Magento Introduction - What is Magento Community?

What is Magento Community?

The Community edition of Magento is offered for free. It was created as open source software. That means anyone can download Community edition without having to pay. Magento Community editition is free to download, and make any modifications you may need to suit your requirements. Magento has had tremendous growth and there are now over a million people around the world who have downloaded Magento, and many of those have developed customizations, extensions and other changes.

what is magento community

The Magento community connects and share their knowledge on the Magento Community site forums, assist each other, exchange tips and tricks and to offer support. Development of the Magento Community Edition continues at a rapid pace through this model, providing a basic and powerful solution for small shops looking for a full-fledged eCommerce platform.

Currently, the latest version of Magento Community is 1.8, you can get it here

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