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Store Locator Magento 2
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Store Locator Magento 2
  • Store Locator Magento 2

    Magento 2

"I can not find your local stores!" , "Hey, where exactly your store is?", etc. Get rid of those with this Store Locator Extension. Easy to use. High accuracy with various dealer search criterias. Nice and friendly user interface.

  • Filter stores by tags (such as product line, style...)
  • Search for closest stores by distance, zip code, state...
  • Show each store's info including images, open/close time, special days, holidays...
  • Facebook's comment box.
  • Mass stores import via csv file.

Hot Offer: When purchasing Store Pickup, Store Locator users only need to pay the difference between the price of Store Pickup extension & that of Store Locator.

magento 2 store locator updateNew Update: Street View mode available

Recommended: Store Locator is supported in Retailer Kit

Community Edition: 2.0.x - 2.1 - 2.1.1 - 2.1.2 - 2.1.3 - 2.1.4 - 2.1.5 - 2.2.0
Enterprise Edition: 2.0.x - 2.1 - 2.1.1 - 2.1.2 - 2.1.3 - 2.1.4 - 2.1.5 - 2.2.0

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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magento store locator updateHot Offer: Store Locator users only need to pay the price difference when purchasing Store Pickup.

Because Store Pickup and Store Locator extension share some common functionalities, Magestore offers favorable price for Store Locator user. You only need to pay the difference between the price of Store Pickup extension & that of the corresponding version of Store Locator when purchasing Store Pickup. For example, you have purchased Magento Store Locator CE ($99), you need to pay only $50 to get Magento Store Pickup CE ($149).

You would fall in love with this extension...

You are doing great business, both online and offline but the connection between these two channels seems rather weak? Your customers can hardly find your dealer locations, then you lose a number of in-store customers coming from websites, each day. 

You values the seamless user-interface and clean design but powerful functions must also be at A+ level?

Then you will definitely love Magestore's Store Locator Extension. With advanced search criterias and friendly user-interface, Customers are just a few clicks away from your stores using search-for-nearest store and direction on Google Map.

Plus, your stores would be so real and more trustworthy with Facebook's comments from customers right below each store!

magento store locator advantages

Showcasing your stores is as easy as pie!

Magento Store Location extension | how it works


Still not believe it? Then you must walk through this:

+ All store locations are displayed in one single Google map:

Your stores are visualized on the map or listed in left bar. For better navigation, stores located within the same area are grouped on map. You can use different print to seperate stores on the map, or to categorize them.

Magento Store Location extension | view stores on map & list

+ Search for stores by various categories for highest accuracy

Magento Store Location extension | filter & search stores

On the Store List page, Customers can search for most suitable store in many ways:

  • Search by distance
    (e.g. within 15 kilometers from Customers' current location)
  • Search by area
    (e.g. within a specific state/ province, country, city, zip code).
  • Filter stores by tag, such as:
    • Available accommodity like Free wifi, convenient parking lot, home delivery, etc.
    • Product/ service lines like: Women & Kids, Health care, Sports, Coffee...
    • Product brands like Macy's, Stradivarius, etc.

+ Getting store's information and communicating with each one is incredibly easy!

Everything Customers need to know about one store is shown directly:

  • Open/close time and day off for finding best time to visit
  • Exact location and direction for 'How to get there'
  • Contact info to make a direct call to store's manager
  • Store description (e.g. store's self introduction with promotion detail if have)
  • Photos (e.g. menu, catalog, in-store layout, new arrivals)
  • Comments on Facebook so Customers can see others' reviews & show their interests

Magento Store Location extension | Store Detail page

+ Direct Customers to your store front!

After finding out the nearest one, Customers will get direction of shortest way to your store. Beside detailed directions on map/satellite mode, they even can explore any store locations through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery.

Magento Store Location extension | get directions to store


There are even more cool things that you can not miss

For Customers

Search for stores easily with various criteria

  • View full stores list with custom pin icon on Google map
  • Filter stores by tags
  • Search stores by distance
  • Search stores by country, state/ province, city & zip code
  • Get instant directions from a location to any store
  • Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite

Get store's details in 1 click

  • View store's official website or social channels such as Facebook
  • Contact each store directly via address, phone, email
  • View opening hours, days off & special working days
  • Explore store via many photos & Street View mode
  • View and give comments from Facebook comment box

For Admin

  • Add all needed store information such as address, contact info, website, tags, images etc.
  • Promote stores with custom pin, banner, embedded form... (HTML & WYSIWYG supported)
  • Insert Meta info for SEO-friendliness
  • Set store's open times & days off flexibly
  • Set default search criteria for better experience of customers
  • Support multi language
  • Responsive & User-friendly interface (Hot)
  • Easy to install and configure with Google & Facebook API guide
  • Magento Store Locator extension is 100% Open source
  • No license key required (License Certificate is valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations).

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Release Notes

Version 1.0.2 (released on May 19, 2017)

  • Update length of varchar attributes from 25 to 255
  • Fix ui_component xml declaration
  • Fix issue: Request Path for Specified Store already exists when import store data

Version 1.0.1 (released Feb 18, 2016)

  • Fix DI compile issues

Version 1.0.0 (released on Nov 27, 2015)

  • Release stable version that fully compatible with Magento 2.0(Hot)

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  • cool street view function


    I ran store locator by Amasty and switched to your module due to the street view function. I find it’s one of the must keeps, despite geo ip, as it gives no results when geo option is off or customers surf anonymously.

  • Best Store Locator Extension ever!

    Dinamo Soronto

    I tried three other store-finder modules before buying the MageStore version. It has the best admin/config features and the support is the best I've had from any module developer.