Seamless Magento 2 Inventory Management for Online-to-Offline Retail

Neatly manage stock status across your omnichannel system, even better with lossless integration with POS system

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Never get lost in stock control again!
Manage inventory in a simple and flexible way

magento 2 stock control
  • Specially designed stock control for Magento 2 retailers

    Save your budget and forget data insecurity as our Inventory Management system is completely native with Magento. No need 3rd party integration nor worry about system conflict. Latest data is always in your backend.

  • Lossless stock sync between warehouse and point-of-sale

    Tired of painful product loss and costly data recovery caused by failed synchronization? Gain back your control with the perfect integration between Inventory Management and self-developed Point-of-Sale modules.

  • Cut down extra costs with flexible pricing plans

    Choose the best-fit stock control package for your warehouse system and your budget. You don't need extra spending for unused functions. Only one time payment for FREE life-time update.

  • Get a tailor-made solution that matches your own business

    There is no one-size-fits-all system. Hence, our customization service ensures you get an inventory management package that works as you wish. All you need to do is request, Magestore experts will take care of the rest.

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Getting a perfect fit Inventory Management system for your online-offline business has never been easier

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Get a Magento 2 Inventory Management system that not only controls stock in warehouse

low stock product prediction

Eliminate painful mistakes in stock control

Get correct data by detailed records of inventory changes and stocktaking. Smart predictions and automatic notifications also ensure you know what products to refill in time.
adjust stock quantity in line

Never lose track of stock among multi-warehouses

Minimize the thread of product loss during stock transfer among different warehouses. All adjustments, whether internally or externally, are recorded in details for access anytime.
scan, generate and print barcodes

Manage large quantity of inventory smarter

Managing thousands of products is never easier with barcode: either generate your own pattern or mass import via CSV file. Printing barcode in mass is also quick and easy.
manage purchase process easily

Increase efficiency of the purchase process

Boost the purchase speed by creating accurate POs in several ways. Controlling procurement process better with updated cost, delivery status and supplier info.
assign warehouse to a POS location

Minimize costly data loss between warehouse and point-of-sale

Seamless integration between our Inventory Management and self-built Point-of-Sale modules ensure correct & updated data sync, which means less failed order fulfillment.
step-by-step order fulfillment

Speed up order fulfillment with step-by-step process

Organize your orders neatly by order status, batch & customized tag. And you'll never fail to fulfill an order again with our 5-step order fulfillment process.
store pickup function

Enhance inventory management by integration with other modules

Empower not just your stock control, but the whole supply chain management system by perfect compatibility with modules like Web POS, Magme, M2E Pro, etc.

Stock Listing

  • Update stock quantity in mass in a selected warehouse.
  • Assign non-warehouse products to a specific warehouse.
  • Track stock movements in/ out each warehouse.
  • Authorize different roles in each warehouse.

Prediction & Replenishment

  • Forecast supply needs for a product.
  • Get automatic notification for low stock products.
  • Set different low-stock thresholds for different products.
  • Record low stock notifications in a history.

Stock Transfer

  • Send/request stock between internal warehouses.
  • Send/request stock between a warehouse and an external location.
  • Notify stock movement via emails.
  • Record all stock movements inward & outward each warehouse.

Stock Control

  • Adjust mass stock in line.
  • Import products via a CSV file with provided template.
  • Export product list for adjusting stock/ stocktaking in the future.
  • Add multiple participants on stocktaking.
  • Record all stocktaking and stock adjustments

Hear what other retailers talk about our Magento 2 Inventory Management solution

“I believe that we can run the business/site with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!”

Vedran Djurasovi, CEO of Esmokes Sweden

“I have been using Magestore's inventory management for more than 2 Years. All my inventory problems are gone. After years of working on this I have not any flaw or error in this. Which is really amazing job. Works well with Magento 2 & looks great. Together with WebPOS & Barcode Management which is an ideal combination. ”

Akshay Badhe,

“This inventory extension has lot of features which is very easy to use and manage inventory in the system. Our website was multi location website and each location has different stock information and magento was not supporting multi location inventory system and we used one third party magento extension but that extension was not working well and website was so slow and very hard to manage even. That extension gave lot of headache then i come across this magestore inventory management extension and installed it.
Now our website is very fast and very stable and extension is working in the way we want and now i got peace of mind because it solved all my problem related to multiwarehouse functionality. It has additionally good features which is very helpful for retailers to understand overall stock information very easy way... ”

Shabeer Ali,

"It is the best fit for someone looking to work with stores as it provides multi-channels.. The module will be a game changer with web POS."

A scalable Magento 2 Inventory Management system
that matches the needs of your online-to-offline business

Enhance stock control & optimize your retail by perfect integration with native Magento 2 Point-of-sale.
Get a customizable and expandable solution for each growth stage of your business.


Efficient single warehouse solution

Starter Icon
  • Manage stock on-hand
  • Adjust mass stock Qty in line
  • Step-by-step stocktaking
  • Alert low stock products
  • Predict supply needs
  • POS for Web Browser


Ideal multi-warehouse solution for SMEs

Growth Icon

All Starter features plus

  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Record stock transfer inward/ outward
  • Control products with Barcodes
  • Manage Supplier & Purchase Order
  • Native POS app for iOS/ tablets
  • Various reports on sales status
  • Manage points, gift card, store credit
  • Pick-up at Store
  • Control Returned Products RMA (Coming soon)
  • Integrate with M2E Pro (Coming soon)
magento inventory management


Advanced solution for complex inventory

Scale Icon

All Growth features plus

  • Advanced inventory push/pull routes
  • Track lot/serial numbers
  • Auto suggest inventory allocation
  • 3-step goods receipt & delivery process
  • Drop-shipping
  • Process order fulfillment
  • Manage B2B portal
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Manage transactions in inter-company enterprises
  • Mobile apps for loyalty, report & barcode scanner (Coming soon)
magento inventory management

Only from $599 for a seamless
Magento 2 Inventory Management - WebPOS system

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