Magento Basic Setting - Magento CMS: Explore The Content Management System in Magento (Part 1)

Magento CMS: Explore The Content Management System in Magento (Part 1)

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CMS (Content Management System) in Magento is a place where you can add new Pages, Static Blocks, Widgets or Polls. You can manage your website's content through Magento CMS. The CMS is located like in the picture below.Content Management System Magento - Interface

In this guideline, Magestore will guide you step by step from how to manage Page to Static Blocks, Widget and Polls. The first section is Page. Click on CMS --> Page. This is the interface:Content Management System Magento - Page

Let's look details in the column:

Content Management System Magento - Detail columns

You will see these information such as: URL, Layout, Store View, Status, Date Created or Modified... To edit these information, just click into the it's title. Pay your attention to the left column, there are Page information, Content, Design and Meta Data. Let's go with each one. The "Page Information" allow you edit URL. After editing, your URL will become " Key". For example: Remember to choose the page's status to enable to active it

.Content Management System Magento - Edit Page Information

Next, we choose "Content" to edit the page's content. It's simple, right? Remember to put your article's name into "Content Heading" section.Content Management System Magento - Edit Content

Next, the "Design" section allow you to choose your page's style. You can drop the layout menu down to choose the default template; or choose your own style by entering the code in the Custom Design.

Content Management System Magento - Edit Page Design

The last thing you need to edit is Meta Data. It includes Meta Keywords and Meta Description. Why you need to fill in these information? The answer is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The Google bot will crawl these information and know what is your website about.

Content Management System Magento - Edit Meta Data

Finally, this is our "About us" page. You can have a look at: It would be fun!

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