Facebook Comment Checklist - How to choose a Facebook comment for your Magento site - (1.2)

Facebook Comment Checklist
  • Facebook Comment Checklist (1.2)


Using a Facebook Comment module, customers’ comments on your site and products’ information will be posted to customers’ Facebook Walls directly, hence better promote your website.

In brief, it will:

  • Leave comments in product pages
  • A pop-up allows directly logging-in without navigating to Facebook page
  • Include names of products and links to product pages to comments on customers’ Facebook profile

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Why using Magento Facebook Comment

Facebook is the most popular social networking site these days with the outstanding capability of spreading news. Connecting your store to facebook is a wise choice to quickly introduce your store and products to thousands of people. But how to do that? We recommend using a Facebook Comment module, which allows your customers to leave comments by logging in their facebook accounts. The comments as well as the information about products then may appear in their facebook walls, thus start to be spread at amazing speed.

How it assist your business

  • For customers who want to leave comments but haven’t logged in facebook, there will be a pop-up that allows logging-in right away instead of navigating to facebook page.
  • Checkbox of “Post comment to my facebook profile” can be set checked by default.
  • Comments that appear on customers’ facebook profile will include names of the products and links to the product pages.
  • Easy for web-shop owners to register for facebook to add this function.
  • Facebook Comment provides the ability to manage comments displayed in front-end: number of comments, width of the comment box…


  • Open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • user-friendly interface.

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