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Inventory management is your business core,
customize to make it as "You" as possible.

There are several ways to embrace the uniqueness of your stocks: add specific index/ value, alter calculation formula, integrate with additional extension/ ERP system, etc.
Let Magestore customize the best-fit Inventory Management system for you.

Wonder how to utilize Inventory Management on your web-store?

See the most popular customization requests from other retail businesses that Magestore has supported so far

  • Control products by serial number

    The ability to track serial numbers is important in digital device business such as mobile phone. This request can contain several functions like creating and assigning serial number to each product, searching item by serial numbers, etc.

  • Allow role-based access control for each store in the store chain

    If your customer owns multiple stores instead of a single store, and the store locations are in different cities or countries, this function is very helpful for efficient management. Staff have different authorization levels at each store while they cannot view or adjust other store's operation. This means each store manager can have full access rights for their store only, without effecting any other store.

  • Manage expiration dates for consumable products

    We received this request from a food and beverage business. This customization helps the business owner to filter products with upcoming expiration date and decide appropriate selling strategy before they are out of date.

  • Alter new formula for Low Stock Alert and/or Predictable Supply Need

    You can request customization so that the system calculates Low Stock Alert and Predictable Supply Need different. For example, we received a request to alter the formula based on the current quantity of products in stock instead of sales threshold

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