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Facebook Login Make your visitor login become easier than ever (1.8)

Facebook Login
  • Facebook Login (1.8)


It costs you NOTHING to get this powerful extension which allows customers to register & login via their own facebook account. Facebook Login is the fastest way to earn leads for your site.

  • Save time for visitors to log in to your site without an effort
  • Better convert visitors to customers after they logs into your site

Bonus point: A new password can be released to make a separate account

Community Edition 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 -1.8 - 1.9
Enterprise Edition 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14


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The more customers register on your site, the closer you reach potential buyers and the higher conversion rate is. The role of account registration is undeniable. However not all customers are patient enough to finish all the tedious required information at Create new Account page. Why not ease this step with Magento Facebook Login extension by Magestore? Registering for a new account on your website will never be easier since customers can use their Facebook account to sign up without any required information. Maximum 3 clicks and they will be yours.

Magento Facebook Login extension benefits


How it works

Magento Facebook Login extension - how it works


Features Detailed

Signup and login through Facebook account

This extension allows customers to log in through Facebook account easily and quickly in just 3 clicks!

Magento Facebook Login extension - Facebook Login Signup and login through Facebook account

Admin provides a separate account with a new password

You can configure to provide a new password to customers after their signup, so that they they can login your site use Facebook account but with a different password from their Facebook password

Magento Facebook Login extension - Facebook Login separate account with a new password

Configure the position of button Login via Facebook at any place on your site

You can place the button of Facebook login at many places on the site, so that customers can see it and create a new account easily.



Features Full List


For Customers
  • Sign up quickly with a Facebook account
  • Create a new account through a Facebook account quickly and easily.
  • Get a separate account with a new password.
  • Redirect to the previous page after logging in via Facebook.
  • Auto login when login next time.
For Admin
  • Register your site with Facebook to allow customer login through Facebook.
  • Configure the position of button Login via Facebook at any place on sites.
  • Configure to send new passwords to users when their new accounts are created on the store.
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Release Notes

Version 1.8 (updated on Mar 31th 2017)

  • Fix Facebook login issue (Facebook updates Api).

Version 1.6 (updated on Jul 18th 2013)

  • Fix error that occurs when running with multiple websites per installation.

Version 1.5 (updated on March 25th 2013)

  • Allow redirecting customers to the previous page after logging in via Facebook.

Version 1.4 (updated on Dec 1st 2011)

  • Fix error: can not login while using private sales mode for enterprise edition.

Version 1.3 (updated on Nov 9th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs while using urls.

Version 1.2 (updated on June 8th 2011)

  • Update Facebook authentication.

Version 1.1 (updated on March 07, 2011)

  • Change redirect url after logging in by faccebook account.
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  • Works perfectly on


    Hi all, Just wanted to tell to anyone who is looking for facebook login feature that this is the thing! I tried other free magento plugins that claim to do similar, but no other was working out of the box. Thanks a lot to devs for this. I am using Magento CE

  • Great support staff


    Recently got this extension and tried to install it on my webstore. Being the noob that I am, I couldn't manage to get it running as smoothly as I'd like. So I went over to their website and they were quick to reply and were really helpful. Even though the person manning the chat room didn't know much, but she did all that she could. So I e-mailed Magestore for technical support and they managed to solve everything within a few hours! The support was really good and friendly, even with me constantly nitpicking minute design details. For a free extension, the support is amazing! And best of all, the extension works like a charm! Thanks so much guys and keep up the good work!

  • Great!


    Have been using this for quite some time now. Brilliant app. Gets the work done! Kudos to the team at Magestore.

  • Love It!

    Melissa Fornazari

    The best extension for facebook login, loved it! It helped me a lot and I got more customers! The support team is the best! Thank you so much for this Magestore!!

  • Very great!

    The best extension for facebook login, loved it! It helped me a lot and I got more customers! The support team is the best! Thank you so much for this Magestore!!

  • Reply to Anthony


    Hi Anthony, Thanks a lot for using our product and your question, also. Regarding your concern about placing facebook login button on checkout page, please add this code to the place that you want button to be shown: <?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('fblogin/fblogin') ->setTemplate('fblogin/bt_fblogin.phtml')->toHtml() ; ?> In case you need any help in further, please directly send an email to We'll be in touch with you soon within 24h or sooner :) Best regards, Magestore

  • Checkout page


    Great little extension but can you place the login button in the checkout area? Maybe it does but my template doesn't show it

  • Good Social Login Magento Extension


    Facebook Social Login is excelent extension to connect in magento shop. Have a guide and extension is free. Need only 4-5 minites to config extension

  • The Best of the Best Facebook Login! with the Best Team of Professionals!


    I was looking for the best Facebook Login for my Magento Webstore 1.9 and after few hours looking for that, I find this extension with the best Populary Score of 5 Star and quality, you know sometimes it's hard to install a extension for any reason, but don't worry if that happen to you, have the best professional team to help with the instalation :) The Supporter Staff ***Marko Pham*** he was working with me to fix a situation with my installation, and after a good and professional quick help, my extension was working perfect :) but I don't finish yet -> After few days -> I was checking my email and a messages was there from The Magestore Customer Care Leader ***Grace K***with the best professionalism asking me if my extension was working well with my site :) Now I can say if you are looking for the best Extension for your Site, don't look for another company, and go to ****** and find the best extension for you with the best support and also LIFETIME FREE SUPPORT, Money Back 30-DAY, LIFETIME FREE UPDATE. where do you going to find that :) I want to say Thank you to -> Marko Pham and Grace K and all the team of for your professional help and quality on the extension :) Carlos Monzon

  • Simple but great


    Simple but great features. It doesn't take our customers a lot of time to sign up or log in anymore. Especially, I can change Facebook login button as I want. Thank you for your prompt support, also.

  • Good extension


    Log-in process is simplified with this extension. Customers can use their Facebook account to log in without having to create a new account, which saves them a lot of time. After some steps in backend, I can now have more and more potential customers.

  • Reply to Kevin


    Hi Kevin, Thank you for your interest in Facebook Login. regarding your question, you can place button Login Facebook at any position of the store’s site by posting this code at the CMS you prefer: {{block type="fblogin/fblogin" template="fblogin/bt_fblogin.phtml"}} Hope it helps. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Position of login button?


    How can I change the position of login button?

  • Nice extension and support team is awesome


    Very simple and useful extension, also the support team is very nice and take care very well on my issue.

  • great technical support team


    buying this extension was the right choice for our website, we had a bug with the referer login but their great technical support team solved the bug very quickly, I advice every one to use this great extension

  • Good extension with great support team


    Good extension and it functions just as described. And not to forget there is a great support team!

  • CEO

    PHCH Soap Co.

    A simple and easy to use extension that allows our customers to login or signup very quickly and efficiently. Magestore Support is awesome!

  • Nice support team and very good extension


    I am very new with magento but with kind and quick response of the support team, the extension works very nice as described. The facebook-login icon looks great and useful for my store. I am recommend this extension because it works and great support team!

  • good for login


    this module is working perfectly and widely used to avoid signup details. It's a time saver and customers satisfy with the convenience of login via facebook.

  • Great Great Support


    we are using this extension and having no issue, we required some extra features this time and they responded in timely manner, and provide great help and support..Highly recommended!!!

  • Ideal extension


    I have seen this feature on various sites and wish to have on my site. This will be my top priority on my site because I think these most of the time customer wants to have easy sign up process and to login with Facebook account is an ideal solution.

  • Fantastic support team!


    Magestore have a fantastic support team. Have nothing bad to say! Facebook changed their API methods and Magestore updated our project over the weekend! Good product, works well with and even works while restricting the front-end for flash sales! thanks alot guys!

  • Great extesion for Facebook Integration


    Great extesion for Facebook Integration with your store. I had a little issue with the extension, so I got a Ticket for solving my problem. The support contact was kind and fast, and solved my issue in no time. I strongly recommend this extension!

  • Really Nice Extension &Support


    Really Nice Extension..Support is even better, we have some problem with integration and we got the support in quick reply, and they solved all of our problem. Happy with this extension and their support..

  • Reply to Umang


    Hi Umang, I am sorry for the issue you had. Could you please go to our Support system ( and create a ticket of your problem? We will review and help you resolve it. Regards, Magestore

  • Login Issue question

    Umang Dee

    Very good. Just one question, why does it login with some accounts and not others. It doesnt work with my personal one for instance. Do i need to enable something in facebook?

  • Reply to Stefano


    Hi Stefano, Our extension works with Magento system based on PHP. This is not the application running separately so it could not run on C#/.net backend. Thanks for your interest in our product. Best Regards, Magestore

  • apps


    Does it work in apps? Does it work with C# / .net back-end?

  • Reply to Nara- Duplicate login


    Hi Nara, If a customer already logs in the store with his email+ password, the button facebook login won't displayed anymore. So there won't be duplicate login. You can test on our live demo sites.

  • duplicate login

    nara t

    just wonder how the extension deal with the duplicate login when a user already logged in with email/password and then press facebook login. Will the extension manage to merge the account or ask user for any actions ?

  • Integrate FB login to your website


    Hi Rajeshwar, After checking out this product, please go to "My account" section which is in the top right of our page. You will see the extension FB login to download under the tab "My downloadable products". Afterwards, please follow our installation guide in the userguide (which you can also find in this page). If you have other questions, you can submit a ticket to our support system We are very happy to serve you. Magestore

  • facebook connect request


    sir i want to use face book connect in my website but am unable to integrate please send me the plugin

  • Great extension and support


    This extension is very useful, it allows my visitors sign up via their FB accounts. I've even bought another module - Social login for my customers. Both extensions do their job well and are definitely worth of each penny! The installation was without problems. I've had a little troubles to set a language inside the login form. The supporter (Stephen) responded very quicky and within a little time everything was set up and worked just WONDERFULLY!

  • Magestore is number one!


    I've got this extension for free thanks to a group deal of Magestore. How can I say how happy I am to get it. Log-in using Facebook account is a trend now, so having it enhances my website a lot!

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