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Quick Login Checklist
  • Quick Login Checklist


Let's face it - your customers hate default login/ signup process of Magento because these forms are way to complicated & take much time to go through page by page. Thus, it's crucial to implement extensions that speed up this process, such as a Quick Login extension. Here're what it's gonna do for your Magento site:

  • Show Login, Account Sign-up, password reset forms via popups without loading new pages
  • Display My account (on top link) with drop-down menu to quickly access tabs
  • Flexibly change pop-up design, such as colors for links, border, background, etc.

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why your magento website needs an extension for quick login

The less tedious steps your Customers need to access your site, the more time they have to shop. Whereas default sign-up/ login process of Magento is too complicated, Login extensions become more crucial than ever to help Customers access their account on your site easier.
Besides social login option, using pop-up forms (to login, register, reset password, etc.) is another solution to save customers much time from going back and forth. Thus, why not implement it on your site with Quick Login extension for Magento?

Magento Quick Login extension | Benefits

How a Quick Login extension normally works on Magento site

Magento Quick Login extension | How it works

Recommended features of a good Quick Login extension

Customers can log in through popup right below the Login link easily and quickly.

Magento Quick Login extension | Log in

Besides, Customers are able to reset their passwords or create a new account through popups without being navigated to a new page.

Magento Quick Login extension | Create new account

After logging in, Customers can select any session of their accounts that are shown on the dropdown menu. They will be redirected to the Detail page after clicking on tabs.

Magento Quick Login extension | easily access any account's session

Checklist to find your Magento Quick Login extension


For Customers
  • Can log in, create new account and reset passwords via popups without loading pages back and forth
  • Can quickly access any account's session shown on the dropdown menu.
For Admin
  • Can set up colors for links, border, background, etc. of popup
  • Support multiple stores
  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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