Magento Basic Setting - How to make a 301 redirects?

How to make a 301 redirects?

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You'll probably need to do some 301 redirects at one point or another. Perhaps you renamed a page that's already linked to, or changed some aspect of a product and want to lead people to the latest version. Here's where you can use a 301 redirect to state that the resource has moved permanently. This passes on nearly all of the 'link juice' and makes it easier for your customers.

Thankfully in Magento these can be written without digging into .htaccess files (it's so rare that I have to do this that I need to re-learn every time!). Go to Catalog > URL Rewrite Management. Click 'Add URL Rewrite' then select 'custom'.

In the image below: 

  • ID Path – for your reference
  • Request path – the old URL, that the visitor or search engine already knows
  • Target path – the updated URL for the resource
  • Redirect – select the type. Usually you'll want 301
  • Description – notes for your reference

301 redirects setting magento

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