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Store Pickup Magento 1 Flexible delivery option for customers (4.6.0)

Store Pickup Magento 1
  • Store Pickup Magento 1 (4.6.0)

Magento Store Pickup extension acts as a Magento shipping module that lets customers choose a specific store from your chain of stores to pick up products during checkout:

  • Create many stores, set addresses and opening time for each
  • Customers can select nearest stores at appropriate time
  • Connect to Google map to locate store’s address

magento store locator updateHot Offer:When purchasing Store Pickup, Store Locator users only need to pay the difference between the price of Store Pickup extension & that of Store Locator.

Store Pickup in Magento 2 is also available

Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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magento store locator updateHot Offer: Store Locator users only need to pay the price difference when purchasing Store Pickup.

Because Store Pickup and Store Locator extension share some common functionalities, Magestore offers favorable price for Store Locator user. You only need to pay the difference between the price of Store Pickup extension & that of the corresponding version of Store Locator when purchasing Store Pickup. For example, you have purchased Magento Store Locator CE ($99), you need to pay only $50 to get Magento Store Pickup CE ($149).


According to ComScore, 61% of shoppers would rather use free in-store pickup than pay for shipping. Thus, 72% of retailers start allowing Customers to purchase online before coming to a store and receive purchased products. If there is a chain of stores available, undoubtedly Customers will choose the nearest one as well as an appropriate time to arrive. How can the store-owner make that happen? The answer is Magento Store Pickup extension – the most professional Magento shipping extension, which allows setting up multiple Magento stores, showing addresses and opening time of each store for the Customers’ convenience.

Magento store pickup extension benefits - magento shipping extension



Magento store pickup extension - best magento shipping extension - how it works



1. Select Store and Time to pick up items at Checkout

In the Shipping Method section at checkout, Customers can conveniently and visually select a preferred store to get products right on Google map. Stores’ location and the real distance from Customers’ billing address to each store will help them in making decision.

When selecting a suitable pick-up date and time, store’s days off are disabled on calendar. Also, a message will be shown, notifying Customers to change another date if one of the store’s holidays is chosen.

Magento store pickup extension Select Store and Time to pick up items at Checkout - magento shipping extension

2. View/ Search Stores on the Store Listing Page

The stores listing page displays all store locations on Google map. Customers can easily narrow down possible choices within a specific area by using the search function.

Magento store pickup extension View / Search Stores - magento shipping extension

3. View details of a selected store

This Magento shipping extension allows customers to see store 's location along with other details when selecting a certain store. Besides store name, address and opening time, Customers can see store images and contact with the store manager if they have any question.

Magento store pickup extension (magento shipping extension) - View details of a selected store

4. Payment Method Association

The in-store pickup shipping method can be integrated with one or more payment methods. When a store is set with specific applicable payment methods, only these payment methods are available to Customers at checkout.

Magento store pickup extension Payment Method Association- magento shipping extension

5. Email Notification

This magento shipping extension will create email sent to store owners as notifications that customers want to pick up products from their stores. The emails let the store owners know the information of the orders, the products and the time of pick-up.

Magento store pickup extension Email Notification - magento shipping extension





For Customers

At checkout

    • Allow choosing free in-store pickup option as a shipping method (from multiple stores)
    • Show locations of all stores on Google map in the Shipping Method section
    • Allow selecting a preferred store on Google map or in the selector
    • Sort stores in the selector by distance
    • Auto-use selected store address as the shipping address on orders, invoice, email, etc.
    • Allow choosing a convenient pickup date and time
    • Disable store’s days off on calendar when selecting pickup date 
    • Notify Customers if one of store’s holidays is chosen as their shipping date
    • Show stores with different pin colors on Google Map
On Store Listing page
    • List all stores with detailed information, including store name, address, opening time, description
    • Allow searching for specific stores by name, city, state, country on Google map
    • Show stores’ location on Google map along with their details
    • Show images of a selected store
    • Allow emailing store managers via the contact form
After checkout
  • Enable Customers to view/ print order with the pick-up store location on the map
  • Enable Customers to receive their order email with information about the pickup store
  • Responsive Magento Store Pickup extension (Hot)
  • Work as a Magento standard shipping method extension
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Compatible with Magestore's One Step Checkout extension, Idev's One Step Checkout and Gomage's Light Checkout
  • Work with the new version of Google Map API
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
For Admin

Quick and professional multi-store setup

    • Add new stores manually or import from CSV files
    • Set address, location, opening time, description for each store
    • Get store coordinates based on Google API
    • Add contact information of store owners
    • Add images of each store showroom
    • Add shipping fee for each store (New)
    • Add lunch break time for each store (New)
    • Allow adding store tags (New)
    • Allow resetting store position by clicking a point on Google map
    • Allow uploading preferred image for store pin icon shown on Google Map (New)
    • Manage Customer messages, related orders of each store
    • Allow using Store Pickup shipping method when creating orders in back-end
    • Customize store’s pin color on Google Map 
Convenient opening time management
    • Quickly setting up working date and time for multiple stores when importing stores from CSV files 
    • Set interval of pick-up time for stores
    • Allow applying Monday time schedule to other days when creating/ editing stores 
    • Allow setting holidays for a period of time
    • Allow setting holidays for multiple stores at once
    • Allow setting special days with special working time for selected stores
Timely email notification
    • Send notification emails to the owners of selected pick-up stores with information of Customers’ orders, products and times of pick-up
    • Allow sending email to store owner when order status is changed
    • Able to modify the default email template to store owners/ web-shop admin in Transactional Emails if needed
Easy configuration for a chain of stores
  • Set different positions of the link to store-list page: top link or footer link
  • Enable/ Disable searching store by Country, State, City, and Store Name
  • Enable/ Disable displaying pickup time/ date in front-end
  • Allow integrating the store pickup shipping method with one or more multiple fixed payment methods
  • Implement Google map API to calculate real distance between Store and customer address
  • Allow calculating distance by miles or kilometers 
  • Able to configure the number of stores shown in dropdown list at checkout with real distance
  • Able to choose default store when customer select “store pickup” as shipping method at checkout

Customization - Have it on your own way

Being provided with opensource, you can easily modify extension. If you want to be faster & better, Magestore can give you a hand. We provide Customization Services for Store Pickup Extension at reasonable fee.

Wonder repetitious customize request for Store Pickup?

  • Synchronize with Inventory Management Module
  • Suggest customers the nearest stores
  • Add fee or differentiate store pickup options
  • Add rating system to Magento Store Pickup

Read here for full request

Be unique & better than your rival >> Submit Your request here

Release Notes

Version 4.3 (Updated on Aug 2016)

  • Fix bugs from previous version

Version 4.1 (Updated on 8 July 2015)

  • Updated responsive interface (Hot)
  • Allow adding shipping fee for each store
  • Allow adding lunch break time for each store
  • Allow adding store tags
  • Allow uploading preferred image for store pin icon shown on Google Map
  • Remove bugs of the previous version

Version 4.0 (upgraded on Apr 29th 2014)

  • Allow setting special days with special working time for selected stores
  • Allow setting holidays as a period of time
  • Allow setting holidays for multiple stores at once
  • Allow adding Date and Time to CSV files when importing stores
  • Allow applying Monday time schedule to other days when creating/ editing stores
  • Allow calculating distance by miles or kilometers
  • Customize store’s pin color on Google Map
  • Rewrite stores’ URLs instead of using store ID to make them more friendly
  • Optimize configurations in backend
  • Redesign the View Store section at checkout and the Store Listing page
  • Sort stores in selector by distance at checkout
  • Allow Customers to choose pickup time only after choosing a store and a pickup date
  • Disable store’s days off on calendar
  • Show pickup date and time in Shipping Method review (right column on checkout page)
  • Update to be compatible with One Step Checkout extensions: One Step Checkout from Magestore, One Step Checkout from Idev and Light Checkout from Gomage
  • Fix error not showing Google map on Store Information pages in backend
  • Fix error occurring when calculating distance
  • Fix issue with date format
  • Fix error occurring when showing Store Pickup’s map on invoices and printed orders

Version 3.9 (upgraded on Jul 16th 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when running on IE.
  • Fix error occurring when configuring to limit the number of stores shown on the Checkout page

Version 3.8 (upgraded on May 21th 2013)

  • Work with the new version of Google Maps API.

Version 3.7 (upgraded on April 18th 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when print invoice to PDF file.

Version 3.6 (upgraded on Feb 18th 2013)

  • Fix error of always showing max zoom level when customers view each store map.
  • Fix error occurring when translating labels by CSV files.
  • Fix error of email sending when creating orders in Backend.

Version 3.5 (upgraded on Dec 17th 2012)

  • Add multi-store features.

Version 3.4 (upgraded on Oct 12th 2012)

  • Improve speed of loading and calculating store distance.
  • Add feature of paging for all store views page.
  • Totally compatible with Magestore One Step Checkout extension.
  • Fix error of not showing store image in Shipping/Invoice page (in back-end).

Version 3.3 (upgraded on Oct 1st 2012)

  • Fix error of translation in backend.
  • Add function of sending email to store owner when order status is changed.
  • Allow admin to choose default store when customer checks out by store pickup

Version 3.2 (upgraded on Aug 23th 2012)

  • Allow administrator to add image(s) to all store showrooms.
  • Enable customers to contact both store owner and admin via email.

Version 3.1 (upgraded on Jul 2nd 2012)

  • Fix error that occurs while checking-out using Paypal Express.
  • Compatible with Magento Enterprise 1.12.

Version 3.0 (upgraded on Apr 16th 2012)

  • Allow creating order that uses store pickup method in back-end.

Version 2.3 (upgraded on Mar 24th 2012)

  • Work with new version of Google Map (API v3).

Version 2.2 (upgraded on Nov 21th 2011)

  • Compatible with One Step Checkout extension.
  • Fix error that occurs while saving billing address.

Version 2.1 (upgraded on Oct 27th 2011)

  • Optimize the speed of loading stores in checkout page.
  • Fix bugs of javascript when store address has special characters.
  • Fix error: cannot save information if using Paypal express payment.

Version 2.0 (upgraded on Apr 7th 2011)

  • Show Google map on the store list page. Customers can view all searched stores on the map.
  • Show Google map on the checkout page. Customers can select shipped store by clicking store on the map.
  • Fixed issue: customer can checkout without selecting store (when using store map and date&time shipping are disabled).

Version 1.4 (upgraded Feb 25th 2011)

  • Fixed issue: Element "free-location-box" is null.
  • Fixed issue: can't find element date&time when selecting No for Display pickup time/date (configuration).
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    Domonkos CEO
  2. The extension really helps us define Taylor Stone and our offerings
    Garth Brodie CEO
  3. The extension even allows telling the customer how far their addresses are from the store and printing out a map on the invoice!
    Mark Cloud MANAGER


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Domonkos was searching on the Internet for a certain Magento extension, with which he can set up a store pickup shipping method and he came to Magestore. There, Store Pickup caught his eyes. “It looks like very professional at first sight. And more professional at second. Customers like to come to our store, look around, try our products, and now... read more

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Magestore’s Support is the Whole Difference
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Magestore’s Support is the Whole Difference

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  • Merchant - Magento

    Juan L.

    This is one of my favorites extensions for Magento. This magento shipping extension works very well and the support team was very helpful and resolve an issue in our store. Thank you very much guys! 5 stars.

  • Great product made even better by phenomenal support


    Had some issues with onepage checkout because of my custom theme. Support cleaned it up and sorted it over a weekend! However, the best magento shipping extension ever.

  • Great Extension & Best Support. Highly recommended.


    Buy extensions from other company, but this company is best. Great Extension & Best Support. Highly recommended, especially this Magento shipping extension.

  • Quick Support


    Amazing and quick support! Always answered all requests in hours and even solved within hours. And nice magento shipping extension, too.

  • Great module and even better support!


    A great Magento shipping extension. Solved our needs. However their support was amazing and very quick to reply and solve any issue.

  • A Must Have


    This is probably my favorite Magestore extension. Our company manufactures heavy steel products and shipping was always too complicated or expensive causing our customers to abandon checkout. Not only was this extension easy to install but our customers and managers have very positive feedback. Coordinating store pickup is easy. Two thumbs up!

  • Excellent!


    Storepickup is a great extension, but the support was outstanding. Thanks!

  • Works fine


    Extension works perfect after some fixes by kind and fast support.

  • Great extension with excellent support


    This is a really good extension, it exactly does what i need to do. I search for hours to find the best extension and bought this one. No regret! I had some problems with my template. I send an email to their support and directly got an answer. They fixed my template so that it works. Great! I really recommend this product.

  • Product Donations


    Our company needed the ability donate their shopping cart (aka products) to charities. While there are many extensions that allow donating a money at checkout, none that we found offered the ability to simply and easily offer product donations. Although Store Pickup worked great out of the box for "in-store" pickup, We did have to reach out to the MageSupport to change the functionality slightly. Having the ability to modify the "Store Pickup" heading under billing information and not just ship method would go a long way to allowing this plugin the be used in other ways. Magestore support was very helpful, although giving out admin credentials and not being told exactly what was modified is concerning. Overall, I would still highly recommend this extension to either those that need "store-pickup" functionality, or like in our case - need to utilize it in a way not necessarily intended as it offers functionality not found elsewhere.

  • Excellent in all aspects


    Great support and great extension! They helped me to integrate the map with my template without problems.

  • Excellent extension.


    Really an excellent extension with out of box features. Support from tech team is really appreciable

  • Awesome Support!!!


    Works as described!!We Requested some customization in module & Jack was very supportive during the whole process.Support team handled our request in very professional way & accomplished successfully. We Recommend this extension!!!!

  • Great extension and great support


    I recommend this extension which works perfectly. The support is very qualified and solved my problem very quickly.

  • Great Extension and brilliant Support


    We installed this and eveything works very good. After contacting Magestore Support we ask for some changes for our stores. The changes were made by Magestore and work as we asked! Great extension for a great price. Support is also very great and more important.

  • Best extension for multi store locations


    I would like to compliment for this extension as to provide more convenience to the customer this is the best solution by magestore.

  • Reply to Don V.


    Dear Don V., Thank you for your opinion. With regards to the Store pickup extension, Magestore creates this one base on the convenience of the customer of the magento store, it helps the customer choose the nearest and most convenient for going to the store to buy the items. On the other hand, the Magento one step Checkout is an extension for door to door severvice which helps the customers don't have to go to the store but also be able to buy the goods.The two extension is different in the way they serving the various group of customers,therefore Magestore doesn't add up them in one extention. However, if you want to get the One step checkout with Multiple Addresses functionality working with Store pickup, you can submit the ticket and request the customize service of Magestore, our developer will consider and customise the extension as what you want. By Magestore

  • When will your extension work with Magento Checkout with Multiple Addresses?

    Don V.

    Can no one on your support staff get this extension to fully work with Magento Checkout with Multiple Addresses? I'm surprised that no one else wants or needs this functionality to work. As it is now, this extension only works half way. Please update me on getting the Checkout with Multiple Addresses functionality working with your extension.

  • Great Support, Usefull extention


    I recommend this extention if you need store pickup option on shipping method. The first time, i tried to find the solution and develop it by myself but I have no clue and wasting time. I advice if you need this feature you can choose store pickup extention from magestore instead of another extentions. I have a little bit about issue, but Mage Support help me well. Responsible. Beside that, the logical flow is make sense.

  • Brilliant Support


    We had issue with the Store Pickup working together with the Aheadworks Onestepcheckout and after contacting Magestore support, they wen out of their way to supply a patch which solved our major problems. I've not seen support this friendly, responsive and more so willing to take on tasks which not many extension suppliers would, since making extensions compatible with other 3rd party extensions isn't strictly their problem. Thank you Magestore!

  • Great extension!


    Really good extension and great support, thank you.

  • Great extension!


    We really needed a store pickup option that would automatically add sales tax when selected. This did the trick!

  • Great store pick up extension


    Store pickup extension is great extension and they have wonderful support, very co-operative and responsible. I will love to deal with them in future and also recommend there support and product.

  • Great extension, Great support


    Had some issues with the store pickup extension together with OneStepCheckout for Magento. After contacting Magestore all the issues where fixed within a few days. Thanks!

  • Fantastic Product, Exceptional Support!

    Mark Croud

    If all companies worked, like Magestore the world would be a better place, not only are the products great the support you get is amazing! I have used Magestore for sometime when you buy a product you need to know you have the support, well look no further these guys are great. If you buy any extensions from Magestore you can be reassured any problems or questions will be resolved in a professional manner and in speedy time, I cannot recommend these guys enough, just a great company.

  • S


    Can each of the stores created have its own restricted access to the admin panel? Sort of a profile for each individual store. Does a specific store owner have access to just his order or overall online store orders?

  • Good support and extension


    The extension works great and when we had some issues the support was good.

  • Reply to Don V


    Hi Don, Thank you for your review. We are so sorry but currently our extension has not supported Checkout with Multiple Addresses function. We will consider to update it in the next version of this extension.

  • There is a BUG when using this extension with Magento's Checkout with Multiple Addresses

    Don V.

    I have been testing out your "Store Pickup" extension, and it appears to have a bug. It works perfectly well when you use onepage checkout, and it CORRECTLY changes the shipping address to the Store Pickup address selected. THE PROBLEM: This does NOT happen for Magento--"Checkout with Multiple Addresses", as the shipping address(es) DO NOT CHANGE to the Store Pickup address--which we need at our location to properly charge NJ State Sales tax. Please solve this issue with your extension, as it is useless to us without providing proper Magento "Checkout with Multiple Addresses" functionality.

  • Perfect option for multiple stores


    Where you have multiple stores and in order to provide customers a choice to select the store from where they feel convenient to pick the products; then this is the extension you should go for.

  • Great extension, simply outstanding!

    Mark Croud

    I purchased Store pickup over a year ago now, and this really is a wonderful extension we are selling our products in a way we never thought we could. The support that Magestore give is just out of this world I cannot recommend them enough, over a year on, should I have any problems they just resolve them without question! The support they give itself is worth every penny, let alone the great extensions, simply outstanding!

  • Amazing support & customization

    Gábor Váry

    A few weeks ago I purchased Store pickup with installation & customization. And honestly the job that Michael (one of the developers) has done for me was simply excellent. Now everything is exactly as I wanted. It couldn't be easy to work with me and my strict expectations, but these guys (specially Michael) did a grat job. (And by the way I think I would have payed a much higher price for this job with anyone else.)

  • Very good support service!


    Good Plugin. Very good support service!

  • COO

    Nate Byerley

    Can I supress the schedule a time to pickup function? I'd prefer to have the store call customer to schedule a pickup. Thank you.

  • Reply to Nate Byerley


    Hello Nate, It is OK. You can disable the schedule a time to pickup function by logging in to the backend, go to System->Configuration->Shipping Methods->Store Pickup then change Display pickup time/date to No. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Great team and good plugin.


    This plugin does what it says and the support team were fantastic, even helping fix problems that we created skinning their plugin, which worked before we messed with it. Great team and good plugin.

  • Compatibility with


    Hi Frédéric, Thank you for your interest in our product. Our Store Pickup extension can work well with our One Step Checkout extension. Normally, there is no conflict when our module and work together. However, in case there's any problem, our developers will help customers fix it right away. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Compatibility with

    Frédéric Guariento

    Hi, Is your plugin compatible with ? Thanks

  • This extension is very useful


    We don't have a chain of stores, but still this extension is very useful for our store pickup orders. It saves us the work of contacting the customer to arrange an appointment. I can't find that feature in other extensions. However, we ran into some compatibility issues with OneStepCheckout, and another shipping extension. Magestore Support really did everything to solve these issues. I am amazed, even though it has taken some time.

  • Reply to Chris


    Hi Chris, It is OK but it will need to edit a lot of files. However, we provide customization service so if you need it shortly, you can contact with our customization team through this link We can help you build features appropriate to your site. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Assign only a selection of products/product category


    Is it possible to assign the module to only a selection of products or product category? Modification asks her a big development please? best regards

  • Good and reactive support


    Good and reactive support. Thank you Magestore for your plugin and support.

  • Best support

    Mark Cloud

    The Magestore support is honestly the best support I have ever had, Awesome! If you have a problem they are with you, so do not be afraid to purchase there products, they are with you every step of the way!

  • Solved!

    Miguel A.

    As usual, the problem was solved inmediatly by magestore support. Thanks Adam ;) Miguel

  • The extension is working very well!


    We use the StorePickup extension (v3.1) on a client site. The client runs the admin under SSL so the extension had some issues with this setting which created mostly javascript errors and insecure content warnings on the front-end. Also the store locator search was not working correctly. However Magestore support resolved issues promptly and in a friendly manner and now the extension is working very well. We have also requested a feature enhancement which is under review by Magestore and may be released in the next version.

  • Reply to Miguel A.


    Hi Miguel, We are so sorry for the trouble you have. Could you please submit a ticket to our Support System and let us know your issue in detail? We will review and help you fix quickly. Best regards, Magestore

  • Explorer 8.0 problem

    Miguel A.

    I have the same problem that jsbonin, the store locator map doesn't work in IE 8.0. How can I get it working? Miguel

  • Perfect!


    The extension is perfect and installation is bug free. We have used it in onestepcheckout by making some minor changes and got excellent support from Magestore during modification. I can't thank Magestore enough for their quick and prompt reply.

  • Reply to Jsbonin: Translate shipping method name


    Hi Jsbonin, Thanks for contacting us. To change the shipping method name "StorePickup" you can go to you back-end >> select menu "System/Configuration" >> choose tab "Shipping Methods" on the left bar >> select method "Store Pickup" >> change the text in the field "Title" as you want. Please feel free to let me know if you need our assistance. We will respond you immediately. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Translate shipping method name


    Hi, how can you translate the shipping method name "StorePickup", I could translate most labels but couldn't find that one. Thanks

  • Internet Explorer Support


    Is there a way to make the store locator map work in Internet Explorer (IE8) ? Thanks

  • Internet Explorer Support


    Actually we solved the problem there was missing a "var" declaration before "map" at line 319 of app/design/frontend/default/default/template/storepickup/liststorepickup.phtml

  • Reply to Alex


    Hi Alex, Thank you for your contacting us but Our Store Pickup extension doesn't sort stores by Alphabetical. Stores are sorted by min distance from customer address to stores. You can refer this url for more details: If you have any further questions, please let me know. We will be here to assist you. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Very happy with the funtionality


    Very happy with the funtionality and ease of use of this extension. We found it easy to make some minor changes, and when we had a feature request we got very fast support from magestore, and a patch supplied within a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

  • country order wrong


    Note, when selecting the country for pickup, the order is not always alphabetical making it difficult at times to select the country - eg United Kingdom is in the "G" section.. not good Please can someone review the list is in alphabetical order and update the module - refer to eBay or Amazon for how it should be done if you need a guide?

  • Excellent extension


    What an excellent extension StorePickup by Magestore is. Quality counts when you are trying to keep customer confidence and this extension certainly delivers with a professional feel that is easy for the customer to use. Magestore support is also first class. If you have multiple stores this is the extension to get! I would recommend Magestore and will definitely be back to buy another extension soon.

  • Reply to Lee


    Dear Lee, The feature that you mentioned hasn't supported by our Store pickup extension yet. We are sorry for this inconvenience. However, it would be great if you please submit a ticket to us ( and provide more details of your requirements. We would review and try to customize for you if possible. Kind regards, Magestore

  • Question about Store pickup extension


    We have four stores in NYC. We have inventory levels for all of our products in all of our stores available in real-time via SQL query. When a customer selects "in-store pickup" as their shipping method, is it possible to only show stores that have the item(s) in stock at the time of the order?

  • Very professional!

    Simon Spinks

    If any potential customer is dubious about buying this extension because of a doubt with the support you receive from Magestore then please feel reassured by reading this post. We implemented Store pick-up along with some other check-out modules and although we experienced some expected installation issues because of the other extensions, as soon as I raised this with Magestore, they dealt with the problem within 24 hours. Very professional! Thank you

  • Facing issue

    jagdeep Banga

    Hi when i installed a StockPickup extention then i got a error on shipping method page in admin. which is like :Fatal error: Call to a member function getTitle() on a non-object in /var/www/html/app/code/local/Magestore/Storepickup/Model/Source/Payment.php on line 1 please let me know its solution. Thanks in advance

  • Reply to Richard - Great Extension!


    Hi Richard, Thanks for your interest in our Store pickup extension. Unfortunately, it is impossible to show only "Store Name" instead of "Store{store name}". it's required to get the store information to show as shipping address. You just can change "Store {store name}" into "Orther text{store name}". Best Regards, Magestore

  • Reply to Richard


    Could you please let us know your request in detail? Or if it is convenient, please submit a ticket to our Support system ( so that we can fully understand and assist you! Thanks again. Magestore

  • Web Dev


    Also, is there a way to get a store object from an order ID?

  • Great Extension!


    Great Extension! I have two needs. On the Printable/PDF Order invoice and the confirmation email after purchase in Magento, the store names are printed 'Store {Store Name}'. How can I change this so that it is just "Store Name"?

  • Reply to Sergey - Is there non free store pickup


    Hi Sergey, Our current version of Store pickup extension hasn't supported the function as you wish. However, if you need we can customize to add this function to the module. Thus, please email us at if our assistance is necessary for you. Regards, Magestore

  • Is there non free store pickup?


    Hello! Thanks for nice product. Is there option to set store pickup non free?

  • Reply to Pritesh - Not show in check out step


    Hi Pritesh, Maybe you have used the customized theme instead of the default theme so it can't show the google map on your checkout step. Please be sure that you have uploaded the layout and template of store pickup extension into the correct theme folder. If the issue has not been solved, please go to our support system ( and submit a ticket about this issue. We will review and help you fix it. Warm regards, Magestore

  • Not show in check out step


    hello trial version was set up in my test server and add two test store but not show on my check out step??????????????

  • Reply to Rune- Store pickup date format


    Hi Rune, I created a ticket for you in our support system One of our technical supporters will email you and assist you with your stated issue. Warm regards, Magestore

  • Store owner

    Rune Harding

    We have a lot of problems according to the date format. It Claims to Support multiple languages, but the date format is static mm:dd:yyyy. That is not a format we use in DK and our customers can’t figure it out.

  • Work with Magento 1.6.1


    Hi Pritesh, This extension is compatible with Magento 1.6.x.x. That means it works smoothly with Magento 1.6.1

  • version issue


    hi this extension use in 1.6.1?

  • 5 stars


    Your extension has more features than those similar outsides and less bugs. As a developer, I tried some and you are the best of the bunch. You have nice technical supporters too, really want to make friends with them ;)

  • Testing

    LuboMir todorov

    It's perfect extension for b2b business . I test StorePickUP works perfect

  • Great Extension


    I must say my experience with Magestore has been fantastic! This extension works brilliantly, very versatile, very simple to use. A big thumbs up all round to Magestore.

  • awesome product


    Purchased this product for one of our sites and it is great!! Installation was straight forward with no problems whatsoever. Thank you!

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