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Top Magento Extensions favoured by 70.000+ customers worldwide are now combined in an all-in-one package called Omnichannel solution. This is a bundle of powerful yet flexible modules and plugins that are tailor made for online-to-offline retailers.

Combining most wanted features like Inventory Management and POS, our package of Magento extensions ensure smooth synchronization between your website and physical store. Converting sales and managing your supply chain now become easier than ever.

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Below are the detailed features that are built by top-notch developers and proved by 70,000+ customers worldwide:

Must-have Magento extensions are combined in an all-in-one package called Omnichannel solution. This solution is tailor made for online-to-offline retailer’s needs and maximizes your business potential. It’s also flexible in different one-time payment Pricing Plans to save you unnecessary expenses.

So far we have provided the best products for over 70,000 customers and 200 partners around the world. Thanks to the perfect integration within one centralized system, their businesses operate effectively without any interruption, from online to offline, and from e-commerce to physical point-of-sales.

This is one complete solution that defeats separate modules and plugins in smooth operation. Developed by top developers, these essential Magento extensions ensures higher sales, easier management, quicker order process and more loyal customers.

It’s time to transform your whole business from point-of-sales to warehouse and satisfy your dearest customers while make management as easy as a piece of cake. Our top Magento modules and plugins will turn that desire into real!

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