Case Study – Herice | Omnichannel Retail

1 warehouse VS. 3 stores

How Herice cuts down
87.5% of inventory management time in Magento 2

business industry Home Decor
& Gift Accessories
business scale 1 warehouse
& 3 stores
business region Spain
magento solution Magestore POS
for Magento 2

Who is Herice?

Herice is a co-founder of two businesses providing Home Decoration & Gift Accessories.

Like many other retailers, Herice is committed to give customers not only a virtual shopping experience but also a real seamless shopping moment, where customers can choose from a wide range of decoration options in physical store.

Based in Spain, his Home Deco chain has 1 online store & 1 offline store; while Gift & Accessories chain has 1 online store. All 3 stores share only 1 warehouse within Magento 2 ecommerce system

Gift Accessories magento retail omnichannel solution - case study Online Store
magento retail omnichannel solution - case study
magento retail omnichannel solution - case study Warehouse
with 1000+ SKUs
magento retail omnichannel solution - case study
Home Decoration magento retail omnichannel solution - case study Offline Store magento retail omnichannel solution - case study Online Store

3 stores. 1 warehouse. Costly Pain in Stock Management

With three stores (2 online and 1 offline) sharing only ONE warehouse of 1000+ SKUs.
The store owner ran into 2 BIG troubles

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

Never meet right demand from orders

He hardly ever got the accurate number of orders coming – how many items ordered and the order belonged to which stores.

magento retail omnichannel pos solution

Always get the wrong quantities of stocks in warehouses and 3 stores

The exact available inventory Qty. was always unknown. Most of the time, he had to self-enter every little stock quantities in his physical and online shops. Yet, it was very hard to find out the exact stock numbers he got.

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

If these 2 issues continued, his bussiness might not grow properly. With plentiful orders, his staffs might mistaken in quantities for orders. Even if they were right, it might waste their time on checking so that the orders never came to customers right on time.

What’s more?

Because Herice could not get the exact stock quantities, he might lose items, get dead-stocks …
As a wise businessman, Herice did not want to WASTE TIME on inventory management yet LOSE MONEY anymore.

“It was impossible to track the orders and stock quantities. With the physical and online shops, it was very difficult to get the exact stock numbers, and we always had to do it manually”
– Herice –

See how you control stock better

What helped Herice save 87.5% time on inventory

Herice realized that a new commerce software might help solve Inventory problems and generate a higher productivity for the stores while providing seamless shopping experience.

End up, the store owner chose to use Magestore POS Solution for Magento 2. This opened a new page for the business! The new solution not only swept away his two big problems but also brought him smartly supportive features:

quick inventory data sync

Auto update Qty.

The system is 100% native with Magento; hence, seamlessly integrates all data of Products, Orders, and Customers. Any changes are updated immediately into Magento backend.

inventory visibility

Stock Visibility

Number of available stocks is shown and updated in front-end store view and Web POS in real-time. Customers will know exactly how many items are available.

keep track of stock movements

Stock Control History

Manager can always see stock quantities in warehouse, how many stocks are available or on the way to ship for customers (ALL in ONE screen).

edit stock Qty in line

Edit in Line

Instead of accessing the Edit Site, store owner can edit stock Qty. right on the Management panel. This saves tons of time and eliminates unnecessary mistakes.

support logistic

Logistic Information

Manage the product flow in and out of warehouse: how many items of a product SKU are taken out for orders from which store.

Read full Inventory Management solution HERE

magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

It becomes easy to track orders, stock quantities and movements in both brick-and-mortar and online shops. Herice and his staffs can now spend more time on doing other tasks to generate higher revenue in the future.


magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

32 hours – 4 months


magento retail omnichannel solution - case study

4 hours – 4 months

“Thanks to Magestore POS Solution, all the selling process is clear and organized, I can manage all the shops easily so I have more time to do other tasks”

– Herice –

Save 87.5% Working-time NOW

Get yourself an Inventory Management system that takes less time and costs no pain.