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Checkout orders for multiple locations
with custom Magestore POS

Able to track inventory visibility accross channels & let shoppers purchase items stocked
at different locations

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Provide hassle-free shopping experience with simplified inventory management

A custom endless aisle system from Magestore POS that benefits you and your customers.

Magestore POS: Sell physical gift cards on Magento POS

Improve customer satisfaction

Offer customers the opportunities to shop a wide range of products that are either out of stock or not sold in-store. In-store staff can fulfill them instantly and improve customer’s satisfaction.

Increase sales/Drive incremental revenue

Store staff can look at stock quantity updated in each location on POS. So they can up-sell/ cross-sell items face-to-face with the customer and drive more sales.

Hold less inventory

Create orders from other locations will take some of the storage, logistical, and financial burdens away from the retailer.

Going Endless Aisle is NOT that hard!

Just think about your business requirements & get ready to simplify your multi-location orders workflow with us.
Only 5 simple steps and you’ll bring your customers the best shopping experience ever.

Sell physical gift card on Magento POS

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Scan physical gift cards on Magento POS

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Add physical gift card to cart

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Import physical gift cards data to Magento

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Redeem gift code on Magento POS

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Fun part: Let’s design your POS system on your own terms

Your business, your system. Combine a Magento-native system that just works,
with customization to match your requirements.

Take advantage of available yet powerful features on Magestore POS system

Good news! Our core product already covers tons of essential functions. Sell and grow with the latest Magento version (2.3):.

  • Include a fast Point of Sale system
  • Integrate with Multi source inventory feature of Magento website version 2.3 or above.
  • Update stock in real time between online and offline channels (Omnichannel)

Explore Magestore POS features

Get a customized solution to meet your business’ specific needs and the solution

Customization is the way to perfection. Let’s custom the current features or even add more features regarding your business’ traits.

  • Get all the core features, plus:
  • See nearby locations listed and its product quantity
  • Edit product quantity at each location on POS
  • Checkout orders for multiple locations
  • Work with Magento without 3rd party integration.

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Get your solution with an agile
& transparent customization process

Our Agile methodology ensures you’re involved throughout the journey.
Let us help you save time, cost, and effort running your business.


Share with us your ideas, whether it’s a simple concept or a long-term plan. You’ll be served within 48 hours. (We’re online 8am – 5pm, GMT+7, Mon – Fri)

Indept Consultant

You’ll get a business & technical proposal and roadmap to match your goals, timeline, and budget. This document is forever yours to use onwards.


Confirm your solution and receive customization results on a weekly basis. You can adjust the roadmap anytime to match your business. We’re with you all the way.


Need more adjustments to fit your business workflow?

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No, create orders for multiple locations is a customization on our POS. Please book a consultation with us if you’re interested in this solution.
You can create orders for multiple location in 7 simple steps, if you use Magento and Magestore POS:

  • Step 1: Setting up an online website using Magento version 2.3
  • Step 2: Configuring Multiple Source Inventory, including:
    – Source(s)
    – Stock(s)
    – Import inventory to the corresponding source(s).
  • Step 3: Setting up POS for each physical store
  • Step 4: Linking POS to stock/source
  • Step 5: Setting up Related stores (nearby stores, such as in the same city..)
  • Step 6: Implementing customized feature of creating orders for multiple locations/stores on POS.
  • Step 7: Training staff (sales, cashiers,…) on how to use the system, and how to up-sell and cross-sell during the in-store sales process.
No. You need to customize it in the Magento backend so it can be shown on the online store. Currently, we only do customization on our POS.
Our multi-location order solution is only available from Magento 2.3 version or above. (Oops!)
We offer customized solution based on unique business requirements. Talk to us and we’ll make sure you have a system that meets your needs.