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Setting up special discount rate or specific limitation for affiliates, adding attributions in registration section are the most frequent added-in features.
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  • Allow tiered commissions for different affiliate level.

    Affiliates can gain different commision rates after meeting specific conditions e.g. if the accumulated purchase of referred customers reach X amount in Y months, the affiliate will receive Z% commission.

  • Set different discount levels for affiliates when purchasing products.

    The standard settings only allow affiliates to earn commission, not getting a discount when purchasing products. This customization allows wider benefit options for affiliates, especially if the affiliate himself is a regular buyer of the store.

  • Assign an affiliate to a limited quantity of products under a sub-store.

    This means each affiliate can only resell some specific products with a specifc quantity. This helps the store owner avoid over-selling while there is no more available. Hence, store management and stock control become easier.

  • Add new Payment method for affiliate: Add a "Bank Transfer Account" field when affiliates register without a paypal email.

    Bank transferring is a convenient and secure method for receiving and withdrawing commissions. By adding bank transferring method besides Paypal, the store owner allows a more flexible payment method for domestic affiliates.

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