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Banner Slider Magento 2 Hottest FREE extension for Magento 2 (1.7.1)

Banner Slider Magento 2
  • Banner Slider Magento 2 (1.7.1)

    Magento 2

First time in the market, Magento 2 Banner Slider is upgraded to be compatible with Magento 2 and is promised to become the hottest FREE extension.

HOT: Successfully verified by Magento ® expert in Jan 2016

Still with full features as the previous version, Magento 2 Banner Slider will attract customers right from the very first moments they are on site.

  • Get customers' attention with eye-catching images
  • Choose among up to 36 positions & a variety of effects to display slides
  • Highlight your promotion, campaign or any events by using banner slider
  • View & analyze report for the effectiveness of the slides

Free and available on GitHub here. You can make changes on your own and also join other developers in the community!

Community Edition: 2.0.x - 2.1.x


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Benefits & How it works

You are considering about a good position to show your promotion information, aren't you? You're on the right track as Magento Banner Slider is an exact marketing extension that you need. By creating a series of banners (sliders), displaying it on homepage or any of 36 different positions, you will no longer worry about on-site promotion. Even more, with reports for each banner, you can analyze then make your adjustment effectively. Wow, it's greater than ever when being compatible with Magento 2 & totally FREE. Take a quick look about how Magento Banner Slider works
Magento 2 Banner Sliders | Benefits & How it works

Features Detailed

1. Up to 36 positions to put banner on site

Choose your most suitable one from 36 positions available to show sliders on your website. You can also preview how it looks when setting up banners. Below is an example when you choose the Content Top position to show slider:
Magento 2 Banner Slider |select position

2. Diversified types of banner with different effects

If you are considering about adding information to your banners such as URL, banner image and its order to shown, you can definitely do it with Magento Banner Slider. Especially, it is very easy to create sliders with different effects and active time. Wow, so convenient to run a marketing campaign in your wanted time period.

Sometimes, customers tell us they are bored with normal kinds of sliders. Do you feel the same? Don't worry! Special sliders which are notes and pop-ups are provided to diversify your choice. Use it and select some sliders which allow auto-resizing the images to fit the position.

Magento 2 Banner Slider - Detailed features

3. Detailed report for better improvements

Oh, you seem to have a perfect promotion banner on site. But it can be more perfect after you view reports on clicks and impressions of banners. Statistics are available for both banners on a slider and banners on all sliders. Yeah, identify which banner is better then apply what you get for later ones.
Magento 2 Banner Slider - Best slider extension for magento 2 stores

4. Bonus Fact

Magestore works really hard on Magento 2 and uses our knowledge to upgrade Magento Banner Slider extension to be compatible with Magento 2. To make it easier & help you get used to with complete changes in Magento 2, we offer Magento Banner Slider for 100% FREE. This is the chance for you to discover more about it. So, why hesitate to download?



Features Full List


For Customers
  • Can see banners in up to 36 positions on a website
  • Quickly catch hot news or information of promotional programs
  • Conveniently go into detail by clicking on banners
  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface
  • It's one of the top useful free Magento extensions
For Admins
  • Flexibly select among up to 36 available positions to show sliders.
  • Preview the position chosen
  • Create banners with many information such as URL, banner image as well as assign an order for it to appear on a slider
  • Create sliders with different effects and showing time
  • Able to set up some special sliders which are notes and pop-ups to serve certain purposes
  • Can select sliders which allow auto-resizing the images to fit the position.
  • Can view reports on clicks and impressions of banners.
  • Can create your own slider style by inserting custom codes.

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  • regarding for slider extension


    this is good extenstion

  • Great easy extension


    One of the easiest extensions I've installed. Worked straight out of the box on my custom theme so certainly A++ to the developers for this. With the 36 positions, this is a plus for me.

  • Very good plugin, support for a variety of styles


    Very good plugin, support for a variety of styles

  • Excellent



  • Extremely Happy with the extension.


    As I added the extension to my site it worked & I was happy but the only issue I had is to center the banner on my homepage. Well Louis helped me and was extremely helpful and prompt. A++++ for Louis! I think all should know, the only way to center the banner is to add a line; You can this code into our css skin/frontend/base/default/css/magestore/bannerslider/slider2.css on line 5 margin-left: 8%; All the best to Magestore! Extremely Happy with the extension.