Magestore no longer provides this extension. Get a similar product from our trusted partner. Buy at Partner Website

[Discontinued] Auction A new leverage to boost your sales (2.2.1)

[Discontinued] Auction
  • [Discontinued] Auction (2.2.1)

This extension has been discontinued.

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Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652
Compatible with:   Community: 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9 - 1.9.3
Enterprise: 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x

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Magestore no longer provides this extension. Get a similar product from our trusted partner. Buy at Partner Website


Online auction has been a more and more popular trend all over the world! It is very dynamic pricing environment as buyers are competitors in purchasing good deals or limited products. Many web-store owners want to have an auction site, and Magento Auction extension was specially designed for that purpose. You can now create and run auctions right on your website, allowing Customers to bid for items at proper prices as their desire. Both of you and your Customers will gain much more profits, right?

magento auction extension | benefits


How it works

magento auction extension | how it works

Detailed Features

Displaying auctions on a separate page

A separate auction listing page is created on your site so Customers can easily find detailed information about all available auctions, including start price, current price, number of bids, time left, etc.

magento auction extension | listing pages

Bid options

There are 2 bid options: Standard Bid and Auto Bid. Customers can use the Auto bid function so they don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time when someone places another bid.

“Going, going and gone” auction feature

At the close time of each online auction, you can set an amount of extended time which will appear and count down. Anyone places a bid during that time will make it reset, count down again. The process keeps repeating until there is a winner. It reproduces a real auction when the auctioneer says “going, going, gone”.

magento auction extension | going and going feature

Reserve price

An auction can start at a low price to generate interest and bidding of potential bidders, but the item will not be sold unless the bidding reaches the minimum price - namely Reserve Price - that you set before. This feature protects you from having to sell your item at a price that you feel too low.

magento auction extension | reserve prices

Following auctions’ status

Customers can add any auction they interested to a watching list to receive notification emails about the status of each auction. Transactions related to an auction can be viewed in My Account page.

magento auction extension | follow autcions

Email notifications

Our Magento Auction software will send notification emails to administrators and bidders to keep them updated with auction status, such as: new bids, cancellation, highest bids…



Features Full List

For CustomersUser-friendly interface
  • Easily find detailed information about each auction: start price, current price, the number of bids, start time, close time...
  • Auction status is updated automatically by Ajax without refreshing pages.
Bidding functions
  • Able to use either Standard bid or Auto bid.
  • Allow auto-bidding within Customers’ maximum affordable price. (Hot)
  • Allow bidders to change the auto-bid price.
  • Reproduce a real auction experience when the time left is counted down, reset then counted down again with “going, going and gone” feature(Hot)
  • Allow cancelling bids in “waiting” status
Follow and manage bids
  • Able to add/ remove auctions to/ from watching list
  • Able to view history, manage bids and auto-bids in My Account
  • Multiple winners: Enable multiple bidders to win the same auction.
Email notification (Featured)
  • Allow Customers select notice email(s) they want to receive. (Updated)
  • Notify customers when they place a new bid/ auto-bid
  • Notify customers when there is a new bid on an auction item in their watching list
  • Notify bidders when one of their bids is cancelled
  • Notify bidders when they have the highest bid
  • Notify bidders when they win or don’t win an auction.
  • Notify customers when there is a completed auction in their watching list
Flexible Checkout process (Updated)
  • Checkout at once with multi auction products which are won by Customers.
  • Checkout at once with multi products with no change of auction product price.
For AdminFlexible auction management
  • Able to put any product up for online auction
  • Allow setting the start and close time for an auction
  • Allow setting the starting price and increment price gap for each auction
  • Able to set reserve price – the hidden minimum price that the auction item can be sold (Featured)
  • Able to set extended time for “going and gone” function (Featured)
  • Able to set the number of winners of each auction
  • Allow selling auction product normally or not. (Updated)
  • Set a given period of day for the winner(s) to buy a product. (Updated)
Easy customization and configuration
  • Allow admin to disable the auto bid function. (Updated)
  • Implement Code for Featured Auction to place on any position on your website. (Updated)
  • Allow configuring auction price type including and excluding tax(Hot)
  • Allow changing notification message to auction winners
  • Upload button images: Login button, Create bid name button, Bid button
  • Allow using custom CSS to customize Magento auction pages (Hot)
Email notification (Featured)
  • Able to disable email notification. (Updated)
  • Notify admin when there is a completed auction
  • Notify admin when there is a new bid for an auction
  • Customizable email templates
  • Responsive Magento Auction extension (Hot)
  • Support multi-currencies and multi-languages (Hot)
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Interview of Customers using Magento Auction extension: Interview with, Good take-up of online auctions with Magestore.

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Customization - Have it on your own way

Being opensource with well-written customization guide, you can easily modify extension. If you want to be faster & better, Magestore can give you a hand. We provide Customization Services for Auction Extension at reasonable fee.

Wonder frequent customize request for Auction?

  • Automatically adding auctioned product to cart for the winner
  • Showing a list of upcoming auctioned products
  • Making reverse auctions
  • Arranging the order of ongoing auctions

Read here for full request

Be unique & better than your rival >> Submit Your request here

Release Notes

Version 2.2.1 (Updated on June 02, 2017)

  • Fix SQL injection issue in auction page.

Version 2.2 (Updated on March 1st 2015)

  • Allow Customers to select notice email(s) they want to receive.
  • Checkout at once with multi auction products which are won by Customers.
  • Checkout at once with multi products with no change of auction product price.
  • Allow selling auction product normally or not.
  • Set a given period of day for the winner(s) to buy a product.
  • Allow admin to disable email notification.
  • Allow admin to disable the auto bid function.
  • Implement Code for Featured Auction to place on any position on your website.
  • Allow setting a given period of day that the winner(s) can buy a product.
  • Enable/disable to sell auction product normally

Version 2.1.3 (updated on Nov 1st 2012)

  • Allow bidder to change the auto-bid price.
  • Support multi-currencies and multi-languages (utf8 encoded).
  • Fix error of not sending email to all bidders when they are out of bid.
  • Fix error of bid price limitation.

Version 2.1.2 (updated on May 21th 2012)

  • Fix error that doesn't send email for winner.
  • Fix error that occurs while checking out an auction product with multiple winners.

Version 2.1.1 (updated on Apr 7th 2012)

  • Fix error that occurs while canceling a bid.
  • Fix error that occurs while checking winner.

Version 2.1.0 (updated on Mar 23th 2012)

  • Fix error that occurs while loading image files.
  • Improve performance of auction script.

Version 2.0.3 (updated on Nov 8th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs while duplicating an auction in back-end.
  • Fix error: Do not show auction winner in back-end.

Version 2.0.2 (updated on Sep 3rd 2011)

  • Fix error in selecting product to create auction.
  • Fix error in using urls.
  • Fix error in saving store_id into autobid.
  • Compatible with Magento CE 1.6 & Magento EE 1.9.x.x - 1.10.x.x - 1.11.x.x
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  1. One noticeable benefit is that people spend more time on our website and then they buy more.
    Fraser CEO Hub City Coins Ltd.
  2. I have special impression on Auction that fully fits online auction of our customers’ needs. With smart functions, this module helps us generate a quite big amount of profit.
    Aydin Buyuktafli CEO
  3. For any potential customers looking for an auction module for their site – buy it now. It works greatly and the support is fantastic should you have a problem or just need help!
    Rob Turnbull MANAGER


Maximizing potential benefits by Auction extension

"Our customers love it. The notification system helps them keep close tabs on any changes in auction status to make efficient moves. About ourselves, well, I cannot really tell you what features we like because we just love everything about this module," said Fraser-Hub City Coins Ltd’s owner.

Magento Extensions - Good take-up of online auctions

Good take-up of online auctions
United Kingdom

Good take-up of online auctions

“The Auction system looked to be simple to use and ticked all the boxes for what we wanted to be able to do. We had a couple of minor things occur which your excellent support were very quick to deal with. I can’t say we have had any major problems though – it just works great.”

Reviews (86)

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  • Good auction module


    We have tried several plugins to build an auction program on our e-commerce site. Magestore's module is the most suitable so far.

  • Powerful

    Leandro Bosaipo

    I bought this extension thinking about easiness and extensibility and I was right. Awesome and powerful!

  • Easy Auction for Magento


    Magestore Auction 2.2 is an easy extension that extends Magento shop. Auction can create C2C model. The interface is user-friendly guide and demo are perfect have a backend and long history. Excellent solutions to increase sales.




  • Auction for Magento with a lot of features

    Alexander Schaefer

    This extension works well and has a lot of features. Enabling one or multiple winners makes it very useful. Also Reserve Price, or bid increments are very sophisticated features. Over all I'm happy with Auction and the helpful magestore support team.

  • good support from me


    I give you team a very good support

  • Nice extension


    Thank Magestore. This is very useful extension for me.

  • Great extension!


    Just purchased this extension and right of the front i'm excited about the functionalities. Great extension, already started first auction couple of minutes ago.

  • auction is good


    Did a great job! Though had small issues on my customer theme.

  • This extension is very good!!


    This extension is very good!!Perfect!! They help me to installation it to complete.I asked the style and layout have completed.I am very satisfied.Very professional!!

  • Nice Module


    It is 100% as described and it has a great support.

  • Excelent extension with an excelent support


    Very useful. Fast technical support. Thank you Louis!! Recomended 100%

  • Reply to Mike F


    Hello Mike, Thank you for your interest in our extension. However Auction extension hasn't supported customer to creat auction on website. We will put it into consideration for the furture update. Thank you and best regards, Magestore

  • Auction By Site visitors

    Mike F

    Lets say Jake has bike that wants to sell, can he Auction it on the site? Also Frank has a pair of Skis and boot, can he Auction on the site, and Lisa has print to auction can it be done? Best regards, Mike

  • Reply to Alex McQuown


    Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in our extension however it supports Magento platform only, we do not have a version working on Wordpress. You can look for Wordpress plugins provider, they may provide the plugin you need. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Reply to raoul


    Hello raoul, Thank you for your interest in our extension. Unfortunately at this moment auction only support simple product. About downloadable product, we will consider it for the future update. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Auction Admin

    Alex McQuown

    Do you guys happen to have a version of this that works on Wordpress? I've got a couple of other sites I don't want to move to Magento (rather my customers do not) and This seems like a perfect solution for them versus the current stuff we're using.

  • downloadable or custom products not working


    Any chance that this can be made possible. We are looking for the option to sell downloadable products via an auction.

  • Reply to Marcelo


    Hi Marcelo, Unfortunately our current version of Auction hasn't support the feature to allow admin to creat order for winner. However we noted it and will consider updating it in the future. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Order


    As a administrator, how can I put an order to my client that won the auction? He can´t do it and I want to make this for him, but I do´nt know how to do that... Thanks

  • Reply to Mike F


    HI Mike, Thank you for your question. But could you provide more details on that? Do you want to allow customer to upload their product? If you have any concern, feel free to contact us via livechat support on (from 7:30-4:30- GMT+7 from Monday to Friday) or submit a ticket to, we are glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Customer's Auction

    Mike F

    Is there anyway possible for website customer's to auction their products?

  • Reply to valerio


    Hi there, Thank you for contacting us. Regarding to your question, you can see the real site which were installed our extension in Happy customer. Hope the information will helpful. Regards, Magestore

  • auction


    could you send me some links to websites that use auction magento extension? to see how they work

  • Essential tool, great support


    An essential tool for our marketing plans. With its features, I gained a lot of benefit. Supporters are also devoted and respond quickly to my questions.

  • Reply to Jonah


    Hi Jonah, Thank you for your question, we'd like to inform that you can create a category for aution items by the way which is the same as usual category. However, you have to remember the items for auction because there isn't shorter way for this. Hope this information is helpful By Magestore

  • Owner


    Can you assign auction items to categories?

  • Nice extension and support

    Eric Jensen

    Great extension from magestore. I was looking for an extension which can handle auction items. I must say I am finished with my search now. Thank you!

  • Great extension with great support

    A Tamura

    We needed to have an auction extension to fit our need and Magestore was the right one. Had some issues after installation, promptly solved by Magestore team. Thank you for all of the help!

  • Exellent service, great extension


    The extesion just works great, nothing to complain about. Support was exellent!

  • Reply to Adriano Oliveira


    Hi Adriano Oliveira, Thank you for contacting us and interest in our Auction extension. About the language, our extension support for all languages. You only have to translate the language file into Portuguese. The language file is ..\app\locale\en_US\Magestore_Auction.csv and your site can be run in Portuguese. I hope this information can help you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Language

    Adriano Oliveira

    Is there a version in portuguese?

  • Very usefull extension


    Extension is very usefull. Support is great. If there is a issue they will fix it very quickly.

  • Very usefull extension


    Extension is very usefull. Support is great. If there is a issue they will fix it very quickly.

  • Great Extension


    Works great as advertised. Good support from Mage Developers.

  • Good extension with excellent support


    Very good extension, does exactly what we need. We believe it will be very useful for our business. Had some issues after installation, promptly solved by Magestore team. We appreciate the high level of support from Magestore. Would recomend to everyone.

  • Great!


    Perfect extension. Great support too! It was exactly what i needed.

  • yrksaim jcwbnbl


    rtpdunbhftupsf, <a href="">anhxngerdx</a>

  • Ottimo prodotto - excellent product


    Ottima applicazione e ottima assistenza Soddisfattissimo Excellent application and excellent service very satisfied

  • Great extension


    This auction extension is great and simple to use and install. Got a few minor bugs and problems with the installation. But the support team helped me out in a great way.

  • Excellent Extension | Instant Support


    I purchased the first extension from MageStore and the experience is awesome. Rightly priced, instant support via chat / support ticketsand lots of extension with great features. I'm using the Auction Extension and found it to be great till now !

  • Reply to Pascal


    Hi Pascal, Thank you for your interest in our Auction module. Regarding your question, I’m sorry that the current version of Auction hasn’t support placing auction items in different categories. All of them are shown in the auction listing page. We’ll note the feature you mentioned in our updates list and will inform you when it’s available in the future. Best regards, Magestore

  • New release


    Are there any plans for an update in the near future with new features? And before I buy this extension I have one other question. Is it possible to place one auction item in, for example, a category shirts and another auction item in category boots etc. Or are all auction items in one overview?

  • Reply to Greg


    Hi Greg, regarding your question, yes it's possible to do so. Please look through the installation userguide for more details. Thank you. Best regards, Magestore

  • offline installation


    Hello I need to install auction on my computer for the development (offline) It is possible? thank you

  • Reply to Eric


    Hi Eric, thank you for your interest in Magestore extension. Regarding your questions, our magento auction extension is able to meet all your needs. For example, the “going, going and gone” feature allows if anyone places a bid during auction time will make it reset exprired time and count down again; the process keeps repeating until there is a winner. You can find more information in this userguide Best regards, Magestore

  • Reply to Suresh


    Hi Suresh, Thank you for your interest in our Auction extension. About the matter you mentioned, we're sorry that the template for auction view is set according to your product view pages. We might consider this function in future updates. If you have other questions, we're glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore

  • Separate Templates for Auction View and Product View Pages


    Hi Can we create separate templates for both auction view and product view pages?

  • penny auction


    Hello, just a question: it is possible to manage a penny auction by using your component? I need a system to increase auction duration each time a user make a new bid. I also need to fix a specific price for bid. For example 1 penny for each bid. Thank you Eric

  • Mail template's, no sorting function


    Working plugin, no ability to sort the items properly though. And where are the mail template's located?

  • Reply to Domenico


    Hi Domenico, I am afraid that our extension does not have this feature at this time. However, we will consider about it in the next update of Auction module. Hope you kindly understand!

  • Penny auction


    Hello, just a question: it is possible to manage a penny auction by using your component? I need a system to increase auction time each time a user make a new bid. I also need to fix a specific price for bid. For example 1 penny for each bid. Thank you Domenico

  • Reply to Alexander


    Hi Alexander, Thank you for your suggestion! Currently our extension does not allow customers to create auctions. Just store-admins can do that. However, we will consider and try to update this function in the next version of Auction extension. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Auctions from customers?

    Alexander Lukas

    Hello I have see that only the admin cans make new auctions. I search a module for a website looks like this one with the same features Can you extended please! Best regards

  • Reply to Yacoub


    Hi Yacoub, Thank you for your interest in our Auction extension. The current version of this extension just allows admins to create auctions in back-end. It has not supported customers in adding auctions. Regards,

  • Add auctions by customers

    Yacoub aldarwish

    Can customers add the auctions or just the adminstrator?

  • Reply to Thomas Klaiber


    Hi Thomas, Thank you for your review. We are so sorry but currently our extension has not supported reverse auction yet. We will consider and try to update it in the next version of this extension. Regards,

  • Reverse Auction?

    Thomas Klaiber

    Is it possible to add reverse auctions? In this case the lowest price wins at the end.

  • Reply to José


    Hi José, Regarding your questions, there is a translation file in the package, allowing you to translate the module into any language, including Portuguese. About the function of controlling commissions of business, we are sorry but our extension is not relevant to commission. Best Regards, Magestore

  • commissions

    José Antonio

    You have version in Portuguese Brazil? The software has control of commissions of business closed?

  • Engage your customers


    If you want to engage your customers in nice manner then perhaps this is a good way to give them a leverage to make offer for different products and surely it helps to sell products more quickly in most of the cases.

  • Stellar extension!


    Stellar extension! Does exactly what is advertises, and does it well. Had a very minor question (where to edit "Auction" -> "Auctions" on the front end), and heard back from tech support in about an hour.

  • Very good support


    This module was exactly what we needed, and it works great. Very good support: MageStore put a lot of effort into helping us solve problems we had after upgrade.

  • Very good extension

    Jordy van Overeem

    Very good extension, does works how i want it to work. After some customization it's perfect for the use of my customer. Had some problems with some settings, but MageStore replied fast and helped me out very good, thank you!

  • Reply to Allard


    Hi Allard, I have just checked the issue that you reported, however I don't face it with our site. Please explain more details of your issue to our support system in It's really great if could provide some screenshots. Hope you understand and cooperate much. Thank you. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Nice Module but some bugs. please help


    When I press "next page" on the auction page then completely different non-auction products are shown.

  • Issue

    Rahul dongre

    I was going through the demo site and found an issue, product auction is displaying on the product details page after change the status of auction to complete from processing.

  • The system works brilliantly


    The system works brilliantly. I wanted a few tweaks to make it fit my requirements perfectly and their help and support in getting this done is simply brilliant. Always fast and friendly responses, and quick turnarounds on all support queries. I highly recommend Magestore!

  • Great extension


    Great extension for setting flexible ebay-familiar auctioning system on product details page. Very powerfull.

  • Works great


    Works great and the only issues I had where strictly cosmetic and yet they still took the time to help me. the response was quick and correct the first time. Would recommend this product to anyone wanting better control of their store... I also installed 2 other programs from them and those installed and ran great as well.

  • IT Admin


    So far this has been an easy install and manipulation to run on our site. when I had a question I got a quick and proper response that fixed it the first time, not the trouble shooting steps like other companies. Will continue to use their products and look forward to working more with them in the future.

  • Reply to Marcelo


    Hi Marcelo, Thank you for your question. Our extension currently does not support this function, however, this is indeed a good idea. We will add this to the list of possible update versions. Thank you and hope you are satisfied with our products. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Perfect! Very easy to use!


    Thank you, guys! You are doing a great job. The Auction extention works just perfect. It is very easy to use. I am very satisfied with this extention and with your, guys, service and help.

  • Filter Search


    I forgot to ask... I can use auctions on filter search?

  • excellent


    I was looking for auction module, but Magestore is the only one that fits my need out-of-the-box. It really looks good and allows the auction css to be modified just like the store admin wants.

  • Perfect extension with perfect support!!!


    Perfect extension with perfect support!!! really appreciate. it's definitely worth the money.

  • Super!


    Super! Works seamlessly, easy integration, great CS

  • Superb module - with possible improvements


    Great addon for every site... excellend module! Some improvmenets can be achieved like more promotion blocks or configurable option for showing finished auctions on product page, easier starting of using with nickname... Overall reccommended for everyone!

  • Very nice!


    Very nice , easy to use and the team is very supportive. i had a conflict between my theme and the auction and they fixed it within minutes. looking forward to buy more great extensions from this developers. Thank you

  • Excellent Product and Support


    A fabulous way to add an auction to Magento - only surpassed by the higher standard of after care. 5 STARS

  • Awesome support!


    Excellent Auction module and absolutely AWESOME support!!

  • Hat off to Magestore


    This new kind of selling product drives more traffic to my store, as well as customers. Customers seem to be excited and leave good comments. Your extension by far is the easiest to use and configure. So someone who has little IT knowledge like me can easily install. And when I have issue, your immediate support makes me relieved :D (I'm especially impressed by your friendly supporters: Neo, Michael)

  • Perfect Solution for B2B


    I test Auction trial version. This is the super Auction for Magento . I install extension quick and all is ok.

  • best services


    At the starting point, I had a few bugs with the module but Magestore fixed them right after I sent them an email. The module is working like a charm now. This is a great experience for me. Thanks Magestore for your products and services!

  • Perfect solution


    This is the perfect extension to add auctions to a Magento site. It is easy to install, does what it says, and equally as important is the "second to none" support. I had a few questions and minor issues, and the response to my needs was fantastic!!! Do not hesitate to use this product if you have the need.

  • Satisfied!


    We bought this extension and got it installed properly. Satisfied!

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