Magento Installation - How to add Magento multi languages

How to add Magento multi languages

The more languages your Magento store uses, the stronger its understanding capabilities, the smaller obstacles will be that your shoppers will take when finding the products they want.  Consequently, the better the chances will be that these shoppers will be converted into customers.  It's the obviously reason why it's highly recommended to add Magento multi language for your Magento store

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Step 1: Download Magento Translation Package

  • Click to find  the language you want to add to your Magento store. There're about 80 tranlations packages here, and many packages are different verions in the same language. Certainly, there is still a huge lack of packs in  many languages. However, if you can't find your locale mentioned in this list, you can make a request for a new translation package.

How to add Magento multi languages 1

  • Click Inlinie link to view the demo store with the language
  • Click Stringlink  list to see the list of Magento extensions and its translation of labels
  • Click Package link to download the language you pick

How to add Magento multi languages 2 

  • Unzip the packages and upload the folder to the same location on your hosting account. 

Step 2: Login to your Magento Admin Panel

Step 3: Create a new store view for your language.

  • - Go to System >> Configuration 

  • - Select store view from the left top box of setting up the store configuration scope
  • - Open Locale Options tab select the language as our current store’s locale.

  Magento Spanish scope config

  • - Go to CMS->Pages and select your homepage. From the first configuration screen select the new store view to display this homepage.


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