Magento 2 index management

$6. Magento 2 Index Management: Everything you should know

Magento 2 Index Management Indexing is the work you have to practice day by day as a store admin. Therefore, Index Management is the important tool that you must learn about. Magento 2 owns an amazing index management section that will index your data into a special table, and automatically update or reindex if any data changes. […]

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Magento 2 media storage

$5. How to store media in the database and CDN in Magento 2?

Magento 2 Store media in the database Magento 2 Alternate Media storage gives you 2 options for storing your media files. You can choose to store media files in a database on a database server or on a Content Delivery Network. This tutorial will tell you how to store media in the both 2 ways. Alternate […]

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Magento 2 cache management: refresh and clear cache

$3. Magento 2 Cache Management: Refresh and Clear Cache

Magento 2 Cache Management You can find a lot of ways to improve Magento 2 performance. However, I can tell you the easiest way to do that is using Magento 2 Cache Management. Invalid caches, unnecessary caches are one of the most popular reason make your site slow, this Magento 2 tool allows you to […]

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export products data from Magento 2

$2. Export products data from Magento 2

Products data from Magento 2 You can follow these steps to export product data in Magento 2:  Go to export menu in Magento 2 dashboard. Go to system section to configure the export setting. Choosing all the attribute values you want Download the data In the previous post, I have told you how to Import […]

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import products data in Magento 2

How to Import Products Data in Magento 2

You can follow these steps to import products data in Magento 2: Step 1: Create Products data Step 2: Import products data into Magento 2 Step 3: Check the products data. Finish Magento 2 allows users to import products data into the stores, with exception of bundle and downloadable products. And not only the products data, but […]

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