Magento Basic Setting - Magento Shipping Methods: How to enable and edit shipping modules?

Magento Shipping Methods: How to enable and edit shipping modules?

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To set up the shipping methods, go to System --> Configuration --> Sales -->Shipping Methods. There are many modules like Flat Rate, Table rates, USPS, USP, DHL ... Depend on your business, you can enable one or all of them. Magento Shipping Methods Interface

Go to System --> Configuration --> Sales --> Shipping Setting.

Magento Shipping Methods Setting

Expand the Origin, you need to choose the country, which is often the location of the warehouse. Expand the Options, if you allow the shipping to multiple addresses, choose Yes. For example, customer want to buy books or mobile phones or sound device from your store and want to deliver it to many place at one order. And you can limit the number of delivery address by typing in the second line. For example, to enable the USPS shipping module, you can go to System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods and navigate to the USPS section:

Magento Shipping Methods USPS Section  

To enable this shipping method, fill in the Gateway URL and the UserID. In the next options, you need to describe the size, weight,... that you want to deliver. Then you can define the handling fee. It can be fixed or calculated on the percent basis. After this you can pick the allowed delivery methods. Also, you can configure a free shipping method and define whether there is a minimum purchase sum for it. At the end you can define the countries for which the shipping is supported and the default error message in case the service is refused. In the Sort order field you should enter the position of this shipping method compared to the other shipping methods offered to the customers.

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