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eSmokes Omnichannel Retail Success

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Omnichannel Retail Success Story - eSmokes Case Study - eSmokes
Case Study - eSmokes

The Company

eSmokes is the Sweden’s largest webshop for e-cigarettes, e-juice & accessories. This brand has been online since 2013. “Since I have started working for the company, we have been focused on improving our webstore as well as providing customer support which we, as customers, would like to have when shopping online.” – says Vedran, CEO of the company.

In 2016, they opened their first retail location at Bergsgatan 14 in Malmö, Sweden and plan to open second one in a few months but for Vedran, “online presence is of utmost importance”.

Omnichannel Retail Customer Success - eSmokes


Currently eSmokes has 2 warehouses (1 for the webshop and the other for the retail store). They are planning to have another warehouse for the second retail store.
Vedran said that they had been using OpenCart system and apart from being limited when it comes to options, it turned out that he would need a more permanent, more customizable solution to help with this multi-warehouse inventory management challenge.
Omnichannel Retail Magestore POS - eSmokes


Working with inventory was the hardest part without Magento. Magestore’s Magento POS solution allowed eSmokes to have a much better overview of their warehouse as well as to make order fulfillment much easier.
Vedran also shares his words, “Big part of the reason why we choose Magento is Magestore’s customer support. As we, in the very beginning, weren’t sure if Magestore’s solution will suit us, we were met with patience and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. We were also assured that solutions we choose can be seamlessly integrated.
Omnichannel Retail Case Study - eSmokes


With Magestore POS solution, Esmokes is able to check stock availability in separate stores as well as online. “Expected delivery dates, notifications regarding a certain product or product’s alternative are some of the things that make shopping in our webstore enjoyable.” – says Vedran. Also, Vedran said that the system is highly customizable & allows Esmokes’ staffs to be creative while they are able to streamline routines and organize their business.

For us, running a business can be compared to play and playing allows us to do things more efficiently and, while at it, enjoy our daily work that much more.” – shares Vedran. Along with online solution, their store(s) will be using Magestore’s WEB POS for Magento 2. Esmokes’s customers will be able to enjoy coupon codes, membership cards.


“WEB POS project required a lot of time to be set-up according to Swedish Tax Agency’s regulations and needless to say, Magestore’s technical team has jumped in and solved problem in the most convenient way possible.”

“I believe that we can run the business/site with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!”
Case Study - eSmokes

Vedran Djurasovic
CEO of Esmokes Sweden

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