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17BuyAu perfectly streamlines
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Nutrition Supplements



Favorite Feature

Web Point of Sale & Customer Loyalty
Product types in total
1 physical store and 4 multi online stores
1 Warehouse in Australia
Omnichannel retail Case Study - 17Buyau Case Study - 17Buyau
Omnichannel retail Success Story - 17Buyau

The Company

17BuyAu is an eCommerce company which sells baby and healthy products made in Australia to Chinese customers. They sell formulated products for toddlers & healthy products for adults on their eCommerce multi websites, as well as in brick-n-mortar store in Australia.
17BuyAu was looking for a way to lower their costs and higher fulfillment of increased consumers’ expectations by building a seamless system for inventory management and order processing. The company might still be new to the industry, but let’s see how Magestore POS solution has helped this business start off successfully.
Case Study - 17Buyau Omnichannel retail


Firstly, they have physical store and want to create orders for their in-store customers at the point of sale. That’s why they were looking for a point of sale system with key features that make the order processing become more convenient, time-saving which will definitely cut off all their labor costs.

As 17Buyau also has an eCommerce store, Ivan soon realized that in order to centralize the inventory of online and offline store, he “needs a solution which helps manage stock and is compatible and streamline data precisely in real-time with the point of sale module” above – says Ivan.

That 17BuyAu has 1 physical store and multi digital stores urges them to search for a dynamic model which is able to collect and process the data in both multiple online points and offline point and finally centralize them back to one system online to manage. By doing that, inventory statistics in the system will be precise and in real-time.

Omnichannel retail Successful Business - 17Buyau


After evaluating some vendors, Ivan chose Magestore POS system which was really close to his business’ requirements. It includes Web Point of Sale function which helps create orders & makes order processing 10 times faster; also provides Stock Management feature which helps centralize the inventory data of online & offline store, and it is compatible perfectly with WebPOS (order processing).

It makes the store owner easier to manage their inventory and multi-channel sales.

Besides, 17BuyAu also uses Magestore Loyalty Program such as Store Credit and Reward Points (As a part of the complete Magestore POS solution). “We use store credit to extend our payment methods and if the customers add the store credit, we will assign them to different membership packages.” Regarding reward points extensions, “we try to help customers gain points and later we can create some promotion to customers which they can redeem their points.” – shares Ivan.

Omnichannel retail Case Study - 17Buyau


When it comes to results, “the omnichannel solution that Magestore POS provides really helps us to synchronize data from both online and offline stores”.
After using this solution, “we can get the accurate report of stock, customer purchasing, sales report and etc. Based on these reports, we can make decision which products are popular and then we can promote these products to our customers.
It has helped the company automate a great deal of the processes. The solution from Magestore has really helped 17Buyau grow!


“We are very satisfied with the features in Magestore POS Solution because these powerful functions can help us save a ton of time and attract a lot more customers. Secondly, customer service is really outstanding! Highly recommended Magestore solution. ”

“The omnichannel solution that Magestore POS provides really helps us synchronize data from both online and offline stores.”
Omnichannel retail Case Study - 17Buyau

Ivan Xue
The owner of 17BuyAu Store

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