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  • A very useful Magento extension. The support for this product is excellent, all my questions were answered within 24 hours, even on the weekends.


  • The extension is pretty good and it's perfect for my type of products. Like always the Magestore support is really great, fast and always clear in the answers.


  • I highly recommend this product and this company. The Affiliate Plus program does all and then some. The support is quick and effective. Awesome job!


  • I bought this product few days ago when I was looking for nice affiliate solution. I found this product and I do not regret buying it. Excellent product with great features!


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  • This extension can be a really powerful tool for eCommerce website owners once its used properly. It has a lot of advanced features, a little confusing to setup at the beginning BUT they have a great support team... Thanks Adam and Grace for the help!

    Michael Lim


  • I've been nothing but happy with the Affiliate+ plugin. Out of the box it worked almost perfectly, with only a small amount of support from Masestore. Magestore has been prompt with all service and support.

    Zachary Melo


  • This extension is very good. But always tried to use latest version. Thanks To support team for excellent guide.

    Suvankar Giri


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  • How to run an effective affiliate program for Magento sites

    By: Orangecopper.com

    There are many ways to run an affiliate program for your Magento site. The first released and most rated Magento extension is Affiliate+. It has full functions to run a basic affiliate program and also provide many plugins to meet the special needs of some stores. Read more...

  • 6 Tips for Magento Store-Owners to Run Affiliate Programs

    By: Techmaish.com

    When asked about the secret of their success, many Magento store owners said that affiliate marketing is a crucial activity that contributes a great deal to their revenue. However, not every store succeeds with affiliate marketing and failed to see changes in their traffic and sales. Read more...

Thousands of customers thumb up for Affiliate+

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  • ValorStore

    United States

    "I have already recommended Affiliate Plus to some of my developer partners. There is no better solution out there for a completely flexible and affordable affiliate platform that has the same level of support and customer service. Thank you for such an amazing products and the best customer service we’ve ever received in this industry!" - Simon, developer of ValorStore.com

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  • VoIPStore

    United States

    "Our success is driven by the Affiliate program where people can make commission by selling the services to others, AND to earn an ongoing residual income from the continuing business of everyone they sign up. For some of our affiliate sales reps, they are making thousands of dollars per month by selling in the program. Our program allows affiliates to grow their business.” – David Elliot says

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  • Fixxi.net

    United Kingdom

    Fixxi.net is a UK Company providing web services. Though being a small business, Fixxi.net has enjoyed the successful Affiliate plus program with over 90% of revenue from this channel every month. "I was glad to have the opportunity to say some good words about Magestore.com as they are an example of what a provider makes extensions to a CMS platform should be like." - Steve Green- Store owner said.

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  • Excellent and Prompt Support When Needed

    We have purchased several different extensions from this developer including the Affiliate Plus, Inventory and Reward Points with additional modules as well, and anytime we have come across any...


  • Great Plugin and fast support.

    If you know what you are doing, this plugin is great. Lots of options and possibilities which serves our purpose well. The support is very fast, too and always helpful with some minor bugs we...


  • Top notch service

    Excellent service when we needed it. There was no hesitation on their part when we needed an error fixed. I recommend Magestore. Their extensions have always performed well.


  • Fantastic extension, quick support and well priced for what...

    This extension works extremely well, it has lots of configuration settings and the team behind it are very professional and provide very good support. In general its a great extension made by...


  • Good support!

    Good extension and customer support. They modified the extension to work with a one step checkout extension we had installed.


  • Excellent Extension, Top-Notch Support!

    One of the best extensions I've used. Works flawlessly. Developer even made a few changes to the plugin for me!


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