Leading Web-based POS System for Magento Retailers

Magento POS is an Advanced web-based Point of Sale extension that connects both Magento online site and physical store. Experience all POS features from products, customers, pricing, orders and returns with any devices: desktop, laptop or tablet. Integrated with multiple POS hardware.

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Scalable Magento POS system 10,000+ retailers worldwide love to use


Checkout fast & accurately

Magento web-based POS provides you with fast loading and smooth performance as a native app. Make it quick to serve your customers and reduce queues in your retail store


Accept flexible payments

Whichever payment methods your customer choose, you can accept with WebPOS. We are working with leading payment providers around the world (Paypal,, Stripe..) to make every sales count.


Sync data in real time

Retail POS system offers the ability to set time intervals for synchronizing online and physical store with ease. You always track products, inventory, customers, and orders everywhere, in real time.

All the best-in-class features of Magento Web POS
for multi-store retailers

Maximize the full power of Magento Point of Sales system

Magento Web POS

A wide range of payment methods

Magento Web POS provides flexible payment options to streamline your sales at checkout. Either online or offline payment methods your customers use, you can easily accept with WebPOS. Connect your POS system with leading secure payment gateways (Paypal,, Stripe..) to get paid fast and conveniently.

We are working with the world’s leading providers for integrated payments to bring you a smarter and faster checkout experience

Magento Web POS

An out-of-the-box hardware integration solution

Hardware integration is now easier than ever with Web POS. Our POS system is compatible with the latest hardware - pole display, printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner. Just need the device you use and SDK guide, we can make them work well with POS system on your checkout desk. As a result, you can cut down the limit of device integration to your POS system

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The fastest POS solution

We then explored other options available in different POS solutions in the market, but none of them were so well thought of and so fast as Magestore Web POS. We ended up buying the extension and are glad we did. Currently we are using it in our retail outlets to process orders faster than 50%.

De Bono - Interview on Magestore

Wonderful Extension, Extensively well Thought

Any developer/ company can make a basic POS extension, but I was amazed from the moment I tried the extension on the demo store, the features and the attention to detail given by the development team to this app is excellent, everything was extensively thought of

Divyanshu Agnihotri - Interview on Magestore

Using this in Australia

I looked into P.O.S. systems such as Vend etc. None provided the flexibility or features that are needed to run a modern retail/ecommerce store. Pays for itself within the first few months

Jones - Interview on Magestore

A recommended POS system

I tried the demo and it exactly worked as description, so I decided to buy it after that. I like it 'cause I don't have to spend much time creating orders and searching for products. I think this extension is so interesting that store owners should install in their stores. I recommend it

Andre - Interview on Magestore

Very useful POS system

I have purchased many extensions from Magestore, this extension being one of many. I have never had a bad extension from Magestore. Their attention to detail and features makes all of their extensions easy to use for both you the admin in the back end and your customer on the front end

Tyson - Interview on Magestore

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  • Looking for Web-based POS for Magento 2 instead? Explore here
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Frequently Asked Questions

After purchase, you will obtain a License Certificate which includes a license serial. It is valid for:
  • One live Magento installation only (even if you have multiple sites & stores in the same Magento back-end, 1 Web POS license is enough)
  • One dev Magento installations only
You can install it like installing any extensions to Magento Backend, just follow our Installation Guide here. Or if you cannot do it yourself, please purchase our installation service
Our Web POS extension is not provided with a trial version. You could test all functions thoroughly on our demo site; we are willing to clarify any concerns. In addition, not like the trial, the paid version is 100% open source and you freely customize it as your desire. We also offer free lifetime support and updates thus if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at to receive the proper response.
There are several ways that you can learn about our product updates:
  • subscribe to receive our monthly & weekly newsletters
  • get alerted via feeds notifications
  • manually check your current Web POS version in Settings and compare it with the latest version on our website

To download the latest version, please visit, log in to My Account -> My Downloadable Products & select the version you want to use.

You only need to purchase the license one time and then freely use Web POS forever, no monthly fee or additional cost. This price has already included Free Support for One year & Free Update for Lifetime.
Web POS is compatible with Community Edition - - and Enterprise Edition - - It also work well with the latest security patch SUPEE-9652. Web POS for Magento 2 is available here
With our installation service, our developers will help you install Web POS & makes it work properly on your site. Any unexpected problems & conflicts may arise during the process will be eliminated.
Yes, both orders placed through Web POS & your website are stored in Sales-> Orders. All ordered items are subtracted from Catalog Inventory. When you make orders offline, data is saved in IndexedDB browser and it will be synced to the system when you are online. However, you can check sales made through POS separately by view them in POS Reports section.
We always assure that when you purchase our installation service, we will cover all steps of setting up a product and eliminate all problems that may occur in the process of installation. As the fee is paid for the amount of time that we spend on serving you, it cannot be refunded. In the event that you would be dissatisfied with our service, please contact our Sales Manager at We will remind our staff so as to serve you better next time.
No, Web POS comes with Free Support for One year& Update for Lifetime as stated our Terms and Conditions.
Web POS can work with default inventory in your Catalog (auto-filter out-of-stock products). It is also compatible with our Inventory Management module for better stock control among multiple sales & storage locations.
Yes, it's possible to modify the layout as you want. For further instructions, please contact our developers at

Release Notes

  • Fix bug can not using store credit when checkout
  • Fix bug still allow to select pay by store credit after paid all by cash
  • Fix bug don't show SKU of custom sale iteam in hold order
  • Fix bug allow to add item with is_saleabl is false to cart
  • Link POS location with Store view of Magento
  • Fix prefix table issue in Helper/Data.php
  • Fix syntax issues in PHP7
  • Fix bug price calculation of configuration product on POS
  • Fix bug lossing customer addresses after saved customer
  • Fix bug don't return gift card value after refunded
  • Fix bug wrong qty in cart after transferred item from online shopping cart to POS
  • Fix bug missing transaction ID when using Stripe payment gateway
  • Fix wrong paid total of orders in report
  • Show notice instead of bug when checkout error
  • Add qty field when purchase custom sale
  • Show orders of current store view only after logged-in
  • Fix bug can not edit customer after re-order
  • Fix wrong special price of configurable product
  • Fix bug can not edit qty of product in checkout list
  • Fix wrong value of percent-price custom options
  • Allow to search products in category
  • Fix error not update order status after refunded
  • Fix wrong tier price after update qty of product in checkout list
  • Fix error can not sync products after enable flat_product & flat_category
  • Fix error can not create invoice after partial refunded
  • Fix error not redirecting to login page after time-out of session
  • Fix bug wrong tax value after enable border trade & included-tax product price
  • Fix bug showing only one location in grid of staffs
  • Fix bug don't show orders from other staffs after enabled
  • Fix wrong time-zone of session opening time & closing time
  • Fix error don't add discount & refund amount to Z-Report
  • Fix error don't update order status if choose creating invoice & shipment when checkout
  • Fix bug don't reload point balance in checkout section
  • Fix bug don't update order status after synced data
  • Fix bug can't checkout configurable product when allow back-order
  • Fix bug don't display tax value in checkout list
  • Fix bug negative grand total when redeem maximum reward points
  • Fix bug always subtract product qty from primary warehouse
  • Fix bug don't apply configuration of Z-Report & counting drawer
  • Fix error: do not select default country when add new customer
  • Fix wrong price of bundle item in POS cart when setting price by customer group
  • Fix wrong item when adding the same configurable product to POS cart
  • Fix error can not set custom price as 0 for item in cart
  • Fix error can not search product by barcode generated from Barcode Management module
  • Fix error allow to click on li tag of left menu item
  • Fix layout error when using on iPad
  • Fix error do not record tracking number after created shipment from POS
  • Fix error do not record comment after created credit memo from POS
  • Fix error wrong product information when select different store view on POS
  • Fix wrong customer group permission
  • Fix error can not checkout configurable, bundle & group product with custom option
  • Fix error can not checkout not-shipable custom sales item
  • Fix error can not search sales order in offline mode when POS user using a custom permission
  • Fix error can not print z-report from backend
  • Fix error when re-order item with custom option
  • Fix error do not update order status after checked-out from POS
  • Integrate with payment
  • Allow to sync orders from Webpos by manual
  • Add more labels to translation file
  • Fix conflict with MDN_AdvancedStock extension
  • Fix error to validate payment before submit order from POS
  • Fix warning errors in system logs
  • Fix error missing product in search results in WebPOS
  • Fix error when checkout virtual products in WebPOS
  • Fix wrong total paid & order status when checkout in WebPOS using credit card payment
  • Fix error do not reload the total paid of order after taken payment
  • Integrate with Magestore PDF Invoice extension
  • Save payment method code to Order when do not use split payment
  • Provide more custom shipping method
  • Fix quote issue when view order in backend
  • Fix error missing "Non" option of bundle items in Webpos
  • Fix error wrong prefix of data table in reports
  • Fix issue can not submit form when swipe credit card
  • Fix issue can not checkout using recent created shipping/billing addresses
  • Fix issue can not translate menu group in Webpos
  • Fix issue updating product prices based on customer group in offline mode
  • Fix issue email configuration doesn't work
  • Fix timezone issue of creation time of cash transactions
  • Fix high of product boxes in Webpos
  • Fix sync Orders issue when using reward points
  • Fix missing translation labels in javascript files
  • Fix wrong tax calculation based on origin shipping address in offline mode
  • Fix issue auto remove search key when there are many products in search result
  • Fix wrong ACL checking in reports of Webpos
  • Fix issue of default shipping method in Webpos checkout
  • Hide Reward point, gift card discount field when checkout without using point or gift card
  • Always show view product information icon in tablet
  • Reload order list & order detail after finished an action (cancel, ship, refund, invoice & take payment)
  • Integration with module Aitoc_Aitoptionstemplate
  • Display order creation date by timezone of current Store view
  • Fix bug not update qty of item in checkout when scan barcode more times
  • Fix bug when checkout using with 100% discounted
  • Fix wrong data of sales-by-payment-method in Z-report & Sales report
  • Fix wrong qty input of bundle options when config "User Defined Qty" as "NO"
  • Fix bug not show store credit form after updated balance
  • Fix bug to show root category of selected Store in Webpos
  • Fix bug: guest data is not applied to checkout when open WebPOS
  • Fix bug wrong required options of bundle product
  • Fix bug search customer in offline data when enable online mode
  • Fix bug not shown region in address preview
  • Fix bug search configurable product by its child
  • Fix bug do not record transaction into Cash drawer after refunded by cash
  • Fix css style issue in iPad
  • Fix wrong data format in Safari
  • Add missing translation labels in .html file
  • Fix wrong grand total value in some cases
  • Fix error can not place order from Web Pos (do not save shipping method)
  • Fix error can not save default shipping method when place order from Web Pos
  • Fix error wrong tax value of multiple qty item
  • Fix search issue when using special characters
  • Fix error auto focus on search input in Web Pos
  • Fix error can not checkout product if it is out-of-stock and do not manage stock
  • Fix conflict with Magestore Reward Points extension
  • Fix bug do not select default customer group automatically when place order.
  • Fix bug wrong permission checking in Webpos
  • Fix bug onhold order doesn't save customer information
  • Fix bug can not place order from Webpos when using Magento 1.7
  • Fix bug require to select customer when place order
  • Fix wrong created time of Orders from Webpos
  • Do not show disabled categories in Webpos
  • Optimize product image size in Webpos
  • Save & store data in IndexedDB browser
  • Being updated with new design & interface
  • Quick view product description
  • Support partial payment - pay part of the order value & pay the due amount later
  • Enable partial shipment - ship in 1, 2 or more consignments
  • Being compatible with customer pole display (Hot)
  • Show sales reports by staff, sales location or by payment method