Magento Installation - How to change Magento Favicon

How to change Magento Favicon

Magento Favicon is your Magento website icon that you can see beside some URLs in address bar of your browser. The favicon also appears on the tab of each browser page. As you can see the image below, these are 2 samples of favicon that you can see when visiting 

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How to change Magento Favicon 1

You can change the Magento favicon for your website easily by following these steps:


Step 1: Create your Magento Favicon

  • - Use Photoshop or any image editor to create a your Magento Favicon with dimension16x16 or 32x32
  • - Convert your image to the .ico format

Step 2: Upload your Magento Favicon

  • - Login your Magento Admin panel
  • - Go to System >> Configuration.

How to change Magento Favicon 2

  • - Choose Design
  • - Open HTML Head tab
  • - Next to the Favicon Icon field, click on Choose File buttont to upload your Magento favicon How to change Magento Favicon 3
  • - Click on Save Config button to save all the changes


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