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Magento Dropship

Magento Dropship is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers (available for Magento 2). We give you a powerful tool to create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere.

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This Magento dropship module helps you simplify the process of sending and managing Magento dropshipping requests to suppliers. Get the simpliest Dropship process ever within only 3 steps while keeping track of its status via notification emails. Not only convenient for you, it's also pleasing your partner vendors when they can view order listing, create shipment, cancel request right on frontend. Magento Dropship is proven to be a helpful function to enhance any Magento order fulfillment process by having suppliers ship products to customers directly, cutting a lot of waiting time and satisfying shoppers.

Magento Dropship features


Magento 2 Dropship, which can be seen as a bridge connecting your suppliers and your customers, is the most preferred shipping method in the world. With Magento Dropship feature, the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfer sales orders and shipment details to the wholesaler/supplier, who then ships the goods directly to the customers. Dropship extension for Magento 2 now can make this shipping method available in your Magento 2 webstore. If you want to shorten order age, save money on shipping and inventory, this extension is for you.

Now you can save time and inventory cost with the most preferred retailer fulfillment method – Dropship with Dropship extension for Magento 2:

  • The simplest Dropship process ever (3 steps only)
  • Suppliers can create shipment, cancel request right on frontend
  • Keep track of Dropship process via notification emails
  • Comprehensive order listing pages both in admin and supplier view

1. 3-step Magento Dropshipping Process

Forget all complicated shipping steps you used to follow, this Magento dropship module offers you only 3 steps to fulfill orders with Dropship method. You do not need any Magento dropship integration, this native solution takes less than a minute to send Dropship requests to suppliers. After that, suppliers can create shipment or cancel request right on the frontend.

magento dropship - manage stock in warehouse

2. Email Tracking

Bunches of notification emails are available in this Magento Dropship module. After a step is completed, there will be an email automatically sent to admin/suppliers. At this time, we provide 6 default notification emails for the Magento 2 Dropship process.

magento dropship - transfer stock internally and externally

3. Control in Frontend

To help admin & suppliers follow all their dropshipping process easier, we provide separate pages in both front-end (Supplier Page) and backend (Dropship Request), where admin and suppliers can log in and track all related information about their Magento drop shipping.

magento dropship - manage multiple warehouses

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Dropship Request:

  • 2 status of requests: Pending & Completed
  • 2 separate order listing to manage: Dropship Request page for admin & Supplier page for suppliers.
  • Request Dropship in Prepare Fulfillment step

Default notification emails

  • Enable/disable notifying emails when creating/canceling dropship request
  • Supplier Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Supplier Confirm Shipped Dropship request email
  • Admin Request Dropship email
  • Admin Cancel Dropship Request email
  • Reset Password email
  • Send Account To Supplier email


  • 100% open source
  • License Certificate valid for 01 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Magento Dropship is one module app in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. (available for Magento 2). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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