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omnichannel solution for SMEs

Highly recommended for small to medium businesses
with multiple stock locations

You probably have deployed some software to manage your small business. However, the simple solution may not meet your increasing demands as well as the complexity of the enlarging system. Specially designed for retail, Magestore's solution will help you fill the gap and keep the whole business run smoothly.
advanced inventory management for mutiple warehouses

Multi-warehouse management made simple

The bigger you grow, the harder it is to control several warehouses plus thousands of products within. Inefficient stock control means late/ failed orders and customer loss. Our solution provides the key to comprehensive inventory management which is specially designed for retailers. Well-organized modules make controlling multiple warehouses as easy as 1-2-3.
loyalty programs to boost sales

Active customer loyalty enhancement

Finding new customer is hard, retaining customers is much harder. To deliver an excellent service, from fast checkout, correct order management to beneficial loyalty programs: "How to ensure that?" you might ask. Let our solution take care of those. We will make your customers so happy that they won't shop everywhere else.
handful inventory and sales reports

Advanced insights for strategic planning

How does your business grow, not knowing where you are standing or heading to? Our meaningful reports on sales, purchases and stock status allow you to consciously plan your next moves. Make the right start to cut down unnecessary issues throughout the way. Avoiding problems is always better than fixing them.
Magestore always put a lot of time and thought into what they build and they work great.
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