Magento 2 Buyer’s Guide

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Buyer’s Guide:
Find the Right POS System for your Magento 2 webstore

Discover the 5 actionable steps to find a reliable POS system for Magento 2 website, and avoid the costly mistakes you can make when choosing a new retail platform.

Magento 2 POS Buyer's Guide

This buyer’s guide covers all the essentials

in the POS selection process

  • List all the must-have POS features
  • Required hardware & integration
  • Determine your budget
  • Research and compare POS system from different vendors
  • Talk with Sales and try real demo before you buy

“This guide answers “Why – How – What” questions that most merchants ask when searching for a best-fit Point of Sale software that works well with Magento 2 website. You’ll find step-by-step instructions with actionable steps to follow easily.”

– Jasmine, Marketing Manager, Magestore

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