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Retalo - B2B Mobile Commerce Solution for Wholesale Distribution

From April 2018, Magestore starts to launch a new project tailor-made for B2B. We call it Retalo. To see how it works, let's dive into this feature overview.

Retalo is a mobile-centric solution empowered by a cloud-based hub. Specifically, our solution not only offer a centralized-data system but also features a set of innovative apps designed for specific roles in your wholesale business. No more manual works. No longer hassles with siloed and disparate applications. Instead, more automation in one place will help you run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Let's transform and expand your business to new heights with Retalo!

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Retalo B2B Features


Retalo solution helps you put all data under the same control. Everything you need to process your B2B workflow is now availlable. With these features, you can reduce costs, eliminate labor tasks, boost your efficiency and scale up your business in shorter time. Wonder if our solution fits your needs? Let's check our prominent features below.

1. Make orders quickly by PWA App

With Mobile Ordering App, your buyers can easily make orders anywhere anytime. No more hassles with buying because they will have responsively B2C-like experience on app, even in flaky web connection. After checkout, their order info will sync instantly to your system. No longer manual order entry. This self-service process really gives more convenience for both sides.

  • Seamless buying experience
  • Quick order and re-oders
  • Customer access capacity
  • Personalized buying experience
  • Convenient payment and invoice
  • Product details and search tool
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2. Manage customers & sales orders in a single place

Within one single system, your sales reps can have full visibility and powerful control over customers. The centralized data hub will help them sell smartly and stay on the right track. Also, in back-end, you can make any changes to customers' record and then sale reps will get updated immediately. Thus, they will sell with more confidence and accuracy knowing they always access the most current info.

  • Manage customer accounts
  • Manage sales orders
  • Manage Billing
  • Manage Payment
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3. Manage inventory in real-time

In B2B inventory module, you can adjust stock data and sync immediately to the whole team. The real-time info will help your sales reps confidently sell items available without worry about selling out-of-stock items. In addition, this module also enables you to track serials upstream & downstream stock movement from anywhere in your supply chain. And since you have real-time reports on the warehouse activities, you will make smarter decisions on stock replenishment.

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Manage products & variants
  • Manage Inventory in-out
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Count
  • Stock move
  • Inventory report
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4. Fulfill orders with cost-efficient workflow

Order Fulfilment module is based on back-to-back flow. It best suits for wholesalers that choose not to stock too much for lower inventory costs. Simply, after sales orders are created, they will be tied with supply order documents. By this way, you can reserve demand-specific supplies, improve fulfilment accuracy and timeliness.

  • Process sales orders
  • Determine supply sources
  • Create & manage supply order documents
  • Manage status of the whole fulfillment process
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5. Tailor price & promotion for different customers

It's very important to include personalization strategy in B2B selling . That 's why our system has capabilitiy to let you set up pricelist rules based on customer conditions. Also, it can help you make custom discount for different buyers according to their deposit levels and the relationship between you two.

  • Assign custom pricelists
  • Config personalized promotion rules
  • Set tailored discount based on deposit levels
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Wonder if Retalo is your best-fit B2B solution?