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Facebook fan box 100% FREE (1.2)

Facebook fan box
  • Facebook fan box (1.2)


Facebook fanbox free extension is a must-have widget showing off your site's social proof to improve customer engagement:

  • Motivate & provide customers with the easiest way to join your Facebook community.
  • Both influence customer with your site reputation by showing off Facebook fans and make it more sociable.
  • Able to customize the fan box site to fit your site's design and for better display.

Bonus point: It's yours at NO COST.

Community Edition 1.4.x.x - 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x

This extension is no longer available.

You cannot purchase this extension any more. Contact in case you have queries relating to this extension.

Why should use Facebook fanbox?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site these days. To sell more products and connect to network citizens, many companies, organizations and stores have created their own Facebook fan page. But how to attract a lot of facebook users to join you? We would like to introduce an easy way to achieve that goal; that is using our free Magento extension Facebook fanbox. The fanbox of your Facebook fanpage will appear right in your website, enabling visitors to click “like” to become a fan and keep up with your store’s updates.

Outstanding Features of Facebook fanbox

  • Customize the size of the fanbox shown in the website
  • Set the number of fans to be displayed in the fanbox


  • Compatible with Community Edition 1.4.x.x - 1.5.x.x - 1.6.x.x - 1.7.x.x.
  • Facebook fanbox is Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Facebook fanbox has a user-friendly interface.
  • It's one of the top useful free Magento extensions

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Release Notes

Version 1.2 (updated on 17 Sep 2012)

  • Able to work with new Facebook API.

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  • Great


    From a marketing point of view, all ecommerce stores should have a strong social media presence and if like us you have a strong active FB feed then this is perfect as this will show that you are active and have a strong community!

  • AAAA+++

    It is so good to know I can count on magestore! It's compatible with magento 1.7 and i have no issue to install it. It's a must have for those who have facebook fanpage and need to show the fanbox without bugs or any problem!

  • Face book Fane box


    This is Nice Extension and user friendly. I like this extension because easily manage. Also i install in my system.

  • Good Sociable extension


    This is very good extension to socialise web site. Easy to install and config extension create shop more sociable. I will use them and it is free.

  • This extension has great features!


    first i was stuck, than find a solution: just some tweak to use is copy files to app\design\frontend\yourpackage\default\template\fbfanbox\. and use in block or page like below {{block type="fbfanbox/fbfanbox" name="fbfanbox" template="fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml"}}

  • Works as intended


    If you read the manual, everything works like a charm. In my case, no changes to templates or other files were required, I just had to paste the block code into a static block.

  • Reply to Limei He


    Hi Limei, Regading to your issue, there are 2 reasons which may cause your situation: 1. Maybe you haven't added code to the CMS page in order to show the facebook fanpage -> you should check the userguide for this issue. 2. you are using custom theme and the template hasn't been uploaded into your theme's file -> you should upload file template of the extension into your theme's file, that will be ok. If you have tried these 2 ways but the problem still can't be resolved, you should submit ticket and give us your website's information, our support will help you check it. Best regards, Magestore

  • Why I can not install your free facebook fanbox to my Magento web?

    Limei He

    Hi,I have followed your guide to install the facebook fanbox,and I have updown all the files to the FTP sever,however,i still can not find fanbox in the Cache management page after I enable them & refresh the Cache. can you help me what is the problem?

  • reply to Chirag Patel


    Dear Chirag, Thanh you for your interest in Facebook Fan Box extension of Magestore. You don't have to worry about if does Facebook Fan Box support Magento 1.8 or not. Because, this extension doesn't have code with related to magento version therefore it can be run in all recently magento version. hope this information can help you easefully using Facebook Fan Box. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Site Designer/Admin

    Chirag Patel

    I know it doesnt say that it is supposed in Magento 1.8, but any plans to make it work? I tried it just for the heck of it, and it doesnt work. Filled out all the required information, and added the block code to a CMS page with no luck. Guess I will have to wait till an update is made. If you have any recommendations on how to get to work on Magento Community 1.8, please email me at "". Thanks! Chirag

  • Reply to Domenico


    Hi Domenico, Thank you for contacting us. As you know, Facebook Fanbox is a free extension. It can work well without license key. You don't need to enter the license key to activate the extension. Please don't worry. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Licence Key


    I have buy from megastore but where license key? where?!

  • It Works in


    Very good! Easy to customize and really open source! Also the support its excellent, you can download the user guide from the developer website if you have any doubt on how to installed. And with some twisting you can place it any where you want, not just cms pages. Thank you!

  • Reply to rodrigo


    Dear Rodrigo, Thank you for contacting us. You could find the installation guide here: Also, please add the code mentioned to your CMS page to display the facebook fan box on Home page. If you want it to be shown on the side bar, you could put the code in the file layout <reference name="left"><block type="fbfanbox/fbfanbox" name="fbfanbox" template="fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml"/></reference> If you need further assistance, could you submit a ticket here or send an email to Our developer will reply to you shortly to help. Best regards, Magestore

  • how do install ?


    how do install ? what file do I put? this code? side bar {{block type="fbfanbox/fbfanbox" name="fbfanbox" template="fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml"}}

  • Share your products!

    Yes. Its really handly on any magento store! It would be better with twitter share but it's free and easy to install. Thanks

  • Reply to Schuller


    Hi Schuller, thank you for contacting us. Facebook Fan Box is one of our free extension so you don't need a license key to use it. In order to show Fan box on the frontend, please put following piece of code into somewhere in a CMS page: {{block type="fbfanbox/fbfanbox" name="fbfanbox" template="fbfanbox/fbfanbox.phtml"}} Best regards, Magestore

  • license key?


    Hi there How do I get license key?

  • Dont appear on my shop


    Hello How do i do for show facebook box on my shop?

  • Reply to


    Hi, magento facebook fan box is one of our free extensions. You don't need license key to install it. Thank you for choosing our extension. Best regards, Magestore

  • License Key for Magestore_Fbfanbox

    How do I get license key?

  • Nice way to show facebook presence


    Perfect way to show your facebook presence on your store.

  • Reply to Alexandre


    Hi Alexandre, Thanks for contacting us. Could you please go to our support system ( and submit a ticket about your problem? Or you can send your problem to We will review and help you solve the problem in the shortest time. Thanks in advance! Best Regards, Magestore

  • Error on Installation


    After installing this module on my Magento 1.7, I got this error bellow, anyone could help me to solve it? Fatal error: Class 'Magestore_Fbfanbox_Helper_Data' not found in /home/vidacase/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 546 Tks

  • Reply to Mar


    Hi Mar, We are so sorry for the trouble you had. Could you please go to our Support System ( and submit a new ticket about this problem? We will review and help you fix this issue. Best Regards, Magestore

  • instruction


    I have installed it on my magneto 1.7 but it doesn't show in the frontend :( I try tu put it like a test on my homepage- not working. And no way to put it in the callouts Sad- good extension but not easy to set up

  • Reply to Chromos


    Hi Chromos, We are so sorry for the trouble you had with our product. Could you please go to our Support System ( and submit a new ticket about this problem? We will review and help you fix this issue. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Fatal error


    After installing this on 1.6.2 the module is not visible on frontend and my entire backend is not functional nomore. All I receive is Fatal error: Class 'Magestore_Fbfanbox_Helper_Data' not found in /home/emsolrd60/domains/mydomain/public_html/app/Mage.php on line 516

  • Works Perfect!


    Great module. Super easy to configure and works really great on Magento v.1.6.2. There is no doubt that 'Magento Facebook Fan Box Extension' is the truly must have extension for Magento. A very satisfied customer here – 5 thumbs up!

  • Need more information to solve


    Dear sumanta and sarita, We are sorry for your issue. We need more information to replicate your problem as well as solve it. Please go to our support system and create a ticket about your error. There will be a supporter following your issue from the beginning until it is solved. Best regards, Magestore

  • No download link for Magento 1.5


    I only got download links for Magento 1.3 and Magento 1.4 version. In the description it says compatible with Magento 1.5.

  • Not showing in the front end


    I am using magneto version 1.5, It given this extension compatible with magneto 1.5 but its not working for me. I got two link one for version 1.3 and anotherfor version 1.4. I installed the 1.4 version but its not working not showing in the front end. Please Help , Thanks.

  • Not showing in the front end


    Hi I am using magneto version,I installed the extension but not seen in the front end. It given it compatible with magneto version 1.5, But I got only two link one for magneto version 1.3 and another for magneto version 1.4, So I installed the magneto version 1.4 but its not working , can you please provide for the magneto version 1.5 Please Help Thanks !!!

  • Very nice module and support


    I installed the module and 10 minutes later it was up and running on my website. Didn't meet any bugs or mismatches in functionality. Documentation of the module can improve, but the support is excellent!

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