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Recognized by Magento Connect as top-notch extension:

  • First Pro Affiliate Extension on market since 2010
  • Over 100 reviews & 3,300 popularity scores
  • Overall rated at 4.9/5 stars - Highest Rated Affiliate Extension
  • Trusted by 7,000++ customers and enterprises worldwide
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Indeed, no other modules can be as Powerful as ours!

  • The first in the market

    This extension was released in 2009 and was the first Magento Affiliate extension ever! Since then, it has been frequently updated by Certified Developers and become the software that has the most functions of high quality code.

  • Build any kind of programs

    Whatever an affiliate program you think of, you can always find "how-to" at Magestore. Just we provide up to 6 ways for affiliates to refer and 4 methods for you to pay commission. Build your Magento multi-level marketing program at ease!

  • Pay what you want only

    Not just powerful in functions but in policy. You can pay for what features you want only. No extra cost for lifetime support, lifetime update.

No other Affiliate extensions are powerful as Magestore Magento Affiliate Extension

Thousands of customer reviews and high ratings say it all

#1 on Magento Connect

  • a_lucaMagento Connect

    We tried 3, 4 other modules until we found this one, it is the best and most stable of them all. The settings can be easily made, the installation was very easy and without any problems. We needed an adjustment, and the support was quick and helpful! Keep up the great work!...

  • NoppyMagento Connect

    Perfect and excellent workflow, easy to undestand and integration into business-workflow processes. Good and warm support from developper side - never see so good and easy Extension for Magento. Thank you for understanding customers need...

  • <

    sapxpert Magento Connect

    I bought this product few days ago when I was looking for nice affiliate solution. I found this product and I do not regret buying it. Initially, the product did not work with theme but developers were very good and they fixed the product very quickly. Excellent product with great features

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#1 Reviewed in Press

  • OrangeCopper Webmaster Networks

    There are many ways to run an affiliate program for your Magento site. The first released and most rated Magento extension is Affiliate+. It has full functions to run a basic affiliate program and also provide many plugins to meet the special needs of some stores.

  • Web Resources

    Affiliate Plus by Magestore is the first and most popular affiliate extension of Magento. It eases creating an affiliate system for any store where users will be able to refer the website (or products) and get paid for any sales

  • TechMaish

    When asked about the secret of their success, many Magento store owners said that affiliate marketing is a crucial activity that contributes a great deal to their revenue. However, not every store succeeds with affiliate marketing and failed to see changes in their traffic and sales.

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#1 Recommended by Developers

  • Michael Lim

    This extension can be a really powerful tool for eCommerce website owners once its used properly. It has a lot of advanced features, a little confusing to setup at the beginning BUT they have a great support team... Thanks Adam and Grace for the help!

  • Zachary Melo

    I've been nothing but happy with the Affiliate+ plugin. Out of the box it worked almost perfectly, with only a small amount of support from Masestore. Magestore has been prompt with all service and support.

  • Suvankar Giri

    This extension is very good. But always tried to use latest version. Thanks to support team for excellent guide.

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Wanna see how it really works?

  • 1

    Plan and build your Affiliate Program

    Set attractive commission, discount & payout requirement based on your marketing strategy

  • 2

    Provide the tools for your affiliates

    Create banners, links, widgets, etc. so referrals can post them right away without any technical knowledge

  • 3

    Start recruiting affiliates

    Make affiliate signup process and referral programs obvious and simple to attract participants

  • 4

    Track affiliates' performance

    Monitor, review and filter transactions, reports of affiliates and referral programs with clean tracking code

  • 5


    Choose among various payment methods (including Paypal API auto-process) to pay your affiliates based on specific withdrawal requirements

Magento Affiliate Extension by Magestore is the first and most powerful affiliate extension in the magento world
Magento Affiliate extension has 6 affiliating methods and 4 ways to pay commission

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