Magento Installation - How to set up Magento cron job

How to set up Magento cron job

Cron, which is a time-based job scheduler in Unix-based operating systems, enables users to schedule jobs to run periodically at certain times or dates. Magento uses the  cron.php file sitting inside the root directory of Magento to manage and dispatch cronjobs. The cron.php script basically executes the internal Magento cron job manager, managing which and when cronjobs are executed. In Magento backend, you can set the frequency at which cron schedules are to be processed. The tutorial below will go through how to set up Magento cron job through few steps:

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Step 1: Login your Magento Admin Panel

Step 2: Go to System >> Configuration

How to set up Magento cron job 1

Step 3: Choose System in the left-bottom menu

How to set up Magento cron job 2

Step 4: Open Cron (Scheduled Tasks)  Change  the time as the  image below (unit: minutes)

How to set up Magento cron job 3

Step 5: Click on Save Config button to save all the changes


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