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Allow me to share the particular steps you will comply with within this Magento 2: Edit product page template and layout in seconds:

  1. Edit Product page template
  2. Edit Product page layout

I heard somewhere that Online business does not mean that you sell the actual products, you only sell the product pictures. Of course, it’s just a joke, but the point is you can see how important the way you show products to customers is. That’s why product page takes an important role in buying decision. Don’t need to talk more, you know that the thing makes product page attractive are templates. And you can not use one layout for hundreds of websites, it’s not working like that. Therefore, editing product page template to be suitable for each product or each website is one of the necessary things every store-owners have to learn.

Like the title, I will talk about how you can change product page templates and layouts in Magento 2. This platform allows you to edit the product page templates and layouts at the same time by only some simple steps. Different a lot from Magento first version, it’s quite difficult to find the section to customize the product page template, Magento 2 show this customization right in Product Advance Setting section. This is so convenient for users.

I won’t waste your time anymore, let go to the main part.

First , you open Product in Edit mode, then expand the Advance Setting section. You can see the Design section under there, click on it. Now we start to customize the product template and layout.

magento 2.3 catalog design

Edit Product page template

In Design section, you can see the fields edit the product page template:

Edit product page template and layout
Edit product page template and layout

You have to fill all the following blanks:

  • Custom Design: You set the product page template here. Select the one you want from the list of available themes.
  • Active from: If you just want to set the product page template for a period of time. Edit the beginning date here.
  • Active to: Enter the ending date of the time period for product page template

Edit Product page layout

Stay in Design Section, these fields are for changing product page layout.

Edit product page template and layout
Edit product page template and layout
  • Custom Layout Update: This field allows you to customize the layout of product page with XML coding.
  • Page Layout: To edit the product page layout, you can choose one of these options:
    • No layout updates: This is the default option, your product page does not apply the layout changes.
    • Empty: This option lets you define your own layout, such as a 4-column page. Requires an understanding of XML. For the beginners, and do not need a complicated product page, this option is not necessary.
    • 1 column to apply 1-column layout, 2 columns to apply 2-column layout, 2 columns with right bar is the 2 column with right bar layout and 3 columns to apply 3-column layout.

That is all the options to edit the product page layout. Depend on your product, you can decide what layout is the most suitable.

  • Display product options inYou can choose between Product Info Column or Block after Info column.

That’s everything you should know about Editing product page template and layout in Magento 2. How you change the template and layout for product page or even set the new one with XML coding. This is where the customers decide to buy products or not, so take a while to take care of it will not waste your time.

Hope my post can be helpful. Thanks for reading!

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