setting the threshold Qty. of specific products to get low stock notifications
  • Use Cron Jobs to automatically update low stock notifications on schedule
  • Allow settings specific time(s) to get low stock notifications
  • Able to get frequent updates on daily/monthly basis
  • Record all low stock notification logs to review details later
  • Predict supply needs of products for a specific future period
  • Filter supply needs by warehouse and supplier
Additional Integration
  • Provide APIs to integrate with external systems (get & update stocks in warehouses) (New)
  • Integrate with Rebuilt Web POS for Magento 1
Stock Listing Management
  • Manage all products in 1 single grid with 3 types of quantity: Qty. in warehouse, Available Qty. & Qty. to ship
  • Allow to edit in-line Qty. of products in each warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to edit in-line Shelf Location of products in each warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Create unlimited warehouses according to your physical warehouses or physical stores (Pro Feature)
  • Show Qty of products & total SKUs of earch warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose a warehouse view to filter inventory product data by warehouse (Pro Feature)
  • Manage products and their Qty. in each warehouse
  • Manage Qty. of configurable, bundle and grouped products by their individual option or component (as simple products)
  • Manage composite products (configurable, bundle & grouped) in warehouse (New)
  • Manage non-warehouse products (New)
  • Display data about sales, best sellers & on-hand stock on each warehouse's dashboard (Pro Feature)
  • Support to add products to warehouse when using importing products feature of Magento core
  • Manage & check permissions of different admin accounts per warehouse
  • Allow to link Magento store view to a warehouse, then filter products & stocks on Magento front store by linked warehouse (New)
Adjust Stock & View Stock History
  • Update Qty. of products in mass & keep track of them via stock adjustment records
  • Can view & filter stock adjustments on 1 single grid
  • Can quickly update Qty. of products in warehouse right on the stock listing grid
  • Check admin permission when adjusting stock
  • Require reason(s) when adjusting stock
  • Can import products list via CSV file or choose products manually to adjust stock
  • Can save stock adjustments in Pending status before changing Qty. of products
  • Can save & confirm stock adjustments instantly
  • Record history of all stock adjustments with Qty. before and after being adjusted
Stock Movement Management
  • Record all stock movements and changed Qty. of each SKU in each warehouse (Advanced)
  • Provide tracking URL to view history of each stock movement activity, such as: adjust stock, transfer stock, sales shipment, credit memo, etc (New)
Sales Order Process
  • Allow setting a default warehouse to temporarily subtract stock allocating in sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to ship products when creating shipments for sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Suggest to create new stock request of lack items in need-to-ship order (New)
  • Allow to view shipped warehouse in shipment (Pro Feature)
  • Allow to choose which warehouses to return items when creating credit memo for sales orders (Pro Feature)
  • Auto create a stock ajustment if refund item without return to stock (New)
  • Can view returned warehouse in credit memo (New)
  • Support multi-currencies and multi-languages (Hot)
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Release Notes

Version 1.1.0 (released on Mar 29, 2017)

  • Release "force edit product qty" feature which allows to edit available qty of product in each Warehouse & global
  • Fix syntax error in PHP 5.5 and lower
  • Fix error duplicate row data in warehouse stock collection
  • Fix error wrong table prefix

Version 1.0.1 (released on Mar 25, 2017)

  • Fix error when view warehouse in backend (503 error)
  • Fix error: can not import products to stocktaking if there is a row with null value in Qty column
  • Fix error: can not import CSV file which contains more than 1000 rows
  • Fix error when import product data flow in Magento 1.8
  • Implement the export warehouse stocks feature
  • Allow to assign multiple Magento store views to one Warehouse

Version 1.0.0 (released on Feb 13, 2017)

  • Release stable rebuilt version of Inventory Management
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