Magento Installation - How to reinstall Magento extension

How to reinstall Magento extension

One day, you delete your module unintentionally and then clear Magento’s cache. Or the installation of your Magento extensions needs troubleshooting for some reasons. That should be all it takes to reinstall the new extension into your system. Just follow these simple steps as below:

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Step 1: Login to Magento admin panel

Step 2: Reinstall Magento extension through Magento Connect

  • - Go to System >> Magento Connect >> Magento Connect Manager.

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  • - Scroll down to see the list of all currently installed Magento extension in the Manage Existing Extensions section
  • - Pick the extension you want to reinstall and from the Actions drop-down menu, choose Reinstall.

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  • - Click on Commit Changes button to reinstall the extension.

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