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Case Study - Decathlon Japan

Decathlon Japan
Ecommerce Project

with the help of Magestore

Case Study - Decathlon Japan


Sporting Goods



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Web Point of Sale and Stock Management
Physical stores world-wide
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SKUs in Japan Showroom
Case Study - Decathlon Japan Case Study - Decathlon Japan
Case Study - Decathlon Japan

The Company

Decathlon is a sport retailer, established in France in 1976, now is the largest sporting goods retailer in France. Over the last 20 years, Decathlon has opened more than 1220 stores in 38 countries.
Recently the brand arrives in Japan with the objective of opening physical store in the next 2 years. But “before getting any physical store, we decided to open our ecommerce site and a physical showroom first.” - says Maxime, the IT Manager.

As their objective for this show room (& for the future store) is to be 100% omnicommerce, Decathlon decided to link their showroom to the E-commerce website with the help of Magestore.
Case Study - Decathlon Japan


Because the eCommerce website has not yet fully functional, so before starting using Magestore solution, “the stock gap created between our stocks (warehouse) and our online store was the most annoying thing.” - says Maxime. As they knew they would open a showroom that will interact a lot with their ecommerce site (for stock transit and stock management), Decathlon were “looking for a solution that could integrate all those features at once and getting rid of old problem they had with current decentralized stock management module.” - mentions Maxime.
So when Decathlon has decided to manage their show room with the E-commerce database, Max has been looking for a Point of Sale solution, compatible with Magento. There are a few others that Max was getting in touch and got meeting with them, explaining what Decathlon were looking for. However, Max soon realised that their solution was not good enough, and that it could not be adapted.
Case Study - Decathlon Japan


Then Maxime contacted Magestore through the chat on the site and started discussing with Magestore Sales Team, explaining what he needed, and Max surprised that Magestore solution seemed to be very adapted to the business’ need and was customizable. The solution helps customize the system that allow online customers to add products to cart and create their orders on the eCommerce website, but COMPLETE and PURCHASE the orders at the Decathlon physical showroom.
Max also shared his words, “Another reason why we choose you was the great customer service, quick reply, technically accurate and easy to communicate with. Then your web site is clear and easy to find what i was looking for in it.“ - says Maxime.
Case Study - Decathlon Japan


Though there are still some new features that need to be developed, however,
So far, we did not encounter any challenges. We spent some time exchanging about my request and what solution Magestore propose. Until today, we always got satisfying result.” - says Max.


“Your solution seems to be very adapted to our need and, considering that our need was not easy to create, as it includes many specific request, I think your solution would fit many other clients need as well.” -
says Max

I am confident to say that I will promote your solution to any other retailer looking for a strong customisable POS/ Inventory solution!
Case Study - Decathlon Japan
Maxime Catoire
The IT project manager of Decathlon Japan

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