Group Deal Checklist - Group deal - 'Buy in group' benefits both customers and retailers

Group Deal Checklist
  • Group Deal Checklist

Provides you the ability to create and manage group deals right on your site.
  • Full features of a Group deal: information, image, countdown timer…
  • Auto-deduct money when the number of buyers is reached
  • May configure to run as Hot deal, Daily deal

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Why should Group Deal module for Magento

Group deal method is seen as Group buying which is immensely popular now and brings benefits for both sides involved: customers and merchants. Until now, store owners often rely on collective group deal sites to accomplish a campaign. What do you think of setting up a group deal extension on your website and feel relaxed to fully control the operation of the deal? That's the perfect solution. Your business accordingly obtains awe-inspiring sales number and becomes more profitable.

What would you expect from a Magento Group Deal module?

A module that you'll be able to easily create and manage deals on your Magento web-store. And the price of specific items will be held until a number of buyers is reached. After clicking “Buy now” on Deals page, customers’ balance has not been deducted yet though they filled in information and purchased deal. When the required number of buyers is reached, money will be subtracted from customer’s payment account. In case the deal cannot obtain enough participants though expired, deal will be cancelled and customers are not deducted any money.

Full Checklist

General features

  • Deal items will be fully shown on Deal page, allowing customers to simply recognize great deals in your web-store.
  • Allow customers filter list of deals according to category.
  • Enable to show Latest Deals block in the right sidebar.
  • Featured Deal: customers can set 1 Deal as a featured product and let it display on List deal page.
  • Each deal is provided with description, detail, time left to buy or how many people are joining; therefore, customers are able to know obviously and make the utmost decision in the earliest way.
  • Integrates popular social share including Facebook, Tweet and G+ to boost sales through friends 'channel'.
  • Able to run the unlimited number of deals on your web-store.
  • Countdown timer- When your deal is shown on Group Deal site, there will be displaying a timer. It counts down the time left to open or to buy during the deal. And when your deal ends, the timer counts up.
  • Allow to set start and end time to run deals as you want.
  • Allow to customize image of deal, ensuring impressive and professional layout.
  • Enable admin to manage deals easily.
  • Status automatically updated allows admin to follow deals conveniently.
  • Customize email templates sent to your customers to catch information of deal progress.
  • Deal Newsletter email when a new deal (or more) is created.
  • Support multiple product types: simple, grouped, configurable and bundle products

Checkout features

  • Customer must place Order one time only.
  • Not prepaid requirement.
  • Automatically withdraw money from customer balance when the deal met.
  • Available for popular payment methods


  • Translation file available allowing you to translate the module into any languages.
  • Subscribers management.
  • Friend invitation.
  • SEO URL.
  • Including image slider.
  • Straightforward installation and configuration are supported.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • User-friendly interface.

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