Magento Introduction - What is Magento extension?

What is Magento extension?

  A Magento extension is a block of PHP code - a combine of functions, added into Magento to extend its functionality. 

Magento extensions allow you to add custom features and functionality to every area of your Magento store including the front and back end, integrations with other web services, marketing tools, themes and more. Extensions are developed through broad network of Magento partners to give you the flexibility and power to maintain your store the way you want.

Magento community provides us with a great variety of modules (free and paid), available for downloading and installing from Magento Connect catalog, and from 3rd party developers’ websites like Magestore. Together with the rich Magento functionality, this allows us to solve a lot of tasks without programming skills.

What is magento extension

Modules/Extensions are the core of Magento. Every action on the site, frontend or backend, goes through a module. Modules act as containers for one or more of the following:

• Settings

• Database schemas

• Database data

• Rendering objects

• Utility helpers

• Data models

• Action controllers.

A module can be made of all seven of these things, or just one. Modules are further grouped into code pools, which allow for safe and easy customization and extending of its core functionality. Using code pools, developers ensure that native functionality can be upgraded with new releases of the core product, and that it is protected from any changes that a merchant wants to make to the platform. 

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