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You may not know that most Magento menu extensions cause site slower. Our module not only remains your site speed but also visualizes your Magento navigation menu by various provided templates.

Latest Update: A new type of menu is added in version 3.2 - Dynamic Product Listing by Category

  • Create Horizontal & Vertical Menu with effects: Fade, slide, toggle
  • Customize the style of menu to fit with your store: width, color, icon, position
  • Say no to slow speed in your site
  • Offer mobile responsive menu for better UX
  • Style your own mega menu without editing css file

Mega Menu in Magento 2 is also available

Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788
Compatible with:   Community: 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
Enterprise: 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x

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Do you know how long customers stay on web pages? Surprisingly, it’s only 10-20s on average (NNGroup, 2011) whereas you have a variety of products and categories to show. So as not to let customers leave soon, tell them the shortest way to what they are looking for. Magento Mega Menu extension (a.k.a Magento Navigation Menu) is your solution to create the best sitemap right on the main navigation. No technical knowledge required! You can flexibly set up your wanted menu with different content showing-off.  One more thing, you don’t need to worry about running site with “turtle speed”. Magento Mega Menu extension doesn’t affect your site speed for sure.

Magento Mega Menu extension- magento navigation menu - Benefits

How it works

Magento Mega Menu extension- top magento navigation menu - How it works

Features Detailed

+ Create beautiful menu layout with horizontal (top) & vertical (left) Magento navigation menu

With Magento Mega Menu, you can choose between horizontal or vertical menu layout. Just add menu items in backend, select menu type you want, then choose categories, products & even more to be displayed.

It depends on your web-store that you can create a horizontal or vertical menu as preferred. You can even set both of them in one page if you like. Magento Mega Menu does help you to create it easily.
Magento Mega Menu extension - Horizontal and vertical Menu of magento navigation menu
Flexibly, you are totally able to customize your menu with Header Content, Main Content, Featured Content or Footer Content according to the menu layout. 
Magento Mega Menu extension - Menu Layout of magento navigation menu

When adding a menu item, it is flexible for you to pick one of 7 submenu types, which are Anchor Text, Static Category Listing, Dynamic Category Listing, Default Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid and Content.
Magento Mega Menu extension / magento navigation menu - Type of menu content
Magento Mega Menu extension / magento navigation menu - Dynamic products listing by category
For Category Listing, Magento Mega Menu allows you to show all 3 levels of category in menu.
Magento Mega Menu extension magento navigation menu- Category Listing
Magento navigation menu provides a variety of effects, including Fade, Slide and Toggle. For example, when Customers hover over a Menu item, a list of your products will be displayed. This feature makes your Magento navigation menu more lively and professional.
Magento Mega Menu extension - Manage Cache of magento navigation menu

+ Responsive & optimized for Mobile menu

Not only can you configure the menu for desktop but you can also set up your mobile menu type. Especially, you can choose your own breakpoint in backend to control the viewport width at which the menu will be changed to mobile version.

Magento Mega Menu - Mobile version configuration

While many other Magento Menu extensions interact with database directly, thus slowing your site, Magestore's Mega Menu uses generated HTML code of your menu, so it wouldn't affect your site performance. You can easily enable, disable cache when editing menu items for convenient frontend preview.

Magento Mega Menu extension - Manage Cache of magento navigation menu



Features Full List


Quickly Create Magento Custom Menu
  • Create horizontal & vertical Magento navigation menu for your site (Featured)
  • Easily create different types of menu items. To show a menu item as product listing or category listing, admin can choose a menu type then select products/ categories to be shown. There are many menu types available, including Content only, Contact form or Anchor text, etc.
  • Add new type of menu: Dynamic Product Listing by Category (New)
  • Show all 3 levels of category in menu if wanted
  • Quickly create a menu bar in which menu items are categories of your site.
  • Reindex cache (use generated HTML code of your menu) to update changes, not affecting your site performance (Featured)
  • Easily add, delete and edit menu items
  • Export the menu list to CSV/XML file
Easily Configure Menu Content and Style
  • Set featured products/ categories in menu content
  • Add labels to highlight products that you want, such as Hot, New, 50% OFF, etc. (New)
  • Able to arrange the position of Menu items
  • Support multiple Menu effects: Hover, animate, toggle. When Customers hover over a Menu item, a list of your products will be displayed.
  • Customize the style of menu: width, menu color, icon, etc. Can also add customer style with css code.
  • Possible to configure the style of menu content: size, number and position of columns
  • Able to choose the arrangement of category items shown in category menu type
Optimize Menu with Mobile Menu Configuration (Hot)
  • Choose your own breakpoint in backend to control the viewport width at which the menu will be changed to mobile version.
  • Flexible configure menu style & content to be shown in mobile, like what you did for menu in PC
  • Preview menu items before refreshing cache
  • Responsive Magento Mega Menu extension (Hot)
  • Support multiple stores
  • Support multiple languages
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Open source 100%
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).

Interview of whom purchased Magento Mega Menu extension: Enhance visual effects & searching speed with Mega Menu

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Release Notes

Version 3.2 (Upgraded on Dec 22 2015)

  • Add new menu type: Dynamic Products Listing by Category (Hot)
  • Fix bugs from the previous version
  • Easy to add custom style in configuration without editing css file

Version 3.1 (Upgraded on Sept 9 2015)

  • Add new menu type: Dynamic Category Listing (Hot)
  • Add label to highlight menu items in Product Listing & Product Grid menu types, such as Hot, New, 50% OFF, etc.
  • Fix bugs from the previous version
  • Perfectly compatible with latest security patch SUPEE-6788

Version 3.0 (Upgraded on June 15 2015)

  • Friendly interface for menu shown in frontend: both PC & mobile menu (Hot)
  • Quickly set the menu style for all items in one configuration page
  • Easily add menu item in backend with flexible settings for admin

Version 2.4 (released on Nov 24th 2014)

  • Update with responsive design interface (Hot)

Version 2.3 (released on Jun 03th 2013)

  • Fix error of not showing links together with menus items
  • Fix conflict with javascript in Magento Enterprise edition

Version 2.2 (released on May 16th 2013)

  • Fix conflict with jQuery javascript when running Mega Menu

Version 2.1 (released on May 03th 2013)

  • Fix error that occurs when running Mega Menu in single store mode

Version 2.0 (released on February 07th 2013)

  • Provide many templates to quickly create menu items: Home, Categories, Contact...
  • Easily customize the menu: effect (hover, animate, toggle), width, background color, text color, icon for menu items...
  • Use generated HTML code of the menu to prevent site performance.

Version 1.2 (released on Nov 13th 2012)

  • Fix the error that occures when working with deleted categories.
  • Improve menu loading performance.
  • Fix css errors while using in different themes.
  • Enhance user interface.

Version 1.1 (released on Sept 7th 2012)

  • Allow administrator to change position of menu item by using a visual slider control.

Version 1.0 (released on Aug 22th 2012)

  • Release stable version 1.0.
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  1. Magento Mega Menu matched the theme and features exactly as we desire; so together with the simplicity of installation, it was a perfect choice.
    Alieu CEOFeinks.com
  2. This Magento Mega Menu extension helps create very easy navigation in 10 minutes, have a template with more flexible options (category, product, Anchor, Content...) and easy interface. Works perfectly!
    Lubomir Todorov CEOhotmonitor.org
  3. Software is only as good as the support you receive with it. I evaluated this plugin, and decided it did everything I needed.
    Ivan O'Donoghue Developerkilkennyshop.tk


Easy to use even you're not a programmer

With hundreds products divided into a big number of categories, an effective website menu means everything to this online store. Tirel realized that too and he spent time searching for a solution – an easy-to-use Magento extension that works well on any site and suitable for even a non-programmer like him.

Enhance visual effects & searching speed with Mega Menu

“The gadget Magento mega menu module matched the theme and the features were exactly what we were looking for so it was a perfect choice. Besides, the simplicity of installation was also a plus” - Said Alieu, the owner of Feinks.com.

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