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Get your smooth & effortless migration with Magestore professional service! Data is transferred under the strict rules of accuracy & safety. We guard your store from any risk of data loss rising on migrating procedure.

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As your business scales up, you may encounter different types of migration including storage migration, database migration and application migration. The bigger your business grows, the larger amount of data is stored in data storage structure, which makes data migrating become high-risky. An amateur transferring procedure can pose threats of semantics errors, extended downtime and especially data loss to your business. In other words, to get all data accurately transferred requires proper level of tech expertise.

Therefore, if you are planning to transfer data, you should consider Magestore professional data migration service. Our experienced experts will analyze your data structure to work out the best solution for your requirements. Then, Magestore Magento data migration tool will perform the migration precisely and error-free. On the whole procedure, your data safety always comes first with Magestore Data Migration service.

Price: $30/hour for Magento 1
$40/hour for Magento 2

What is included in Magestore Data Migration service?
  • Migrate database for Magento website (when you transform your website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or upgrade it to higher Magento version).
  • Migrate database for Magento extensions (when you replace the current extension with the new one, or upgrade it to higher version).
  • Customers flexibly choose the data entities that they want to migrate.
  • Test functionality before final transferring to customers.
  • No third-party involved, ensure the data security.
  • Customers can continue their business even when the target site is being updated.

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 The Magento data migration process includes these following step:
  • 1 Fill in Form & Submit to get a quote.
  • 2 Within 24 hours, we contact you for more details of the migration request.
  • 3 Discuss to finalize the price and estimate working time.
  • 4 After payment completed, we will request for FTP account & Admin access of the source and target site to transfer data.
  • 5 We test the database after transferring data.
  • 6 Data migration is completed. Customer checks the result and confirms the completion of Magento Data Migration Service.


Please pay attention to this note when you consider using Magestore Magento Data Migration service:

  • This service is applied for Magento platform exclusively.
  • The reward points you earned from previous purchases do not apply to this service.
  • Refer to Refund Policy applied to Magento Services for more detail

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