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Facebook Comment (1.2)

magestore.com - magento facebook comment extension

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Facebook Comment is a free Magento Extension which allows customers’ comments on your site and products’ information to be posted to customers’ Facebook Walls
  • Leave comments in product pages
  • A pop-up allows directly logging-in without navigating to Facebook page
  • Include names of products and links to product pages to comments on customers’ Facebook profile

Magento Community 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9
Magento Enterprise 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12

Thanksgiving Gift = $20 in reward
for any Magestore customer before 30th Nov


Why should use Magento Facebook Comment

Do you want your store and products are spread extensively in Facebook network?

Facebook is the most popular social networking site these days with the outstanding capability of spreading news. Connecting your store to facebook is a wise choice to quickly introduce your store and products to thousands of people. But how to do that? We would like to introduce the new Facebook Comment - a free Magento extension which allows your customers to leave comments by logging in their facebook accounts. The comments as well as the information about products then may appear in their facebook walls, thus start to be spread at amazing speed.

Outstanding Features

  • For customers who want to leave comments but haven’t logged in facebook, there will be a pop-up that allows logging-in right away instead of navigating to facebook page.
  • Checkbox of “Post comment to my facebook profile” can be set checked by default.
  • Comments that appear on customers’ facebook profile will include names of the products and links to the product pages.
  • Easy for web-shop owners to register for facebook to add this function.
  • Facebook Comment provides the ability to manage comments displayed in front-end: number of comments, width of the comment box…


  • Compatible with Magento Community 1.4 - 1.5 - 1.6 - 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9 & Magento Enterprise 1.9 - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12
  • All of our Magento extensions are open source 100%.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Facebook Comment has a user-friendly interface.
  • It's one of the top useful free Magento extensions

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  • This extension is exactly that I want, work perfectly and I can customise the appearance, I put into product page and on home page, very flexibly, the support team helped me very fast, I recommend this extension.


    This extension is exactly that I want, work perfectly and I can customise the appearance, I put into product page and on home page, very flexibly, the support team helped me very fast, I recommend this extension.

  • Nice Extension


    i have use this extension and it work well thank you for sharing for a little tips if your facebook comment not show you can move your layout\fbcomment.xml and template\fbcomment\fbcomment.phtml on your template directory \app\design\frontend[your template dir]\default\

  • Good Soociable Comments


    Facebook Comment is a extension which allows customers comments on web site and products info to be posted to Facebook Walls This is a good sociable feedback posting product comments and publish in Facebook page. Works perfect and is free

  • Reply to Groover


    Hi Groover, Thank you for your nice comment. Regarding to your question, you have to edit code in Layout file, specifically edit in: If you have any trouble, you can contact our support at support.magestore.com, we are glad to help. Best regards, Magestore.

  • How to add in a tab?


    The extension work as a charm, but I would like to put facebook comments in a tab. How can I do? thanks

  • Nice plugin, great assistance!


    I used this plugin in my store and i had some little troubles during configuration, but when I open a ticket in assistance, they reply in less than 24hours and solve it. This is the kind of service I like: no matter of problems, but the way you are able to solve it. I will use Magestore's plugin again, if i had the chance. PS. A little install hint. In Magento 1.7, when you want to use the embed the FB comment, you need to put that code in your template: $this->getLayout()->createBlock('fbcomment/fbcomment')->setTemplate('fbcomment/fbcomment.phtml')->toHtml(); But i had to copy the folder .../design/default/default/template/fbcomment/ in my local design repository .../design/myproject/default/template/fbcomment/ then it worked for me.

  • Works as intended


    If you read the manual, everything works like a charm. In my case, no changes to templates or other files were required, I just had to paste the block code into a static block.

  • Wow! Now that's awesome


    Thank you MageStore for this excellent extension. It works exactly as described and the integration was seamless. I don't what more I can say other than keep it up, absolutely fabulous.

  • Amazing extension and support!


    Thanks so much for the great work ! The extension works great and support is amazing! I really appreciate it

  • Simple solution, well supported


    It was nice to get good support for a free extension. Note that you need to place this update in your page to get the comments to display: echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('fbcomment/fbcomment')->setTemplate('fbcomment/fbcomment.phtml')->toHtml(); Also, as of today, there was a newer version available directly from their site versus on connect. Hope this helps.

  • Excellent extension and support!


    The developers were quick to help with my implementation of this extension, even though I have a pretty customized site. Great work!! Highly recommended!

  • Great Extension, Great Support Team !


    Thanks for the great work ! Extension works great and support is amazing ! Wish you all the best :

  • Good Extension


    Good Extension, i don't know how to show it in frontend, but support team help me fixed it. Thanks you verry much

  • Amazing Extension & Support!


    Facebook Comment by Magestore is an amazing extension for making your website more social. Set up was easy and support could not have been nicer if ever there was a question. Highly recommend! A+++

  • Great tool to keep users engaged


    Facebook Comment is a very good tool to keep your customers engaged in your product page, sharing experiences and your product on their timeline. I had some instalation issues regarding the exibition of the extension im my theme, but support was quick to resolve the problem, and in less than 48h it was running exactly like it was suposed to be (and in the correct place, which was my issue). Again, this issue was caused by the theme, not the extension itself. It was downloaded directly from de coder website (the one I downloaded here was missing a component to show the ID in backend).

  • A very good extension and supporting


    It is a very good extension for adding Facebook comments on each product page. I have installed it and it works well. I am pleased with their supporting. If you have a problem when installing, they support very quickly and responsibly. It is better if you go to their website to get the extension: http://www.magestore.com/magento-facebook-comment-extension.html. There are many other great extensions on this site.

  • Very Good Extension and Kind Tech Support


    This is very good extension, and developer supports any issue if there is any even if this is free extension. I love the extension and MageStore.

  • Very Good Extension and Kind Tech Support


    This is very good extension, and developer supports any issue if there is any even if this is free extension. I love the extension and MageStore. This extension was what I was looking for. At first, I had a problem but developer helped me solve the issue. Great job Magestore.

  • Great!


    At first, had problems showing in the frontend, but the support team was contacted and did everything work fine. Works perfectly now!

  • Reply to Samuel Own


    Hi Samuel, Thank you for contacting us. Regarding your problem with the box width, could you submit a ticket here https://support.magestore.com/ or send an email to support@magestore.com? Our developer will reply to you shortly to help resolve the issue. Best regards, Magestore

  • help me to fix issue with this ext??

    Samuel Own

    i can't change this comment box width ? i got problem with the box width . I have no idea why ?? can you help me please ??? please see my site here www.eggtee.com

  • Great extension!


    It is a wonderful extension and most of all the support is great - quick answer and resolving the problems! Thank you!

  • Reply to Henk Provily


    Hi Henk, Thank you for asking this. Normally if you use Magento default theme, the facebook comment box will show up in product pages without adding any code in view.phtml. Regarding this issue, please contact our developer by submitting a ticket here https://support.magestore.com/ or sending an email to support@magestore.com. He will assist you to resolve the problem. Best regards, Magestore

  • Not visible on product page

    Henk Provily

    Hi, I don't see anything on the product page. Do I need to add a code in view.phtml? Regards Henk

  • Social Media


    Social integration with magento is a great idea of speeding your customer experience. If you don't have facebook comment on your site you must install it right now. Works great out of the box.

  • Reply to Saptarshi


    Hello, we will check and resolve the issue soon. Thank you for using our product!

  • Download Links Don't Work


    This would have been an ideal plugin for us, IF I were able to download it. The Checkout isn't working (exception printing disabled) and neither is the Facebook share option (after I log in to FB, the redirect back to magestore never completes). Can you fix this and let us know?

  • Reply to Alvaro


    Hi Alvaro, Could you please send an email of your issue to support@magestore.com? Our developers and review and reply to you in the shortest time.

  • it doesn't shows up


    Hi, i've installed the plugin following the instructions on the guide, but the extension doesn't appears on the System > Configuration section, i looked into System > Configuration > Advance > Advance and the extension isn't there, what can i do?

  • Great Extension!


    Great Extension! works great! and great support!

  • It works perfectly


    What can i say! I can't beleive they are giving this away for free! It works perfectly, looks great and the Magestore team are super helpful. I have a highly customised theme and the guys at Magestore helped me kindly and professionally. As a complete Magento beginner this professionalism is much appreciated; thus the review. THANK YOU! x

  • It works great!


    Great extension, I installed it a couple months ago and recently facebook changed something in their comments code, well... magestore was there to make an update for this extension and it now works great! Best of all, it is free :)

  • It really works great!


    It really works great, after the fast support because i using a customized theme. thnx

  • Great extension


    i installed in my site. Great extension .

  • Connect and comment Product

    Lubomir Todorov

    Extension works perfect in version V1.6 and V1.7

  • Wonderful ext.


    Another product that when in quick and easy and was easy to incorporate into the site that looks nice and works right without needing any extra help.

  • Magento Facebook Comment Extension

    Jason Tang

    Hello, I have just installed this extension on my site, installed complate with thanks. However, I would like to know, I had tested by adding a new comment on one of my product, I can view it after I submitted to public, but other user cannot view my comments on the same product. And 10 mins after, my comments disappeared too, I can't even see my comments too. Would you please advise if there is anything can be edit to improve it. Thank you and look forward to receiving your reply. Jason Tang

  • Reply to Prabhakar Shelke


    Hi Prabhakar Shelke, You can find in the file: app\design\frontend\default\default\template\fbcomment\fbcomment.phtml and change xid="getXid()?>" in line 11 to href="getCurrentUrl();?>". Hope you are succeed. Magestore

  • Reply to Thuc Le


    Hi Thuc Le, Could you please go to our Support System (http://support.magestore.com) and submit a new ticket about this problem? We will review and help you fix this issue. Best Regards, Magestore

  • the comments are same in every product

    Thuc Le

    the comments are the same in every product. FAILED! I want the comments to be individual for each product.

  • The comments plugin requires a href parameter

    Prabhakar Shelke

    Dear Sir, I took the Megastore Facebook comment extension. But In front end it shows "The comments plugin requires an href parameter" error message. Kindly suggest me the solution. Thanks in advance!!! Thanks N Regards, Prabhakar B. Shelke.

  • The comments plugin requires a href parameter


    Hi Prabhakar Shelke, Could you please go to our Support System (http://support.magestore.com) and submit a new ticket about this problem? We will review and help you fix this issue. Best Regards, Magestore

  • Web architect

    Lubomir todorov

    I use this extension works perfect., no bugs

  • Compatibility of Facebook comment


    Dear Amaiko, Thanks for your interest. This extension hasn't been updated to be compatible with Magento 1.6 yet. You can check the compatibility in the section below the product image and screenshot. We will try to update this extension soon. Best regards, Magestore

  • Magento 1.6


    Does this ext work with Magento 1.6?

  • connect product to people


    good idea bro!

  • Increase sales and marketing


    This extension enhances our marketing activity a lot. Since comments left by customers in our page will also be displayed in their walls, the products' information is spread more widely. Love it!

  • Perfect, Thank you!


    I have bought three extensions of Magestore, all of them make me surprised for they work perfectly and be easy to install. Support system is very good,too. what i like about Facebook comment extension is additional functions that are not seen in other stores' extensions such as: ability to manage comments in front-end, comment on customers' Facebook profile... you get my whole belief, Magestore

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Release Notes

Version 1.2 (updated on Dec 25th 2012)

  • Fix error: do not work with new Facebook API.

Version 1.1 (updated on Jul 30th 2012)

  • Fix error: do not show product image in Facebook wall after posted comments.
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