Omnichannel Solution for
Magento Ecommerce Manager

Consciously boost online sales and maximize your potential profits

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Convert online sales smarter, not harder

Improve inventory visibility and avoid over-selling by real-time updates on all sales channels
Control webstore & online marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay) in one single Magento backend
Boost sales and deliver personal shopping experience with custom loyalty programs
Grab potential sales opportunities with tailor-made reports for retail ecommerce

We are very satisfied with the features in Omni-channel Solution because these powerful functions can help us save a ton of time and attract a lot more customers.

Ivan Xue, Owner17BuyAu Store
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Get sales-boost features for Magento Ecommerce Manager

Having a beautiful webstore does not guarantee a good sales performance. Power up yourself with our Magento Ecommerce Manager system and get ready to score big with less pain!

Expand online sales channels

Selling on both your webstore and such marketplaces as Amazon, Ebay and Rakuten is easier than ever. Our M2E Pro - Magento integration maximizes your online sales chance by selling on these channels.

Manage orders in one place

Whether you sell on webstore and/or marketplaces, our Magento Ecommerce Manager software centralizes your data. Hence, you can control stock, order and customer info in your Magento backend. Ease the pain of management and focus more on getting money.

Fulfill orders from multiple warehouses

Making mistakes fulfilling orders with products from different locations? Now you can send fulfillment requests to many warehouses at one time. This means faster order processing with no mess.

Set multi-layer permission access

Controlling who does what is easy by assigning roles to users. You'll have a helping hand while staff only do what they should do.

Display real-time inventory info

Bother with over-selling no more! Thanks to the seamless integration with Inventory Management, all sales channels receive instant data whenever there are changes.

Stock tracking at a glance

By a few clicks to the Magento backend, you'll know exactly how many inventory quantities you have on hand. Stock tracking is easy, either by product name or SKUs. All stock movements are recorded in history for access anytime.

Stay informed of low stock

You can set your own conditions and the system will automatically predict your future supply needs and send notifications to you when a product reaches the low status. So you can say goodbye to out-of-stock status forever.

Boost seasonal sales with Gift Card

Sales season is a valuable chance to maximize profit. With our Gift Card function, you can turn that chance into good fortune. Customers can design their own gift card or choose a default template, send it to their friends. This means you have new customers and higher sales.

Encourage customer behavior with Reward Points

It's easy to reward customers for shopping on your website. You can set rules so they receive points automatically when taking an action. Or, go to your Magento backend and send them points as a gift. Your loyal customers will love you so much that shop at nowhere else but your brand.

Call to Return with Store Credits

Allow customers to set up their virtual wallet of credits. It will be the fastest payment method when they shop on your website. They are more likely to return to your store and spend their credits on the next transaction.

Get in-depth sales reports

Extract meaningful insights from different types of sales report. Real-time data update ensures you stay on top of the trend and make more money.

Customize your reports with dimensions/ metrics

Besides built-in reports, our Ecommerce Management software provides various dimensions/ metrics to make your own report. You can understand statistics from different viewpoints.

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We have been looking for quite a while for this. This powerful tool has helped our business a lot. Our web sales have been increased by over 20% thanks to the Gift Voucher. Customers love the principle of creating their own message and choose their model. We can only say Good job and keep improving!

Alfred Wales