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In this topic ,we will Send an Email in Magento 2. It’s following by 4 steps:

  1. Create email_templates.xml file
  2. Create email_template.html
  3. Create config.xml
  4. Create controller file to send mail

Step 1: Create email_templates.xml file

Create email_templates.xml file in app/code/local/[Name_Space]/[Your_Module]/etc

Step 2: Create email_template.html

Create email_template.html in app/code/local/Name_Space]/[Your_Module]/view/frontend/email

Step 3: Create config.xml

Create config.xml in app/code/local/Name_Space]/[Your_Module]/etc

Step 4: Create controller file to send mail

Create Sendmail.php in app/code/local/Name_Space]/[Your_Module]/Controller/Sendmail

These are all steps to Send an Email in Magento 2. Hope all you guys can learn Magento 2 easier with our series lesson. The 4 steps I mention above is the shortest process for you to Send an Email in Magento 2. With this guide, you can manage the Email in Magento 2 easily. Every store has an Email in Magento 2 with many attributes.

Thank you for reading this post and see you in other posts from Magestore!

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