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for Ecommerce Manager

Consciously boost online sales and maximize your potential profits.

Convert online sales smarter, not harder

Having a beautiful webstore does not guarantee a good sales performance. Instead, you need a smart online sales tactic to strive in the tough competition. Power up yourself with our Magento Ecommerce Manager solution and get ready to score big with less pain!
Magento Ecommerce Manager solution ensures inventory visibility at point of sale

Close more online deals with a conscious sales plan

Let shopping online become easier than ever with transparent inventory visibility. Thanks to this, shoppers can bear all benefits no matter where they buy. Meanwhile, admin can track any customer's issues and messages to resolve quickly. It's time to turn customers into your Raving Fans.
gain loyal customers with incentives for Magento Ecommerce Manager

Promote your store and expand the good reputation

A right incentive at the right time will pin your store brand to customer's minds forever. Customers will adore your Store Credit/ Reward Points/ Gift Card program which is especially customized for them. Soon they will become your brand promoters without your extra effort.
Magento Ecommerce Management report provides helpful insights

Supervise sales performance wihout any oversights

Our Magento Ecommerce Management solution provides not sales statistics but meaningful insights to assist you with better decision making. You are empowered with 5 built-in reports or creating a tailor-made by selecting among several dimensions and metrics. Now you can be assured that everything is under your control at all times.
We have been looking for quite a while for this. This powerful tool has helped our business a lot. Our web sales have been increased by over 20% thanks to the Gift Voucher. Customers love the principle of creating their own message and choose their model. We can only say Good job and keep improving!
successful Magento Ecommerce Manager
Alfred Wales

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