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POS Professional Edition for Magento 2.3

Keep your performance high. Keep your sales higher

Centralized POS Solution from Magestore & Magento 2.3 let you sell, manage and grow with high efficiency. Boost sales high in a hassle-free style!

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Purpose-built to save time & boost profits for fast-growing retails

When your business has outgrown the old system, you may waste too much time & effort to keep everything in place. Our POS Professional for Magento 2.3 simplifies your work while ensuring high sales across multiple sales channels.

Ensure real-time accuracy

Native Magento solution gives you correct & instant data from backend to front store.

Save time & effort

Manage warehouse stock & purchases in 01 central system only, faster with barcodes.

Boost sales everywhere

Fast checkout with diverse payments makes customers happy to open their wallet.

Charm your customers

Offer omnichannel experience that customers love & Prove “retail apocalypse” wrong.

Transform your retail from inside out

Growing a business means many changes at once. Hence, ensure you’ve got a solution that catches up with your new workload while bringing equivalent returns on investment. Our Solution & Magento 2.3 will give you this with the least effort.

Simple & accurate work from Back office

Central Stock control in Magento core

Our solution works directly with Magento Multi-source Inventory (MSI). No extra add-ons. So you manage both warehouse stock and purchases correctly in real-time.

Save time with Barcode generator/printer

Spend less time tracking inventory & you’ll have more for making profits. Barcode reduces human errors & is much faster than manual data entry.

Manage Purchases easily & correctly

Leave no room for stock shortage nor loss. With this Magento-native feature, you have complete control over stock that’s coming in/out of warehouse.

Unforgettable shopping at Front store

Make fast & unstoppable sales at POS

Checkout under 10s with various payment options, even when products run out (backorder). You can also sell on-the-go with an iPad, regardless of the internet condition.

Create bonds with Loyalty programs

Build lasting customer relationsips with custom Gift Card & Reward Points. Usable on both website & in-store, they’ll keep customers coming back to you.

Lead the game by Omnichannel experience

Bridge your Magento site & physical store to win your customer’s love: Buy at store, get Home delivery; Buy online, return in store & much more.

Do more & grow faster with our power-ups

Your time is precious. So we provide you not just a product, but a complete (& useful) solution. With our product expertise & your business knowledge, you’ll be the retail leader in no time.

Ensure a worthy solution

Receive a FREE Fit/Gap Analysis with no commitments. So you only get a solution that deserves your time & money.

Shorten implementation time

And start getting sales ASAP. Magestore professionals will deploy & configure the solution to fit your business flow.

Customized to your needs

Not all businesses are alike. So we provide customization service to give you exactly what you need. You name it, you have it.

Canada (9 locations)
“I still think the cost is very good for what we get; the program is very good and stable. This is our 3rd POS program. PWA POS is by far better than the others. This is truly a revolutionary product”
Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’s

Retails, like you, love Magestore for the values they get. Because it’s more than just a product.

No recurring fees

Only 01 purchase to use forever for UNLIMITED users on UNLIMITED devices.

Free first year support

Guarantee POS works by fixing conflicts FREE for the 1st year after purchase.

Free lifetime update

Download all updates of your purchased package WITHOUT extra pennies. (Please read Terms & Conditions)

365-day money back

Get a full refund within 365 days of purchase, if not 100% satisfied. No questions asked.

Start FREE and easy with a Demo. No commitments. No credit card required.

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Magestore has made this POS Professional edition exclusively for Magento Open Source 2.3 users. It provides a centralized POS system to simplify daily operations while ensuring high sales for online-to-offline retails. The first version is for store owners of 01 or more physical stores, with each offline store fulfilling orders from 01 inventory source only.

This POS Professional edition is a bundle of Magento-native modules:

  • A robust Point of Sale built with Google Progressive WebApp (PWA) technology. This POS ensures fast checkout & real-time data update with Magento backend.
  • Gift Card & Reward Points: increase your customer’s returning rates with irresistible incentives on all sales channels. Your sales record is definitely higher with them.
  • Barcode Generator/Printer & Purchase Order Management: let you control both warehouse stock & purchases within 01 place, easily and error-free.

In short, the package, together with Magento 2.3, provides you an omnichannel transformation. From online to offline sales channels; from backend to frontend.

The first version is for small/medium businesses, whether have 01 or more physical store, but each offline store fulfills orders from 01 inventory source only.

Since our solution is 100% Magento-native, it’ll work right after installing to Magento without any add-on/integration. All data goes to your server only, therefore is secure & real-time. These data include inventory, orders, customers, etc.

Our solution comes in one-time payment model. You’ll also get updates of your purchased products for FREE for lifetime.

Prices for Magestore solution vary based on your business preferences and needs. But we always try to offer the best rate & payment plans for you. Talk to us & we’ll figure out together :).

Magestore POS works perfectly on all PCs/laptops that support browsers. In details, you can use our POS on:

Operating system:

  • – Windows 8, Windows 10
  • – macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • – Linux x86-64 (RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and similar)


  • – Chrome 70+
  • – Safari 12

Magestore POS also supports iOS 12 on Apple iPad.

In addition, you can use POS on as many computers as you want. In other words, you can scale up with no extra cost when you have more users or open more shops.

Our POS works well with essential hardware devices including:

  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode reader connected via USB port or Bluetooth
  • Receipt printer (Star Printer – print via browser)
  • Credit Card reader connected via USB port

You can read more about POS Hardware.

If you’re unsure about the compatibility, please share with us the devices that you’re using. We’ll check it for you.

We recommend you let us implement POS Professional edition for Magento 2.3. As the product owner, we can ensure compatibility & functionality of our POS solution on your site. Implementation service is inclusive in our POS solution so you don’t have to pay any extra to get the system set up right on 1 live site & 1 dev site. Implementation by yourself may lead to difficulties or delays in addressing arisen issues as Magestore is totally passive in both the human allocation and changes that you have made on our POS.

Our implementation process normally takes around 5 days to complete:

  • – We install the POS to your dev/staging site
  • – We test the solution thoroughly and fix all issues (if any);
  • – When everything works properly, we’ll deploy the POS on the live/production site and test again;
  • – We’ll also set up configurations based on your requirements.

Basically we’ll take care of the hard works, all you need to do is to enjoy running a smooth & fast-selling store.

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